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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Forteus

AD Carry A Diamond Guide To ADC Kog'Maw [With Videoguide]

By Forteus | Updated on February 23, 2016

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Who am i?

I am a Diamond ADC player on EUW.
I finished up in Diamond 3, and i am now Diamond 4 after the new season. I played the game for around 3 years now, and i watch alot of LCS and proplay, and i get my knowledge from a combination of experience, talking to fellow Diamond players and proplay.
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Videoguide For Kog'Maw

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Build Explanation

The build is filled with on-hit effects which procs extremly fast and often with Kog'Maw´s W on active.
Rageblade and Hurricane provides huge AOE dmg in teamfights, and is completly op 1v1 as well.
Blade and the ruined king and Wits end is just to boost your on hit even more, and shread tanks.
The reason why you build boots of swiftness is because you want to move away from the enemy team quickly and give you more
mobility because of Kog'Maws lacking mobility. It is also a pit cheeper than Beserker greaves which makes you hit your powerspikes faster.
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Early Game

All you want to do is farm, you want to grab as much farm as possible, but still get some dmg of the enemy botlane if possible.
Always remember the best defence is a good offense. You want to try freezing your lane between your tower, and the middle of your lane.
This way you are safe from ganks, and can farm for free. If you go even in lane you will end up coming ahead in lane because of Kog'Maw´s late game
and midgame powerspike. You want to pick up a pickaxe in base, and try to get 1 or 2 daggers before you finish your rageblade.
Also you want to buy your Tier 1 boots after you finished the rageblade.
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Mid Game

You have reached your midgame powerspike when you have finished your Rageblade and Runaans Hurricane. These two items is not that expensive
But you will still need to have both of them to do your AOE in fights. You want to stay as safe as possible, and be extremly careful with your positioning
because of your low mobility. Also should only use your E to slow enemies and only use W after that. You do not want to use your ult
unless they are out of your auto attack range, if they are under 50 or 25 percent HP your ult will nuke them.
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Late Game

This is your strongest point of the game, and here you have to remember that you have alot of dmg, but so does the enemy, and with your low mobility
you have to be extra cautious with your positioning. you want to look for AOE fights where you can do good use of your on-hit effects.
You should try to pick a safe spot to auto attack with your W to use the 5.0 attack speed to the fullest, simply because it is impossible to kite with 5.0 attack speed.
You can walk foward to harras people with your W active to chunk them low, but do not do it if the enemy has flash up and has an ability that can kill you easily.
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Final Notes

If you have read till here, it means that the guide is over. You are now ready to destroy people in SoloQ with your new champion.
If you enjoyed my Guide then please check out my Youtube Channel where i will be doing loads of other videos on how to become a better player, and give you more guides to champions.

If you found it useful then please upvote my guide, or make an account to upvote it so i can see if i should make more guides like these.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Forteus
Forteus Kog'Maw Guide

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A Diamond Guide To ADC Kog'Maw [With Videoguide]
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