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Kindred Build Guide by ThatFknNinja

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatFknNinja

A Different Kindred Build

ThatFknNinja Last updated on November 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I just want to share a unique build which i've not seen anyone else use, which i have found to be superior, and funner, than the recommended and common builds.

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Build explanation

We will be acquiring plenty of attack speed, so that is not a necessity. We will also be acquiring Tenacity so we do not need that either. Our game plan is to kite and hunt, and so Boots Of Swiftness is perfect for that job, granting superior movement speed as well as the Resist Slow passive to aid our kiting and hunting. We upgrade with either alacrity or furor, furor being a little better for kiting, alacrity being a little better in map coverage.

Essence Reaver::
I continually found i would run out of mana at the worst moments, Essence Reaver grants us infinite mana, which allows you to give mid lane the blue buffs. We can always clear the jungle at maximum speed because we do not need to worry for mana. It also provides a good chunk of our AD as well as Lifesteal. With both lifesteal and the mana regen, we have exceptional sustain.

2x Zephyr::
I know, I know, its ineffecient to have the same passive twice, but the rest of Zephyrs stats are all so effective for Kindred i can deal with it. With two you are granted 100% attack speed, important for utilizing your %hp damage per shot passive, getting the third shot after E quickly, as well as utilizing your Devourer passive fully. On top of this, you are granted 20% movespeed which increases your map presence and chasing/hunting/kiting ability dramatically, not to mention 20% CDR, 50 AD, and the Tenacity passive which, on top of your Resist Slow passive and movespeed, makes you an incredibly slippery customer.

Frozen Mallet::
Really i choose this because of how well it compliments everything else. It gives you the survivability you need to be brave in team fights, as well as a slow which, with your attack speed, can permenantly ground someone, further supporting your kiting and hunting ability.

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Pros / Cons With This Build

* Extremely Mobile
* High Damage
* Infinite Scaling from Mark of the Kindred
* Lamb's Respite can save your whole team
* Good survivability
* High skill cap

* No direct engage or hard CC
* Mark of the Kindred can be a curse and a blessing
* Lamb's Respite can backfire terribly
* Difficult to master
* Lacking armour pen

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Playstyle Philosphy

You are a kiting and hunting machine with huge map presence. You can burst down most squishies, and kite most tankies, and catch up anyone attempting to flee. If you need to ult then your attack speed usually gives you an advantage afterwards in taking their last bit of HP before they can take yours. You flit in and around team fights, kiting and baiting enemies to all-in only to find they cannot catch you and they've moved out of position to be jumped on by the rest of your team. You hunt down runners after team fights and you secure objectives super quickly.

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You can start with Golems or Gromp, depending on where you want to gank. Unless you are counter jungled, you can kill everything in your jungle, and all minor camps twice, as well as go for a gank all before your first back. Once you can perfectly utlise Kindreds health restore passive, you can stay out till around 7 minutes before your first back, having acquired 1500-2000 gold, then you come straight back for the fresh red and blue buffs. If you start Golems go Golems - Red - Blue - Gromp - Wolves - Wraiths. If Gromp then its Blue - Red - Golem - Wraiths - Wolves. You will often have a scuttler to hunt for your passive too, if you do then go for that after you've secured your red and blue and acquired your full compliment of skills. Running around after it will give you some HP back because of the W passive. I initiate a jungle camp with Q- E- W As this way you effectively get a free Q as its CD is reduced after using. When in your W you should maximise your movement - q - move - aa - q - move - aa - q etc. After you've finished either the Blue or Red, take a shot at the Wraiths as you pass to the other major buff, to get some HP back.

Additional Tip::
If you are starting as the bottom team then acquiring Dragon is ridiculously easy, and can be safely done solo from level 6 or 7. You just jump over the wall, use your usual q-move-aa-q-move-aa technique, and save a Q to jump back over the wall should the enemy team come - which they probably wont because they warded the river instead of inside the Dragons cove, so never saw you on the map.

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Comparison with top rated build

If we compare this build with the top rated build - Eternae - We find this build is different in the following respects::

123.5% (163.5 with ghostblade active) atk speed VS 150% constant.
20% CDR VS 30%
140 AD VS 160 AD
0 Extra HP VS 700 Extra HP
370 Movespeed + 20% Ghostblade active VS 405 (385 without alacrity) + 20% constant

Eternae build has alot more armour pen, 15% crit chance, Ruunans passive and the BOTRK passive while this build has the Devourer buff, Slow Resist passive, Tenacity passive, Frozen Mallet slow, and the Essence Reaver mana regen. We both have 10% lifesteal.

Basically, all of the 'additional' marks for the Eternae build are DPS increases, while i prefer an assortment of mainly defensive and utility buffs. It really comes down to whether you want to play a glass cannon or, in my opinion, a more rounded and cohesive build. Another benefit i find with this build, is that there are no pesky active abilities to forget to use. :)