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Thresh Build Guide by NMFO

Bottom [9.8] Thresh, Chain Warden Support Guide

By NMFO | Updated on April 26, 2019

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Bone Plating

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Cosmic Insight

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


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If ADC takes Heal
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[9.8] Thresh, Chain Warden Support Guide

Why Thresh?
Hello all! I am your friendly support main from NA. I reached M7 at 45k points and am climbing the ranks in the NA servers. I've played as just about every support, but I keep going back to thresh. Here's why:

- His skillshot is satisfying to hit and gives great gains.
- He offers great outplay and fun gameplay potential with his W.
- He is not terrible at laning, like other hook champions are.
- While he is not a tank, he is tankier than most supports.
- He scales fairly well into the Late-Games.
- He dominates the laning and mid-game.

However, there are some downsides.
- If you're off your game and can't hit a hook, you lose.
- While offering peel for ally, lacks personal peel.
- Still squishy, can't take damage for very long.
- Does not scale well into late game.

Overall I think he is a valuable support than can be added to almost any team, I'll explain the gameplay in the next chapter.
Laning Phase Back to Top
Your main goal in the laning phase is to get your ADC ahead, and keep their ADC behind. Duh. But you also need to collect souls. You do not gain armor as you level up. You need those souls to survive anything going into the mid and late game. Some of it is RNG, but collect as many souls as you can. If I leash, I often stay until the buff dies so I can collect the soul. See some more in the tips and tricks section on getting souls.

After buying your starting items, Leash if your jg is starting on your side. I usually will put a ward in the bush if the enemy jg does is not aggressive, such as shyv. However, if you're going into a Xin Zhao, you may want to consider putting it in the river near Bot, or even in the tri bush. Getting ganked before level 2-3 is worst case scenario.

You need to push out the enemy support and adc starting from level one. The reason you spec into flay instead of Death Sentence is for the extra damage it gives your basic attack. The second an ADC or supp doesn't respect your long range, bap them for a hundred health. We don't take prisoners, despite being the chain warden. You hurt level 1, but you gain your real advantage at level 2. You need to hit at least one hook at level two. Make it a goal. Otherwise, you're just wasting your ADC's experience. You reach your biggest advantage at level 2 and lose it at level 3. Securing a kill now is what will start the ball rolling. Hooking a squishy ADC is nice, but even a supp isn't bad. You don't necessarily have to kill them, either. While that would be great, just making them back off and lose out on CS puts your team ahead, and makes follow up kills even easier.

On your first back, if you have any money at all to buy, purchase the control ward. It makes your life so much easier. Too many supports do not give their team vision and you are ruining our name. I always put the control ward in the tri-bush to deter all-ins, or at least help stop them.

DON'T HIT THE CS. I don't know why this has become a thing. You probably know it, but I'm going to say it anyway. Don't kill minions. You're doing nothing for your team.

Once you get your Nomad's Eye, switch your ward trinket for an oracle and start sweeping baby. Place all 3 wards out and your control. Vision is everything. I put one in the drag pit entrance, one in the river bush, and then I try and push one into enemy territory if I can. If you're on Blue side, I try to ward their blue buff. It helps your jg know where their jg is. If you're red side, I try to put one either in their tri-bush or near their Red buff. Again, just helping your team with information. Never get killed for vision. That trade is not worth it.
You should end the laning phase at least ahead in CS,hopefully up a few kills as well.

Help out your team if your wave is pushed in. If you see your jg is fighting in the river, please go and at least attempt to get him out or land a hook for him. If you know an enemy is stealing your buff, go and kill him. Your jg will thank you with more ganks, ideally.

If your ADC has backed but you don't need to, don't be afraid to help your midlaner out. Just the added pressure of two people mid will cause most players to back off, and let's be honest, you weren't going to do much to stop the other team if they wanted to push anyway. Of course if you're under your turret and your ADC backed you have to apply pressure on them, but don't be afraid to go out of lane occasionally.
Mid-Game Back to Top
P&V. Picks and Vision.

Your goal in the mid-game is to secure vision on the dragons and on baron. If baron or a dragon got snuck, it's your fault. You didn't get the vision down. Always have a control ward in your inventory, even if you have one placed. If it gets taken down when you're alive, put down another one. Use your oracle often, and place your wards strategically. You shouldn't be backing often, so use them appropriately.

Ideally at this point you've taken the first turret. If this is the case, hopefully your ADC is keeping the wave pushed in. This is when you start roaming to either mid or top-lane to help them out. Vision here is also key. If you spot the enemy jg somewhere on the other side of the map, say your red buff, immediately ward their red side of the jg. I cannot emphasize how much other players rely on your vision just to feel safe. If you just got cleared out of an area of your jungle, as soon as it's safe go back with your oracle and sweep out the wards. Check bushes for ghost poros as well, you never know.

Of course, what you want to do is roam with someone and hook someone unsuspecting. Play safe, play covert, and land your shots. You don't have to hit all of them, just hit the ones that matter. Don't die. Assist in as many kills for your team and don't assist the other team by being killed.

This is the prime time for neutral objectives. Ward up, as I said baby, and help out your teammates. Start pushing in lanes and getting picks for your team to take towers.
End Game Back to Top
I argue that Thresh drops off about level 13. Your hooks are about the only thing that is effective, really. Before you can threaten with poke, can tank a little bit, offer pretty good roam. Past level 13 your only threat is your Q, so don't waste it. You want to use them more as stuns than gap-closers here. Of course, never stop getting your team out of bad situations with your W, though. Perhaps your peel is the best defensive thing about you in this state.

Thresh is not great at clearing lanes, but he's not horrible. You can use your E pretty effectively in the middle of a wave, if you've saved up enough souls. Don't be afraid to push those lanes back, you can't end without minions. It's hard to take an inhib turret without them. If you lose an objective but you had pushed the waves back beforehand, you might save your team the game. Never lose sight of the bigger picture when playing support, everything still maters.
Tips and Tricks Back to Top
Your Ultimate is not just an offensive tool, it works great on defense too. If you're in a chokepoint in the jungle and need to run away, pop that sucker. The Box is big enough so their team is going to have to run through at least 2 walls, maybe even 3, each applying 99% slow to them. You can buy your team a few precious seconds to get out.

You can you your Q defensively as well. If you're being chased in the jungle or just outside of the lane, you can hook a monster and bring yourself to them. This works especially well if you're on the opposite side of krugs, or if you're on the river side of the Red Buff spawn. Remember, your hook can take you over walls. Also, if you want to contest drake or baron, you can put your lantern out, hook the drake or baron, and bring a teammate with you. Saves a flash.

If you flash out of a teamfight, put your lantern out to bring someone with you to save their flash.

Your lantern will bring your teammate to you, even if you're moving. If your teammate takes your lantern and you press your q, they will be brought the entire way with you. Helpful for getting melee champions in range to engage.

Help your ADC getting back to lane by throwing it to them when they're running back. It saves a few seconds, but it ultimately serves as a test to make sure they know how to use it.

Ask your team if they know how to use your lantern. Explain it anyways. Especially if you're soloQing. I've had perfect lantern placements ignored because people were too embarrassed to ask how to use it.

Don't forget your lantern collects souls within a certain vicinity. If you don't want to push up to collect those souls, and don't think a gank is coming soon, don't be afraid to collect those souls. You need that armor and extra damage.
Thanks for reading! Back to Top
Thanks for reading my guide! Any tips or tricks I didn't cover are because I didn't know them, and I would love to improve my game! My IGN is Grahamster00 if you wanna queue.
League of Legends Build Guide Author NMFO
NMFO Thresh Guide

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[9.8] Thresh, Chain Warden Support Guide
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