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Ashe Build Guide by ColorsAtrux

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ColorsAtrux

A Complete Guide to Ashe

ColorsAtrux Last updated on February 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Self Introduction

My summoner name is ColorsAtrux, and I've been playing League of Legends for over a year now and have a lot of experience in Multiplayer video games as a whole. I've always done fairly well in PvP games and am frequently seeing mistakes in people's play style or builds or whatever so I thought I'd make some guides to help people out. This is my first guide for, obviously made for Ashe, but make sure to check out my other future guides as well.

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Introduction to Guide

This guide is all about Ashe, an extremely powerful ranged AD carry who not only brings lots of damage to the table, but solid CC as well. When played properly you will be the central force of your team's damage, and a large part of your team's success. Well, that's what happened when Ashe is played properly, so let's talk about how to do just that.

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Pros / Cons

Strong Carry, huge damage!
Great ultimate, almost guarantees a kill
Built in slows
Great kiting ability, and it's AoE
Hawk shot is great for scouting and farming, gives you an edge over some other carry's

Truly a carry, needs lots of gold to be an effective damage source
Weaker early game then some other carry's such as Caitlyn
Damn squishy, relies heavily on summoner spells or babysitters to survive

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As far as runes go I advise Movement or Armor Pen. Quints as Ashe is extremely slow and armor pen. is a huge damage boost

Armor Pen. Reds

MR or Health Yellows

MR or CDR (Cooldown Reduction) Blues

Use whatever works best for you.

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Masteries and Summoner Spells

Shown above in the picture, again like Runes there is some flexibility with how you build your mastery set. Just make sure to get the damage increasing talents in the Offensive Tree and you can't go wrong. I personally pick up the MR / Armor in the defensive tree as well as Improved Ghost in order to help my survivability, but other people build differently.

Summoner Spells
Flash - The BEST summoner spell in the game. A MUST have.
Ghost - Helps with survivability / chase, always a good 2nd choice.
Exhaust - If the enemy team has champions like Tryndamere, Poppy, or Master Yi exhaust is never a bad choice. These champions will blow past your team and stick to you like glue, exhaust slows their damage down considerably and buys you some time.
Cleanse - Gets you out of the CC, if they do end up catching you Cleanse can save the day.

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One thing I cannot stress enough is that all item builds for any champion are SITUATIONAL and all item builds should be built special each game based on who you're laning with/against, your team composition, your gold income, and the composition of the enemy team.

If I'm going into a solo lane I start with level 1 boots and health pots in order to make sure I can safely land my last hits and escape ganks from their jungler. Upon recalling I'll grab a Doran's Blade or two since they give great stats for their cost, the only trade off being that they cannot be upgraded later in the game.

If I'm taking a duo lane with a support character like Sona or Janna I'll start with a Doran's Blade to give me some much needed early game boosts to my damage and health. I don't need to worry so much about my survivability since I have another person in my lane who's dedicated to my survival. When I recall I'll grab boots and possibly another Doran's Blade.

As I said before your item build will entirely depend on the specific game you're in. Generally follow the item set I've done above, making minor adjustments to accommodate your situation. Maybe grab an extra Doran's Blade if you're getting pressured early game, or maybe only grab 1 Doran's Blade and head right to a B.F. Sword if your getting a lot of kills with a high farm. There are only a few items you NEED to keep Ashe viable.

1. It's almost like Infinity Edge was built for Ashe. Her best damage item PERIOD.

2. Now I know some people will debate this item with me but I feel that Ashe being one of the slowest characters in the game absolutely NEEDS the movement speed to survive. Can't complain about the huge Crit and Attack speed bonus either.

3. Arguable the best item in the game no matter what champion you're playing. A must have for Ashe.

After those items you can build depending on what you're facing or how well you're doing. Some viable items include:

Enemy heavy on tanks / armor? Grab LW to hit them hard!

Great no matter what the enemy team comp, and has great synergy with other attack damage teammates.

The highest attack damage boosting item in the game when fully charged, and gives some great life steal.

Crit, Attack Damage, Armor Pen. And movement, a good item overall. The problem with this item is the duration on the use effect isn't replenished with ranged attacks. Sucks, but great stats here.

Just build according to how you're coming along in the game and the best way to effectively counter the enemy champions.

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How to Play Ashe Effectively

A few rules to always keep in mind when playing Ashe

- Be mindful of your passive, your first shot is a guaranteed crit going into a fight!
- Your ultimate can make or break a fight, save a teammate or land a kill, make sure to practice using it the right way, either to engage or escape. Hopefully the former :)
- Don't target the tank first! Use your high damage output to take out their damage sources first as well.
- You are nothing without your team. Period. Always stick with the group when lane phase is coming to an end, and make sure to fight with your team, they need your damage!
- Don't over extend and make yourself vulnerable, and don't play poor positioning. Let the tanks do their job and soak the damage while you sit in the back. Remember, make the enemy team have to run through a gauntlet of tanks and mages in order to take you down.

Early Game
Farm, Farm, FARM! Just sit in your lane and last hit minions to suck up that gold. Remember, you need all the gold you can get in order to carry your team to victory, and believe me, you will later! Understand that most champions are much stronger than you are early game, and picking fights isn't advised if you don't have a teammate to help you out.
Farm for now, they'll see what you can really do later. Ask your jungler for help ganking your enemy lane champion(s) and take advantage of the mistakes they make. Hopefully you can pick up some early kills through good team work, then, it's back to farmin'

Mid Game
Laning phase will be drawing to a close and all champions will be a bit more mobile around the map. Some team fights should start popping up in some of the lanes, around the jungle, and especially over control of dragon. Just make sure to be Map Aware! Use your hawk shot to expose enemy ganking plans, and use some well places ultimate's to secure kills for your team. Farming is still advised, but this is the point of the game where team fights start turning the tide in someone's favor. Stay close to your team, and be ready to fight at any time. Remember, focus the damage first and don't put yourself in any bad positions, you're squishy!

Late Game
By now you should have a pretty high creep score and a Kill record to match it. Just start polishing off your item sets and following your team around picking up kills. If you wind up at the end of the game lacking in kills / levels / creep score somethin' did not go your way and you'll struggle to remain a strong champion, Ashe really needs a good amount of gold to shine late game.

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Ashe is an easy champion to understand and to begin playing, but her role is extremely vital to a team's success. Learning things like item builds that fit your match or proper positioning TAKE TIME. The only way you can learn and get better is by being mindful of your play style and what's going on around you, and to practice. Ashe can be an extremely powerful champion, you just gotta put in the time and effort to make her so.

I'm sure there are some missing points to this guide, and I apologize for any holes in the information given. I'm not real familiar with Mobafire quite yet but if you have any questions just message me in game, on here, or leave a comment on the guide.

Thank you for reading, please, leave a comment! Constructive Criticism / Debate encouraged!