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Rek'Sai Build Guide by Joxuu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Joxuu

A Diamond Rek'sai jungle guide [6.11]

Joxuu Last updated on September 11, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello viewer. My name is jjoxuu and I main jungle in diamond level. I enjoy playing jungle the most, but I also play the role of support and top. Ever since season 4, I've started to rotate more and more towards jungle and now I've been playing it for some time.

This guide will be for a jungle/bruiser Rek'Sai. The build, masteries and runes are the most efficient ones in my opinion and I will try to explain why these picks are the most viable ones in my opinion. I will also try to cover as much information as I simply can about Rek'Sai in the jungle.

Season 5 I was in top 30 best Rek'Sai in the world according to lolskill.



>> Rek'Sai is one of the strongest junglers out there currently. She has really fast camp clearing times and sustain to stay in the jungle for longer perioids of time. Rek'Sai's kit is also really good for ganking and escaping unfavored situations. Ultimate and a long tunnel leap provide good position for ganks. She also has really strong 1v1 potential against laners and other junglers. This basically means you can look to counter-jungle too.

>> I could argue that Rek'Sai is not one of the easiest champions out there. The ability usage is simple but to get the most out of them is very difficult. The most obvious weakness of Rek'Sai is the tunnel vision while when burrowed. Rek'Sai is also vulnerable to kiting and tunnels sometimes provide false safety as E tunnel animation can be cancelled.

>> Preferred role: Jungle

>> Rek'Sai is mobile bruiser jungler but she can also be played as top lane. I'd suggest going in the jungle though because she has really fast clear time and sustain in the jungle. Rek'Sai has more map pressure than other junglers thanks to ultimate which is global as long as you have a tunnel available.

>> Currently has no real counter pick in my opinion. You have the tools to 1v1 anyone in the jungle so being invaded by the enemy jungler shouldn't be a huge threat if you're healthy enough. I guess Pantheon is kinda troublesome but Rek'Sai should be more or less fine against anyone.

Attack dmg marks
I take 9 of these marks to increase Rek'Sai’s damage. I don't see the need of attack speed marks due her Q resets AA time and you can use E + Tiamat in between auto attacks + ulti gives attack speed anyways.
Magic resist glyphs
I take 9 of these glyphs to gain defense against magic damage abilities and attacks. You're most likely facing some kind of magic damage in the game so magic resist glyphs balance out the armor seals pretty nicely.

Armor seals
I take 9 armor seals to be tankier against physical attacks. Situationally you can just take health seals which are pretty much as effective. I think armor seals are better in the jungle however so I take those.
AS Quints
I take 3 of these quints to be able to clear jungle camps faster. Auto attacks also feel a lot smoother with some attack speed early on so I'd say it's also easier to stutter step like this. Situationally take 3 AD quints.



>> Fury is the obvious pick from the two as Rek'Sai doesn't really benefit as much from increased damage from abilities.

>> Double Edged Sword is kinda neat as Rek'Sai has enough damage to be a threat on the board. Feast is equally good if you prefer it instead.

>> Vampirism gives instant bonuses whereas Natural Talent focuses on late game so I rather want the instant bonuses.

>> Won't go for more points here as the keystones from ferocity tree aren't that useful for Rek'Sai. The armor penetration from Battering Blows is good but sacrificing a keystone for that isn't worth it.


>> Start off with Recovery + Tough Skin . Both reduce the incoming damage or help with sustain in the jungle by a small amount. Unyielding is a bait because it gives only 5% addition to bonus armor and magic resist.

>> Veteran's Scars and Runic Armor can both be used in my opinion. You get increased healing in burrowed mode thanks to Runic Armor and Veteran's Scars give you more hp. I prefer Runic Armor even though the image says scar's but it's really up to you.

>> Insight is much better than the increased health regen because you won't really see the extra health regen in team fights anyways. Swiftness and Legendary Guardian are about as good but I prefer the extra tenacity.

>> Strength of the Ages is a really good mastery so you can stay slightly tankier even with Warrior enchantment route. Bonus hp shouldn't be underestimated.

Flash is the most important summoner spell in the game and is also the most used. It allows you to get a flash unburrow knock up or finish off a running enemy for example. It's also really good tool for escaping a unfavored situation.

Smite is really good for the jungle since the S5 pre-season changes. Now you can choose additional effect for the smite. Jungle camps also give small buffs after you have used smite on them. In Rek'Sai's case, smiting the raptor camp for bonus ward clear is the way to go. (After first clear red buff smite of course).

sp W
SPE >> You start with Hunter's Machete and Refillable Potion of course but you should seek to upgrade the machete for Stalker's Blade so you can use Smite on enemy champions. This gives you easier time to use Burrow / Unburrow against escaping enemies. Warrior upgrade is like a upgraded version of the now dead The Brutalizer. Warrior item gives decent amount of damage for early game. Cinderhulk upgrade is much safer and better though in my opinion. It provides early beefiness so you can play more aggressive and synergies well with Titanic Hydra

sp I
SPE >> Take Ninja Tabi as boots first before buying Titanic Hydra. The item gives a huge increase in burst and overall damage. It's still good even after the AD nerfs, definitely try to pick this one as soon as possible. Randuin's Omen is taken next for increased defense against AD damage which is often the major damage dealt in the game.

sp W
SPE >> Spirit Visage is probably the best defensive item against magic damage at the moment. It synergies well with burrowed mode and gives extra hp and cdr which are neat. Guardian Angel rounds up the build with magic resist and armor defense along with the passive which allows you to dive farther behind enemy line. GA is situational however so look up situational items if you're not fan of GA.

Preferred skill sequence

> > >

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The ability sequence maximizes utility and damage. Like any other ultimate, Void Rush is maxed first. Pretty much just for the cooldown reduction so you can use it for more map pressure. Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker is maxed first from basic abilities due it's the main damaging ability. Burrow / Unburrow is maxed second for utility, CC and more damage. Furious Bite / Tunnel is maxed last as the level up bonus isn't too great because the build doesn't rely on AD.


Fury of the Xer'Sai: Pretty good passive for jungling. Not having mana cost for abilities is always great but the regeneration passive is the key for being able to stay in the jungle for longer perioid of times.

Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker: The ability which makes Rek'Sai so ridicilously strong. Auto reset with Q hurts a ton. Prey seeker is not that good but you will find yourself finishing enemies with that a lot. It's also decent for scouting around.

Tremor sense

Burrow/Unburrow: Decent CC and tremor sense can used to detect enemy junglers without vision. Great for invading and seeing stealthed enemies. This can also stop damage from Lee Sin's Q, Vi's Q and many other dashes when used correctly.

Furious Bite / Tunnel: Gives great mobility and low cooldown escape tool. You should always have tunnel up when ganking or when invading. Having tunnel in your own jungle is good for mobility and preferably you should have tunnels near lanes to use them later on with ultimate. Furious bite deals tons of damage if you have full rage as it deals true damage after. Try to use it at 100 rage always.

Void Rush: Really strong ability for more map pressure. Doesn't do much in an actual fight as it can be canceled so easily. You can try to flash over a wall and then use it for escape. The passive attack speed boost is not really noticeable but it's a neat bonus.

>> It is time to explain some gameplay. I put this section in three different sections: early, mid and finally late game.
>> I will also cover the jungling routes and efficient way of clearing the jungle camps. (This also includes ganking).
>> In addition, I will try to give small tips on warding when you're laning or fighting for an objective like dragon and how the fight should be executed.

>> Credits to -NA- Veng Lmfao for the layout.

tl;dr jungling route


>> Jungling / Early game
Rek'Sai has really good early sustain. Much better than some of the other junglers out there. Start with the Hunter's Machete + potions and go cover your buffs for invades. Get someone to help you and start with the Grump/Golems. Use your Smite as soon as the first camp spawns and continue alone to do buff. You should pick Burrow / Unburrow and go into burrowed mode for hp. Use burrowed Q and then unburrow for knock up. Use 1 normal AA after knock up and then use Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker and eventually finish the camp.

Continue to wolves/wraiths depending on if you're blue or red side. Use burrow again to gain hp and then unburrow, AA and use Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker at the camp. You can use Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker twice, then go back into burrowed mode, use burrowed Q and get the second knock up (it has 10 sec cooldown on the same enemy). This way you get some hp back and get CC on the camp monsters again. Pcik your Furious Bite / Tunnel.

Go on to your second buff, using tunnel mobility and ward around it if you are afraid of enemy jungler invading. Use the same sequence as earlier but this time use Furious Bite / Tunnel after reaching 100 fury to get the best out of it. After this you may want to recall, possibly gank a lane or do 1 more camp + scuttler crab if you're healthy enough.

>> Ganking
2 things you should have up before ganking: Furious Bite / Tunnel and preferably Smite. You can ask where laner's wards are and just go around them. If you can catch up without using tunnel / Smite, do so. You want to save the tunnel to chase up after the enemy laner has used his/her escapes. Then you can just tunnel in and Smite for extra movement speed. So you walk up to them or catch up to them with tunnel and use unburrow for knock up, 1 AA and then active Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker immediatly after. Use furious bite after max amount of fury again or if they're about to escape.

Try to have a balance between ganking and farming the jungle. Smooth jungle clear is important to not fall behind in levels. This mean you clear right side of the jungle and gank the nearest lane left or continue to your left side of the jungle. Try to avoid long distances between next gank or between next jungle camp.


>> Mid game / Dragon
You want to have tunnels everywhere basically. You want to have at least 1 tunnel near each lane to make a counter gank or just to gank a lane. It's also important to have 1 near dragon because then you can go gank the top lane and still stay relevant in a possible fight by ultimating to a near by tunnel. You should give buffs to the laners if they're not doing horrible.

In a fight, you should either initiate with tunnel and even Flash unburrow knock up a enemy carry if you have the follow up. Then pop up Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker and finish off with Furious Bite / Tunnel. If you're still healthy enough, chase after escaping enemies with more tunnels and uburrow knock up. Tremor sense should help you to locate enemies out of sight.

Second possibility is to protect your fed carries from initiation. Like if you have 10/0 ADC and enemy has 0/10, it's probably wiser to keep your ADC relevant in the fight rather than killing the not so useful enemy ADC. You should use unburrow knock up again and then just throw everything to protect your ADC.

Major hint: Never start dragon / baron fight without Smite if the enemy team has a chance to steal the objective. It's probably one of the worst things you can do because you will lose the buff but also it might tilt someone.

>> Late game
The fights will basically go like previously mentioned dragon fight. You usually have to make a thinking progress whether you can go all in after an opponent or do you need to stay with your fed carry because that will win you the team fight. There is the choice of split pushing too because you have the global tunnel re-posiioning ultimate and Rek'Sai is pretty strong 1v1. Most of the fights are won 5v5 though or catching someone off-position.

Thank you for reading dear viewer. I hope you have learned the ropes or at least thing or two about Rek'Sai. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to say so in the comment section. Unfortunately I probably won't be making a screenshots section but you can always post them in the comments and you can also contact me by sending me a PM here.