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Graves Build Guide by MrNegative

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrNegative

A mans got a code, a creed to live by.

MrNegative Last updated on April 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

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Utility: 0

Guide Top

Welcome to the Saloon of Doom ( Introduction)

Hello gentleman, what brings ya'll to these parts?

Ah, I see. You say you want to learn more about the League of Legends?

Well, one thing you should know about the League, nobody and I mean nobody messes with Graves.

Why not? Ha! He'll whip out his gun and you so fast you wouldn't believe it.

Well, if you really want to, I guess you could try talking to the Phil the Undertaker. He's right there at the end of the tavern. He should teach you more about the Outlaw.

Guide Top

The Undertaker, Bar ( Pros & Cons)

What do you want?

Oh, you want to learn about Graves?

Ha! Well, allow me to explain why Graves is the king of the League.

Number 1
That man has an incredible passive, the longer he is in battle, the stronger he becomes. Eventually, he'll be un-killable.
Number 2
He has the legs of a Coyote. With his , I've seen him dash in and out of battle like a madman. Hell, I've seen him dash over walls.
Number 3
His gun. I've never seen anything like it. Its fires 3 bullets with his . If you were at point blank, you'll get hit by all 3 bullets and you're health would have dropped like a disease stricken bird.
Number 4
I see that you still doubt him. Alright, when you face Graves on the Fields of Justice, beware. He has a hidden in his underbarrel. If he launches one at you, you'll be as blind as a bat. You got to move slower too as to not hurt yourself.
Number 5
I've seen entire teams of champions just drop dead when he fires his . When that goes off, you have seconds to run before everything around you is obliterated. You best be running sideways, the range on that ol' thing is scary.

But he ain't a god. Everyman has his weakness. Graves? Well, they ain't in large quantity's but they may work to your advantage. Listen carefully.

Number 1
He may dash like a madman, but he ain't exactly a demon. Watch where he tries to , sometimes, the wall may be to high to get over.
Number 2
If you catch him off guard, he's as good as dead. All he got is the little and his . After he uses that, his goose is cooked.
Number 3
Now, don't tell Graves I said it, but he ain't got any fancy dress apparel. His Mafia suite is as fancy as he gets.

Well, Its been nice talking, but I got to go back to the ol' shop. As long as Graves keeps the victims coming, I got a pocketful of cash and a smile on my face.

Talk to the Gunsmith down the street if you want to learn more about Graves. He designed Graves gun after all.

Guide Top

The Gunsmith, Ye Old Firearms Shop ( Skills)

Howdy partner! Care to purchase some firearms for a nice day of hunting?

Oh, you want to learn more about Graves. I remember the day he walked in here, all bloody and tired. He asked me for a gun, not just any old gun, but a real killing machine. Why, what I made was a masterpiece, it became the talk of the town. Helped my publicity too.

You want to know what it does? Okay, lets get right to it, for a little gold of course.

This is truly the gift of a natural killer. The longer Graves is in battle, the harder he is to kill. His armor and magic resistance is increased by 1 stack for every bullet he fires or every hit he takes. Scary!

My pride and joy was the day I made his shotgun. This is the first mod he asked for. It fires 3 bullets in a cone and damages all opponents hit by the bullets. This lil' rascal will have you scraping the enemy's of the floor. Great for farming creeps too. But be careful, you'd get tired firing that thing and before you know it, you'll be out of mana!

Graves came in one day and slammed that gun on the table. What for? He said enemy's were getting away too easily. I attached this to his gun and he attached me to a sack of gold. This baby is so strong, it'll blind anything that is inside the area. Slows em too.

Sadly, this is not my invention. As a youth, Graves got into loads of trouble with the authorities. Not much has changed since! What to do? Develop and train a movement skill. Graves dashes to the summoners cursor and gains increased attack speed due to the adrenaline in his western veins. Sometimes, he can dash through walls, but he ain't a devil, sometimes he'll dash headfirst into a tree. HAHA!

This is my true masterpiece. Graves was respected but he wasn't feared. God knows why but I gave him this: collateral damage. Propelled by rocket fuel, and enough kick to kill a hundred yordles, this is the work of a mad scientist. Deals damage to everything around the target? Y'all best be watching out when Graves is rocking this gun.

Well, it seems like your all out of gold and I ran out of information. I'll give you this lil hint though, there's a mysterious man who stays at the tavern.

Well he claims to know what the motives are for Graves 'unique' set of runes. Now clear off, ya dirty moocher.

Guide Top

Mysterious man, tavern ( Runes & Masteries)

Who goes there!? Answer me or I'll stick a knife into your gut!

Oh, it's just a boy. What do you want from a sober man like me?

Graves eh? Well there a lot to be said about that man. His Masteries may be standard but his runes are a strange sight. Never seen a set like that in my life.

What do I know about runes? HAHAHA! I am General Eisenrewoh of the Noxian High Command. I was General Eisenrewoh of the Noxian High Command. Couldn't handle the stress even after that stupid ol war. Never mind, let me explain the runes.

greater quintessence of desolation
These runes give Graves the edge in the case of an early engagement. Nice chunky bit of Armor Penetration. Works well with the marks.

greater mark of desolation
Armor Penetration. Never has a greater tune been given to a AD carry. It's great all around rune for any AD champion. Natural choice.

Graves can reap the full benefits of these runes throughout the game. This coupled with his passive makes him as thick as a oxes behind.

greater glyph of replenishment
Do you notice that Graves is one of them people who sometimes needs to spam to kill? I reckon he takes these runes so he don't have to worry about running out of mana.

It seems to me that these runes synchronize perfectly with Graves. Talk to the tanner to learn about Graves items. The tanner was his first friend in this town.

Guide Top

Tanner ( Items )

Hello, fine day ain't it?

You want to know more about Graves? Well alright, got used to it anyway, everybody wants to know about Graves nobody cares about the poor old tanner. What is it you want to know?

His items! Ahh, you must be new to the League of Legends. But anyway, allow me to explain.

This is pretty standard, gives a nice bit of starting health and some damage and just teensy winsy drop of lifesteal. But it all adds up in the end! Graves tends to buy another of these if he is forced to go back to base due to an early gank or such.

For Graves, these are good boots. I won't lie, the attack speed isn't much but it'll work for him.

When Graves gets this early in the game, its a gone game. He heals himself with each hit and gets more powerful with each kill. But he got to farm real well if he wants to get himself this item. Its good if Graves farms till he can buy a B.F sword and then only recall.

Lets do a lil bit of math here. Lets say Graves does 150 damage a hit. With this item, he will now be me a second....230 damage! With a crit, Graves will do 2.5times that amount! Total damage dealt with a crit? 590 damage! Right in the gullet!

This is going to destroy. When we are in the bar watching the match, we like to place bets on how long it takes for Graves to farm a creep wave. Now, smart people like me, we only bet when Graves gets this bad boy. Won of a sack of gold on one occasion.

How much time it takes? Fastest was 2 seconds. Without .

This may be strange but let me explain. During a match Graves was fighting Talon and he was getting burst down really quickly. So, Graves went and bought a and that was the end of that. Once Talon realized he couldn't burst down Graves, he tried to run but he was slowed the whole way.

Now, depending on the occasion, Graves will pick either one as his last item. If your armor is low to medium, around 50 to 150, he will build a . But if your health is high, lets say 160, Graves will definitely build a . So, either way, you'll be dead at the hands of 'the outlaw'.

Hohoho! Hope I won't give you nightmares! But a facts a fact, and I won't lie.

Spells, eh? Well, I don't know much, but I reckon the ol witch should know. She lives in the outskirts of town. But be careful, she tends to be a grouch and may just turn you into a jackrabbit.

Guide Top

Old Witch, Outskirts ( Summoner Spells )

Why, hello young man. What brings you to these parts?

Well, your in luck. I just finished a advanced spell and I'm in a good mood. So, you want to learn what skills Graves carries into battle,eh? Listen properly, I'm only saying this once.

This is pretty standard and it works well with any participant of the League. As the name suggest, it let's Graves 'flash' to the target location. Unlike his , it can go over all terrain. Now who's a sneaky rascal?

Enemy has heal? Too much lifesteal? Always gets away with low health? No worries, Graves 's the enemy and watches his health bar tick smaller and smaller. And the enemy can only heal half as much as usual! Truly despicable!

This is fairly common, and Graves sometimes may take this. But from experience, he says is more reliable. But he may still take it. Its not too bad! Hahaha!

Now, there's an old saying among us witches. 'If a man has an steak, hex him once if he ask for a salad, hex him twice if he ask for rum'. If Graves can take , why in the world would he take ghost, which is half as useful? Thinking of running away with ? Be careful Graves, there's a half dozen witches waiting to hex you for your incompetence.

If I'm not mistaken, his runes will be adequate to keep him some nice mana regen throughout the game. Graves isn't a Mage anyway.

Now, this spell ain't too bad but usually, the solotop in the team takes it. Hence, there is no real reason for Graves to take it. But, Graves may take it sometimes, good to get into the middle of a teamfight you know?

Hahaha! This is a highly unpopular spell! There are more useful spells out there. Even though the buff is nice, it won't make much of a difference if Graves is fat.

I've only seen grab this a few times? Reason being there was either Karthus or Caitlyn in the game. Its good to healbait the opponent too. But its not really his style.

Everything else, you don't even need to think about. Now scram, I'm having a witches gathering and I don't want any gate crashers. I here the town hall is packed with kids. I'm sure some of them will be able to tell you a thing or two about Graves.

Guide Top

Children, Town Hall ( Play Style )

Hello sir, your just in time to watch a League match! Grab a chair, its about to start!
Wow, That was intense! It's not hard to see why this whole town is a supporter of Graves. Follow me, we can go to the discussion area to talk about the match!
{ Boy 1 } So guys, lets discuss the match and, by special request from this visitor, evaluate Graves play style. Early game first.

{ Boy 2 } Ok, as usual, he stayed in lane until he could affored a . He didn't push too hard, good thing too, that Nocturne was bent on killing him! After that, he just stayed in bottom lane and kept pushing, letting Sona leave to assist other lanes now that he has to heal. Of course he put a ward and at the first sign of trouble.

{ Boy 1 } Mid game?

{ Boy 3 } Well, he made sure not to start a teamfight until he had full stacks. And even then he tried not to enter the battle directly. If he saw a big clump of enemys together, he didn't hesitate to use his . Whenever he had free time, he set a ward at river and started farming. I also noticed he never uses his to farm, reason being he never knows when a gank might happen.

{ Boy 1 } Good, good. What about late game?

{ Boy 4 } Two things I noticed. Number one, he always sticked with his team. But not at the back, in the middle, with the jungler, Shaco covering his back. I'm guessing this is because they might try to ambush their team and he would be the first they target. Second thing, he only goes into battle after a few ultimates has been blown, including Taric stun.

{ Boy 1 } Well, that's enough for today. Good job guys. Stranger, I recommend you see the new warden. He should know a thing or two about Graves. Makes sense considering he took over after Graves blew the old warden sky high.

Guide Top

Warden, Town Hall ( Conclusion )

It was a tragic day when Graves broke out of prison. He massacred everyone. Not a single guard was left standing. Its not a surprise that he joined the League, after all, cold blood like that has to be contained somewhere. To this day, I have never seen a more fearsome warrior, just the thought of him makes my blood run cold. If you are thinking of joining the League, beware Graves, beware The Outlaw.

Guide Top


Hi guys! Hope you like my guide, I decided to put a unique twist in it. :) Hope you found it interesting. If you like it, remember to comment and +, it will really help me out!

Now my friends, to the Fields Of Justice!