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Taliyah Build Guide by Catarix

a different take on a new champ (not full guide)

By Catarix | Updated on June 5, 2016

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My thoughts

this is not a guide I suck at making anything with words at any reasonable skill level, this is just my thoughts on taliyah and why I like this build.
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why fervor > thunderlords?

when I 1st bought taliyah it started with me wondering if every hit would proc the damage portion of the ability (pretty shure it doesn't :P) and after playing a few games with her I realized this gives your q some reasonable damage at level 9 and high cdr giving your q up to an extra 112 damage on your 2~3 second q.
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why a nashors and sheen build?

when playing taliyah I found out you can actually auto attack at the same time as you are using you q ability and with a q with a shorter cd then a sheen proc it just seemed the perfect combo. then the nashors gives your autos a little more bite to them while also giving a huge chunk of cdr.
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skill order

I like to max out q first because it gets the cd down to something I can spam out from worked ground getting the bonus damage from fervor on each attack. while you can max out your ulti as it comes up I don't feel that the extra range and duriation is all that important and the extra damage would be better and you could argue putting it off completely till level 17 and 18.
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I feel like taliyah is more of a sustained damage champ then an outright burst mage and I feel that sheen (whatever one you use I like iceborne for the mana), nashors, and fervor complement that kind of damage style on her a lot better then a full ap glass cannon would. agree with me or not, right or wrong, its my take on the new champion.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Catarix
Catarix Taliyah Guide

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a different take on a new champ (not full guide)
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