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Lee Sin Build Guide by Argat321

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Argat321

A Blind Man Doesn't Discriminate Against Lanes (Top/Mid)

Argat321 Last updated on July 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This a guide to top/mid lane Lee Sin. In some situations you can use these builds exactly how I have them listed for you. But under most circumstances you may need to change the build to fit the environment of the game.

Ex: Enemy mid gets fed: You will have to get more Magic Resist to obviously survive longer in a fight.

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vs AD


Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Physical Damage-11
Armor- 13
Movement Speed- +4.5%

vs AP

Greater Seal of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Physical Damage-12
Magic Resist- 12
Movement Speed- +4.5%

These are my 2 main rune pages that I use for Lee Sin. Depending on who you are laning against will decide what rune page you should run. You want to go for Armor if your opponent will be AD heavy or may auto attack you a lot. While the Magic Resist page should be used for an opponent with heavy AP.

The heavy Physical Damage from runes and masteries will help result in giving you early kills. You will receive 11-12 Physical Damage from runes alone. You will then get another 10 AD from your Doran's Blade. You will also get more damage and Armor Penetration from your masteries which I will explain further.

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Offensive Tree:
- Summoner's Wrath should be used right at the beginning of the fight. Whether it is a 1v1 fight or a 5v5 team fight. When you are fighting in lane using your ignite first is one of the most crucial things you should do. The 5 extra AD will not only increase the damage of your abilities, but because you are Lee Sin you will be auto attacking many times in a 1v1 encounter. This extra 5 AD can decide whether or not you will win a fight.

- Fury gives 1% of attack speed for every mastery point that you have put into it. When following my build you will get 2% from the mastery. The best thing about this mastery is the amazing synergy that it has with your passive, Flurry.

- Sorcery gives 1% of Cooldown Reduction for every mastery point that you have put into it. You will want to max this out to get 4% Cooldown Reduction from this. This can not only help you do more damage by making your abilities come up faster, but it can also save you or someone else with Safeguard / Iron Will.

- Deadliness gives +0.664 Attack Damage per level. So this will not help you much early game, but it will give you a total of 12 AD at level 18. This will help you scale better into late game.

- Havoc increases damage dealt by 2%. This will help you early game, and will also slightly help you scale better into late game.

- Weapon Expertise is amazing early game and will give you an even greater chance for grabbing First Blood. This is another tool to help you scale into late game.

- Brute Force will give you 3 AD. It doesn't seem like much but will definitely help you kill a squishy target early game.

- Sunder will give you 6 Flat Armor Penetration. This is a great tool to increase your chance at getting first blood, especially if your opponent is to start Cloth Armor.

- Executioner is great when you need to quickly secure a kill. It will increase the damage of your Dragon's Rage. It also has great synergy with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike.

Defensive Tree:
- Durability will give 6HP/ per level. You will receive 108 health at level 18. It isn't much, but this 108 health can definitely help in a life or death situation.

- Hardiness will give you 3.5 Armor. This is another source of early game strength. While, it doesn't give damage it gives you tankyness that can help you with an early game dive, or even just a 1v1 fight.

- Resistance will give 3.5 Magic Resist. This may help you survive a close call against an AP opponent.

- Veteran's Scars will give 30 Health. I feel like this is a must. The 30 HP is great in early game brawls. There is almost no reason to not get this.

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is a great buy for any AD champion early game. On Lee Sin it will make you very deadly early game. It gives you all the stats that you need, Life on Hit, Attack Damage, And Health. All of these stat's are very significant early game. The Health will make you tankier. The Damage is great early game in securing First Blood. And the Life on Hit is great for sustain.Buying 2 of these will not set you back too far just because you are likely to snowball from the great stats that it gives you.

is great early and late game. It is easy to build because the components needed to build it are cheap. You want to get Tiamat first because it has great synergy with Tempest / Cripple. This combo will not only do very high damage in fights, but it is also a great combo when you want to push a lane. The Ravenous Hydra also has great synergy with Safeguard / Iron Will. The Life Steal and Spell Vamp you get from Safeguard / Iron Will will give you even more health than auto attacks when you are surrounded by a lot of enemies when you use Tiamat/ Ravenous Hydra. It is all around a great buy.

Deciding which boots to get is crucial in every game. You may need to get Mercury's Treads because of high magic damage or high CC on the opposing team. Or you may need to get Ninja Tabi because of the heavy AD that the opposing team has. You can also get Ionian Boots of Lucidity when you are free to do a glass cannon build. Finally, you can also get Boots of Mobility which are great if you are going to roam to help out other lanes.

is a huge damage increase. On a tanky opponent it will increase your damage a lot. But on the opposing Marksman or Mid Lane it can increase your damage to the point where you are almost doing True Damage. This is great to get right after Ravenous Hydra and is a great early/mid/ and late game item.

is a great buy because of the obvious fact that it gives free wards. But there is more behind this item. You can use the wards to Safeguard / Iron Will behind an opponent and then follow up with a Dragon's Rage. Not only is a really cool to do, but it can help win games by picking off an important target. Using a ward will also help you save Flash which has a really high Cooldown. This item also gives a moderate amount of health which will also come in handy.

This item gives all the stats that you need. It gives Cooldown Reduction which is a great stat to have on Lee Sin. It gives a moderate amount of Health from the Ruby Crystal. And not to mention it isn't just Armor Penetration. The Black Cleaver reduces the enemies armor. So, it will not only increase your damage but it will also increase the damage of your teammates.

is a great late game buy because is will increase your damage by insane amounts when you have full stacks. Not only will it increase your damage but it will also increase your Life Steal, which is always a good thing. The Life Steal will help you sustain yourself to stay in a fight longer. It can also help you take objectives when you are low on Health because you can Life Steal to almost 100% with your Ravenous Hydra active.

is a great buy when the enemy team is very AD heavy. It is also a great buy when only the enemy Marksman is mildly strong. Randuin's Omen shut down an enemy Marksman. They will be forced to attack you if you are able to jump on them. You will automatically take less damage from them, because of their attack speed being slowed. The health increase is also a big boost. Randuin's Omen is a very gold item efficient item.

is an especially good buy when the enemy Marksman tries to avoid attacking you if you have Randuin's Omen. It is a 40% Movement Speed slow for 1.5 seconds. It is almost impossible for an enemy to escape with your Randuin's Omen, Frozen Mallet, and of course Tempest / Cripple. It isn't just about the slow. Frozen Mallet also gives a decent amount of AD and a very high amount of health from both the Giant's Belt and the Phage.

is an item that brings even more synergy to your Life Steal with your Ravenous Hydra and Safeguard / Iron Will. Spirit Visage gives an exceptional amount of Magic Resist and Cooldown Reduction. It also gives a decent amount of Health.

is a 4th to 6th item. The passive revives you with 30% Health and Mana. This can change the tide of a fight. Guardian Angel can definitely win games especially if you have more than one on a team. This item also gives a very helpful amount of Armor and Magic resist. But, while the resistances are helpful you should sell Guardian Angel after you use the passive. That is, if you have the gold to buy another item.

is a great item against a team that has heavy poke. While you may argue that it gives Mana that you don't need, the passive is still at great item to buy. It gives a really high amount of Magic Resist and a little amount of Health. While the low Health amount may not seem to useful, it is gold efficient.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is a kill order that will work. But just as you may need to change your build to better fit into your surroundings, you may also need to change what abilities you level up.
should be maxed against a squishy opponent like Zed. Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike is a very strong ability when your opponent has no armor. If your opponent feels they can out-damage you instead of building resistances max this spell out first. If your opponent starts building armor after 10 minutes, continue to max this spell out because most likely if they waited this long to build armor you have pushed them out of lanes or zoned them out of a lot of exp. This will make you, by default, stronger.

should be maxed when you are against an opponent that you would rather sustain and farm against instead of fighting them. You may want to do this against an opponent like Trundle.

should ALWAYS be maxed out if your opponent build armor. This means you should always check to see how much of each resist your opponent has. If you are going against an opponent with 70 Armor and 30 Magic Resistance, max this ability. People always underestimate the damage of this ability and will try to fight you. You can also max this spell if your opponent has high escape ability like Shyvana and sometimes Riven. Maxing this out also increases the synergy with your Tiamat/ Ravenous Hydra.

Always put a point into this ability when you have a chance to. Not only does the damage increase but the Cooldown is reduced so you can use your ultimate more often. All-in-all a point well spent.

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Team Work

If you get really far ahead of your lane opponent you should always try to roam if you have the opportunity. You should try to take your lead and use it as a domino effect to help your other lanes win. This build is perfect for roaming because it is a great pushing build. You just need to shove your lane to the opponents tower and then you can leave to roam to a different lane. Not only should you roam but if your opponent is roaming FOLLOW THEM or PUSH. You have to be DECISIVE. That is one of the most important things about playing top lane, especially. If you find your opponent roaming, you need to make a quick decision. Should you follow? Or, should you push? You should NEVER find yourself running back and forth in the river not knowing what to do. If you are laning against a Shen and he uses his ultimate to get to a dragon fight and you can't stop him , you need to think realistically. "Can I get to the fight when it matters, or will I arrive late?" Most of the time you will have arrived to late for it to matter. So what should you do? PUSH! You have those two choices in top lane. Push or Follow, you need to decide what the better choice is at that exact moment.

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Team Fighting

As a top laner, and especially Lee Sin this is another important choice you have to make. Is your Marksman worth more than their's? If so PEEL for them. They need some sort of protection especially if they have a low attack range. You need to help them. You can't let them die in every fight. Not only are they important in a fight, but after you win a fight they are still very important to help you take objectives like BARON or they can help you take TURRETS. There is always two sides to a coin. So what is the other question you need to ask yourself? Who should I focus if my Marksman has enough peel already? Well, you need to look at the champion. If the mage has high sustain damage then you may want to kill them. But if they are one combo and they are done, go for the enemy Marksman. But then if the enemy mage has very high sustain damage and the enemy Marksman is also fed, you still need to decide who to kill from that point on. Go for the EASIER target to kill. It's as simple as that. Don't do ridiculous things that will result in you not getting a kill. If you dive in a fight, you need to kill one of the carrys.

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Pros / Cons

-High Damage
- Better pick off ability
-Great Split Push
-You become a target that needs to be killed, which makes it harder for them to kill your Marksman
-Great Peel for Marksman
-You're a monk

-Not very tanky
-You can't freeze lanes with Ravenous Hydra
-You're Blind