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Singed Build Guide by FenrirRage

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FenrirRage

A mad man's guide to Singed, the Mad Chemist

FenrirRage Last updated on January 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to the Mad Chemist!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the evil lair of Singed, the Mad Chemist. There are only few crazy enough, or smart, if you ask me, to play our lovely, ever-singing chemist to his full extent. I am not a ranked player ( yet ), I don't care about things like ELO or rankings, to me, it's about the fun of the game... And the one champion I play with the most fun, is Singed. This mobile, poison barfing, complete nutjob is one of the most amazing skill-shot dodging champions that is there, for you to play on the Fields of Justice...

I play Singed as a laner with a buddy, while for example a Solo-top Singed could get a lot more experience and farm, but he's restricted by his lack of ranged attacks. He needs a good baby-sitter, or someone to at least hold his leash while he tries to dive into a fight. Understand this too, viewer, I play Singed, like a mad man. There are many times my friends scold me for diving in at low level or low health, but it can result into some of the most amazing results in various situations.

As a champion, Singed is reliant on one thing, mobility. You don't chase a Singed, he runs ahead of you whether you want it or not. You are NOT a carry, you a viable tank and a crazy damage support. After long experimenting, I realized that improving his mobility, you improve his play no matter what happens. You are, mad, play Singed like you are.

"My deadliest dose shall bear my patron's name!" - Singed, the Mad Chemist.

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Your disabilities, and how to work around them.


    - Your insane mobility.
    - Chasing you is the worst thing ever.
    - One of the strongest slows in-game.
    - Aggressive lane dominance
    - MOAR DOTS!


    - Damage output is mediocre.
    - Your playstyle might get you focused. A lot... And I mean, a loooot.
    - You have, absolutely, no ranged damage.
    - No hard CC, shame.
    - CC ruins your fun... It really does.

Now let us take this list into consideration for a moment, and imagine yourself as Singed. You're crazy, you have a trail of poison around you, and some Caitlyn is hitting on you with her auto-attacks.
    1. You can't harass her with attacks from her range.
    2. She's got a slow and a flee-button.
    3. Her traps, make you stand still, but are visible..

Are there bushes nearby? Check... Do you have mana to sustain your Poison Trail? Check... Either you get pushed back, or she gets the turret. If you can Fling her back into your turret, that will hurt her a lot.

Your strategy is confusing and disrupting her in any way, shape or form you can. Run in and out of the bushes, harass her, Fling her around. Run ahead of her, if she wants to kill you, you are at least going to damage her. Dash around her traps, never stand still, when you are ahead of her and she's chasing you, she'll die slowly. Throw your Mega Adhesive at her, keep her slowed, keep her down. You win if you're not ganked. Your ultimate Insanity Potion and Ghost make her slow futile and give you the speed advantage.

As Singed you are tanky enough to keep Caitlyn busy till she dies, you might not have ranged, but your mobility and health give you that advantage over her, especially early game a lot of champions are prone to Singed's wonderful harassing abilities.

CC ruins your fun, yes, that's true. For Singed more than most Champions, when a Lux binds you, you are screwed. When a Sion stuns you, you can't get to him. You need a hard counter against such things.
This is why Cleanse is your best friend... A nicely timed Cleanse can make your opponents cry in terror. Getting a Enchanted Crystal Arrow, a Curse of the Sad Mummy, and instantly cleansing out of it, negates the CC part completely. They'll curse you for your Summoner's Skill, it's even worse than Heal.

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Singed and Mobility, friends forever.

"Why the *bleep* do you take *bleeping* Shurelya's Reverie? " - I don't know who. Probably someone reading this?

Ghost, Insanity Potion, Boots of Swiftness and another item that gives movement, isn't that a bit overkill? My answer; "No." As Singed you are reliant on moving around fast, dodging skill-shots. Of course, you can be a tank like Cho'Gath with 6 stacks of Feast and get hit by everything. However, you can also dodge nearly anything champions throw at you. What does this mean you ask? It means you can completely evade;

1. Ezreal his Trueshot Barrage
2. Ashe her Enchanted Crystal Arrow
3. Dr. Mundo his Infected Cleaver
The skills they suddenly miss on you, are wasted cooldowns on your team. If they waste it on you, you don't get hurt, and your team is safe! That makes them happy, y'know that? That's what this Singed does, it makes people waste cooldowns. If someone sees a Singed running towards him or her they'll try to hit it as quickly as possible, as hard as possible. In some occasions, that are skill-shots. Forcing people to use those while playing Singed, is in my opinion a rather important part of playing him like a mad man.

Each and every skill mentioned in the top, is a movement boost, it helps you escape, catch up, damage, evade, it helps Singed in all possible ways. Running around drives people crazy, juking people by dashing towards them and then diving into a bush where your team is hiding, can cause opponents to rage in /all like a mad.

This can be the most wonderful example I've ever seen of a Singed, enjoy.

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No armor? But, what about AD Carries?

Well, my good friend. My build is absolutely far from perfect, but I always found that champions like Ryze, Vladimir can be *****es because they out-range you, and you can't dodge any of their skills. Or at least, most of them. While most AD Champions have a wide variety of skills, I'll let you in on their secret; auto-attacks rule.

Let me give you an example of AD carries, and how to counter them..

Puhlease, I believe this champion is severly underpowered. While her Ultimate is one hell of a stun and sometimes even a finisher in rare occasions. She has no skill-shots, except for Volley, she can slow though, and this hurts you. Getting ahead of her is your only tool of a fight against her, getting up to her is just stupid. She needs to chase you to get you, and we all know.
Never, chase a Singed

Has two skill-shots, which are Piltover Peacemaker and 90 Caliber Net, her auto-attacks are the only real threat to a reactive Singed, and these are easily negated by buying yourself a Ninja Tabi, because, look at all your movements increasing items.
She's not much of a threat... In my opinion and playstyle, this can differ for each person though.

I LOVE HIM. However, all his attacks are skill-shots. I remember the games where I run around with 10% Health, and one Missile Barrage after another misses me completely. When he uses Gatling Gun just walk away from him, Phospherous Bomb is countered by your Magic Resist.

... Skill-shots everywhere, dodge them and be fine. I mean, seriously. I can make nearly every Ezreal cry with this build simply by running around like a mad. Of course, there are really good ones, and smart-casting helps him a lot.

A gap-closer and three attacks you can run out of, while he can be annoying to run away from, you can get yourself the upper hand. If his Collateral Damage misses you, a Graves loses an insane amount of burst. Do remember, Graves Ultimate is insanely fast. Always stay on your toes and keep moving. Annoy him with Mega Adhesive

*Shiver* ... The range on that thing... It's best to avoid a Kog'maw in a toe to toe battle, and just grab him from a bush when you can, only his slow and his ultimate are skill-shots, and quite easy to evade. Never, fight him on your own, okay? He just hurts too much.

Master Yi
His Highlander, makes him... Quite the challenge. If you haven't forced him to use it yet, you've got no escape and he'll be faster ( most likely ), and you can't slow him down. In this situation, armor is perhaps the best option. Or a burst-damage partner. He's still quite squishy if you ask me. And of course Fling can disrupt him really well.

Miss Fortune
Her Bullet Time hurts you, run out of it? She's got a decent amount of damage, but she can't chase you with her own movement speed buff, since she'll get damage when the poison hits her. Keep a bit of distance, mostly her auto-attacks hurt you.

Boomerang Blade misses, Sivir hurt herself in confusion, oh no! She has her Ultimate to keep up with you, and a spell-shield for your Fling, it's not too much. Her Q hurts you the most, stay away from it.

.... Knock-back, rocket-jump, out-ranging you.... She's late-game a more annoying and mobile Kog'Maw, and with a Frozen Mallet, she might screw you over if you play too aggressive.

Kite that ***** around like no other, with Rylai's Crystal Scepter he as but Spinning Slash to close the gap between you and him for his auto-attacks. And just fling him when he uses his Endless Rage to get him away, when the rage ends, he dies due to poison most of the time.

Relatively short auto-attack range, some quality burst and a knock-back. Fling gets rather negated here, due to her Condemn. Final Hour gives her quite a lot of movement that I thought was on par with Insanity Potion. Understand this. Vayne gets her movement speed boost from chasing others. Singed should not be chased.

Xin Zhao
Burst and some good disables, if he chases you tho' he can't keep up. And he needs to get into Fling range to actually hit you. His speed is no match for yours, his combo can hurt you a lot tho', seeing he's not dependent on auto-attacks.

Buying a Frozen Heart or a Ninja Tabi instead of the boots I list here, is for your own good. If you feel like you need these items to survive in lane or in team-fights, you should take them! I'm not here to tell you how you should play, but I tell you how you could play.

That I don't list armor here doesn't mean that it's bad, it means that in most team-compositions I don't use it as much as I perhaps should. In my opinion, my mobility makes up for a lot of the defenses I'm missing.

Guide Top

Minion and monster farming like a boss.

May I just say one thing that I found out through trial and error?
Please, never, ever try to farm minions early-game with Poison Trail, while I build Utility with Mana Regen, it doesn't mean you can keep going forever. My most shocking moments during fights are, the moments when I have no mana to Fling or Insanity Potion. Not having mana as a Singed, doesn't just screw your flow as a player, it also screws up team-fights due to your sustained damage output and the fact that you can screw up your opponents fights by tossing their carry away or into your team.

You need, to have mana. At all time, at any given moment. No mana means no skills, means no kills or assists. Running ahead of a champion with low health towards their turret at low-level and want to pop your Poison Trail or Fling only to realize you just used that mana to farm some minions? Bad, you shouldn't have that problem.

And while Catalyst the Protector and Insanity Potion help you a lot with mana regen, you can't rely on it forever. There is something that can help you as a Singed tho'.

Blue buff, this amazing thing in your jungle, or in the enemy their jungle for all I care. Please steal the opponent's one if you can. It reduces your cooldowns and gives you a nearly 100% up-time of your Poison Trail. Only with this buff are you allowed to mindlessly let poison kill minions, on other occasions, rely on last hitting. It really helps. You don't screw over your laning buddy by stealing all his minions with your dots, you stay close to your enemies and you keep mana.

No mana is a sad Singed, remember that on the Fields of Justice!