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Zoe Build Guide by MechaaZero

Middle [8.24] Zoe - Penetrate their Souls [320k Mastery]

Middle [8.24] Zoe - Penetrate their Souls [320k Mastery]

Updated on July 30, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MechaaZero Build Guide By MechaaZero 18 1 20,401 Views 4 Comments
18 1 20,401 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MechaaZero Zoe Build Guide By MechaaZero Updated on July 30, 2019
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Runes: Sudden Impact

1 2 3 4
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10 Adaptive (6 AD or 10 AP)
+5 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[8.24] Zoe - Penetrate their Souls [320k Mastery]

By MechaaZero
An ode to me and Zoe

Aspect of Twilight

Hello. My name is MechaaZero, and i've been playing Zoe since her release. I have accumulated 320k Mastery Points on her, and have her at M7 Mastery. This a build that I made over the course of me playing her this past year, and I hope you like it. Its mainly Magic Pen. and high AP designed to one-shot any character around 2400 hp. It's pretty damn fun to play around with and I think you may start using it as often as I do! Thank you and enjoy.

Pros & Cons


+ Strong & Consistent Damage
+ Far Ranged Combo
+ Can be played Support
+ Solid Roaming Potential
+ Oppressive Crowd Control
+ Super fun to play
+ Increased ability to steal objectives
+ Hard to fall off

Zoe is generally strong when it comes to an overall kit. To be short and sweet, there are many time where your cc will absolutely shift a fight, and when you steal drake or pop an ADC. This champ is too fun to ignore, so regardless of your opinion give her a shot!

- Very Squishy
- Low immediate mobility
- Punishable for missing E
- High Skill Cap
- CC susceptible
- Prone to dives
- You'll probably get camped
- "Aspect of Cancer"

The biggest problem that you may ever encounter when playing this champ falls along the lines of roots, stuns, and punishments. If you miss your E, expect to be engaged, and you have no real way to escape an engage other than Flash. Other than that, your in the clear!


This is by far the most go to thing for any champion in league. In Zoe's case, this is extra important since you lack any real escape - burn this baby!

Ignite is really used for everything you doubt you'll finish up until level 11. Secures some of those more sketchy kills, or kills on people like Pyke who heal every damn second thanks to grevious wounds.

I have taken barrier a number of times in match-ups where either they are largely AD, or they are very bursty. Helps a bit, I promise.


Paddle Star

This her by far Zoe's most useful ability in both terms of damage and convenience. It is up more often than not late game, and scales insanely hard the more distance you manage to get in your combos!
Spell Thief

This is a more oppresive ability than it is given credit for. Being able to steal summoners and item actives and being able to use them before anyone else in the game can is very oppresive. Abuse it! DO YOU HEAR ME!?
Sleepy Trouble Bubble

This is YOUR CC. No one else's. Abuse the Drowsy and sleep functions in combination with your Q and you will notice a drastic increase your damage and survivability. No more Kayn ganks for you!
Portal Jump

Without Portal Jump, I honestly don't think most of us here would ever even play Zoe. It gives her all of the range that she need to actually make plays, and gives her extra means to dodge skills shots. Nice.

More Sparkles! used to be alot more powerful in earlier patches, which was a problem since it removed the penalty for missing any of her skill shots. Now, it is way more balanced, but that basically means that you have to land your skills shots or laning phase will be hell.


Arcane Comet is the one you wanna take on Zoe. It can secure alot of low health kills, and serves as good extra damage.

Manaflow Band gives more more spam without having to make mana a primary target in your build path. Given, you may still buy mana items, but this gives you a good buffer.

Absolute Focus gives you a good amount of AD when roaming around the map looking for picks. Nothing speaks to me more like free AP and motivation to stay at high HP!

Gathering Storm gives Zoe depending on the game, a very large amount of AP at her disposal. Having this much extra damage makes you snowball through the roof.

Relentless Hunter might be one of my personal favorites for Zoe, mainly because I just hate being slow. The out of combat movement speed makes roaming a lot easier, an makes you more versatile.

Sudden Impact gives you EVEN MORE MAGIC PEN when you use your R. Is this even fair? No, this isn't. That's why you should abuse it.

Cheap Shot is for those of you who really prefer flat damage over lethality. I haven't used this as often as Relentless Hunter, but in its own respect, it brings some good extra damage.



This is the most used combo mid to late game undoubtedly. Its quick damage given that you can land your E, and as you can see, when full build, still does a lot of damage.

This is a very effective close range combo in the event that someone is chasing you, or someone dives and you need to create distance to properly damage them. Try to get good at it, you'll use it more often than you think!

You will probably end up using this more and more as you play Zoe. This is a skill that is literally required to be able to effectively gank, chase and evade laners. I will hopefully get around to putting in some advanced combos involving this skill.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the quickest ways to reach max damage on Paddle Star. The length of the shot can be extreme depending on whether you are in motion when firing your E, or whether they Flash when hit.

Abusable Locations

Location 1

This is one of my most used locations in mid-lane. All you really need to grasp here is the idea of "silent casting" your Q in fog of war, like I did in my E-Q-R-Q tutorial.

Location 2

If your going to play Zoe or at attempt to main her, your going to have to get really comfortable here. When ganking bot lane, this wall will be used a number of times, and knowing how far you can stretch your E is important.

Location 3

This is also a spot that I recommend getting familiar with. The amount of time I spend here getting picks on the ADC is unreal, and knowing the points where your E can consistently reach can make these kills a breeze.

Location 4

Knowing how to use both of theses walls in any fight will greatly improve your skill in the mid-lane and when dealing with ganks. When I post some advanced skill videos, you'll see some mechanics that you can abuse that make winning trades easier.

Location 5

This wall is nice when it comes to preventing baron steals or dealing with junglers that are out of rotation. If you use [[Sleepy trouble bubble] properly here, you can reach the blast fruit behind Baron Pit and catch some people off-guard.

Location 6

Top lane is a very strong spot for Zoe. You have this big chunk of wall of work with when you laner is pressed up against tower, and the tribush wall when your ally has the enemy laner pushed farther back. Overall powerful spot.

Location 7

Much like the raptors-side wall at mid-lane, unless they have this area warded, you are shielded from anyone by fog of war. Anything that you launch toward the tip of the inhibitor towers range should his anyone standing there, and you can R over to finish the elimination.

Location 8

Whether you are aiming to steal a drake or help defend bot-lane at the tirbush, this wall has proved to be very useful for me. I have stolen many drakes due to my Q outdamaging smite, and saved people in river. Do the same. I believe in you.

Hard Counters

By far the hardest counter you will ever face in terms of Zoe. He will destroy you in all-ins, and there really ins't much that you can do to contest him. He roams very often given that hes looking to fulfill his passive AD on his R, and if you try to stop him, your dead. Ban him, for your and my own sake.

Fizz can be a very annoying champion to deal with. Chum the Waters is literally the end to your existence, and he can effectively dodge your E when his E is up. If your caught one on one with him, expect to be impulse ulted, and to die soon after. BUT, if he messes up his R, there are a couple tips I will share for him that'll lead you to victory.

I have lost lane to Kassadin many times due to me underestimating his ultimate. He uses it to dodge literally everything, and even worse, in your direction. By the time he gets to you, you are on cooldowns, and you are left with no other options other than to Flash or to die. Personally, I end up with the second option more often than not.

Path to Counter:

Luden's: When facing Fizz as Zoe, it is super important to increase tthe amount of poke you have at your disposal, even if that means just the little things that come off the Luden's passive. Its extra, its damage, and most importantly, its annoying.
Zhonya's: This has actually proven to be a game changer against Fizz. This is basically the slap in the face to his R combo, and will leave you with alot of your health in the event you time it right! Very useful people, TAKE NOTES.
Sleepy Trouble Bubble: I feel the need to touch up on something that I have noticed with Fizz recently. So, if you land an E and he uses Playful / Trickster, when the sleep comes up, there will be a window of time where you can still damage him, and it will catch him super off guard and force passive playstyles!

Path to Counter:

Rylai's: Your goal against Kassadin is really to make him as slow as possible so his intervals in between his R become longer and more costly. This really helps due to Rylai's passive, and it gives you a good chunk of AP.
Paddle Star: Once again I feel the need to touch on an ability in terms of its functionality against a hard counter. When it comes to Kassadin, your Q can chunk him when he's stationary or out of mana, especially on unexpected "silent casts".
Spellbinder: Being able to increase you speed and damage output at will is a very good thing in this match-up. Luckily, Spellbinder gives you both of these abilities, eventually becoming a 200+ AP item that will let you run, Q, and reset over and over again.

Path to Counter:

Zhonya's: Similar to the Fizz strategy, there are times where you can either save yourself from dying from Zed's R pop, or full combo, or everything that he does. But only certain times, sad day.
Portal Jump: Dropping Zed off at the tower with Portal Jump is something very useful to learn. he will most likely go back to his R location in fear of taking tower damage and risk of getting hit by an E. All you have to do is learn timing!
Liandry's: Liandry's ensures that the damage that you are doing is more meaningful, and that you are taking slightly less damage thanks to the extra heath. The grevious wounds also help in the event that hes low and he has a healer nearby. Highly unlikely for that last part though.


FARMING with Zoe's auto attack/passive is something crucial to securing important CS. When it comes to regular minions, use your regular autos.When it comes to cannon minions and higher priority farm, use More Sparkles! to secure any farm that you feel necessary! Weave autos in between you Q casts too, it'll maximize damage output.

SHOOTING your Q back and forth is something that'll eventually become a part of your soul in Zoe's kit. The main way to farm with it is to make sure to abuse the splash damage on the squishier casters/on groups of low health minions. You will get alot of farm for the mana invested, and you'll also have a chance at damaging the enemy laner.

RARELY will you ever use Sleepy Trouble Bubble as means for farming, but there are certain instances in which it is either viable or necessary. If you want a cannon, and your on cooldowns and cannot gauge minion damage, feel free to secure it with an E. Just be cautious of the risk that come with it.

MAINLY this skill is used to steal buffs, drakes, rift heralds, and barons if you have good vision. Anything that is over terrain that you want, or that is almost dead and out of reach, go ahead and use this for. Do this sparingly like your E farming though, since you never know when you might need to dodge or add range to your Q.


Top Lane

Top Lane
Top Lane is one of the easier places to go because most of the time, your ally is either pressed under tower, or pressing someone under their tower. You have two huge walls to work with, giving you a large range to land your E with, and you have alot of range to chase with in the event that they see your gank and recede under tower.


I would say that assisting your jungler is something that might take some people a little more time to develop the skill for. Depending on their location, you have to know which wall is most appropriate to stop a chase, and where to engage from without risking being seem. Learn the jungle, and you will see success.

Bot Lane

Bot Lane
Top is the easiest, jungle is the most complicated, bot is the most fun. Bot lane is a series of summoners, long E's through terrain, and one shots. Whether you are ganking against an Ezreal or an immobile champing, there is no lack in feeling like you were a part of the kill. Everything you do is calculated, whether is actaully was or not.

Thank You!

This is my first build guys, so I'd love to hear if you'd want me to add anything. If this gets alow of views/likes, I will strongly consider adding highlights or advanced tutorials for the combos! Thanks for reading, and if you made it this far, you're a real one. Good luck with your new build! Also, please check out my friend Proxxecube's Fiora build, "A Mad Lad's Guide to Fiora" here. I duo with him all the time, so it'd be cool if you showed your support. You all rock, thank you!

League of Legends Build Guide Author MechaaZero
MechaaZero Zoe Guide
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