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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thaniel

A Miss-Fortunate End! (AD/LS MF)

Thaniel Last updated on April 1, 2011
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Please refer to these endgame stats instead of the ones up top, as they're marred by the fact that they count the step-by-step item list as individual values.

This is my first guide, so I figured I would tackle one of the more straightforward champions of the game: Miss Fortune. Worthy of her namesake, Miss Fortune is capable of absolutely demolishing enemy teams by focusing her fire on their strongest, squishiest characters, thus giving your team the advantage in a team fight. Despite this massive strength that most scramble to capitalize on as much as humanly possible, I take a slightly different route in my build and opt for some survivability in Frozen Mallet's health bonus, (though really, with the slow, the Mallet should be a no-brainer for MF) and also grab Youmuu's Ghostblade early on -- granting MF yet another excellent escape / bursting option.

In this guide, I will cover proper use of Miss Fortune's abilities, (especially how my build changes their normal use) cool tricks used by yours truly to get the most truly outrageous kills, and survivability methods that keep me running games 14/2/11. As a final message of the introduction, I would like to mention that this build does not make playing Miss Fortune easy! Without the extra burst that most builds focus on, getting kills is more challenging, especially in a ganking or non-team fight environment. Again, this is not the guide for you if you're new to Miss Fortune or the game at large, and thus I'd redirect you to one of the other extensive, useful guides available on the site.

Well, without further ado, I present to you: my Miss Fortune guide, titled: "A Miss-Fortunate End!" (See what I did there?)

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Pros / Cons

Pros: [*] Possesses an Ultimate ( Bullet Time) that, when used properly, can absolutely win a team fight.
[*] Has some of the most interesting skins in the game.[/list]

  • Somewhat squishy overall, especially when you blow Flash/Ghost/Youmuu's at inopportune moments.
  • Lack of natural escape mechanisms. (A problem this guide attempts to thwart.)
  • Being struck in combat lowers mobility by a significant margin.

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(icon=Greater Mark of Desolation size=64)(icon=Greater Seal of Evasion size=64)(icon=Greater Glyph of Focus size=64)

As any experienced LoL player will tell you, proper runes can make or break a champion. I've seen many guides suggest that Miss Fortune utilize Attack Speed seals and/or Mana Regen Glyphs.

Attack Speed is almost worthless for Miss Fortune when built like she is in this guide. She gets enough attack speed from her ((Impure Shots))Impure Shots' active ability and, later, Youmuu's Ghostblade, to push towers just as well as anyone else and down champions when she needs to.

Mana Regen is actually -very- good for Miss Fortune, as she finds herself running out of many very quickly. I, instead opt to grab CDR glyphs due to the fact that I usually grab the Blue Golem buff at every opportunity I get for its CDR and mana regen. If you find that you cannot manage to get the Blue Golem often enough to maintain a comfortable amount of mana, Mana Regen runes are definitely the way to go. I merely prefer CDR.

I choose Armor Penetration marks for all the obvious reasons. There are no physical damaging DPS/assassin champions who shouldn't. ArP is just too good to give up willingly, and you get it in spades through glyphs.

I choose Mp5 seals because they solve one of MF's most crippling issues early-game: her mana inefficiency. Toward the middle of the game, I keep the Golem on farm, and toward the end of the game I tend to not even need that. In the beginning of the game, however, I do not have any of those luxuries in Mp5, especially when I'm playing mid. Mp5 seals help smooth out MF's rough edges when concerning her early game.

I choose CDR glyphs because I like CDR. They reduce the Cooldown on Miss Fortune's ultimate as well as reducing the cooldown on her damaging abilities and survival-oriented abilities, ((icon=Make It Rain)Make it Rain for its slow) giving her a palpable advantage over her opponents. Mana Regen glyphs are also perfectly acceptable options.

I choose Armor Penetration quintessences due to their viability in all stages of gameplay, and due to the fact that, other than Youmuu's Ghostblade, I don't really buy many Armor Penetration items. Attack Damage / Fortitude quintessences can be good for early game, but I personally don't prefer them.

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As far as masteries are concerned, I go with a pretty basic 21/0/9 build. In the final tier you'll have access to in the Utility tree, I suggest picking up a point in increased neutral monster buff duration over the 1 gold per 10 seconds. My reasoning for this is that when you do the math, 1 gold every 10 seconds for a whole game only really amounts to around 210g per game. This meager amount of money will not really even buy you anything, and since you'll be gathering it automatically throughout the game, you won't even notice when you spend what little you have accrued.

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The first distinctive quirk about my guide that you might notice is that I utilize the Sword of the Occult instead of going for an initial Doran's item. I do this because Miss Fortune is capable of extreme amounts of damage in the beginning of the game, and with a little help from your allies, you should be well able to hit 20 stacks before long if you play it safe and only pick fights you can win. (Or at least come out of in one piece!)

The use of SotO insists that you play both offensively and carefully, which is where Miss Fortune usually falls flat. Pick up Berserker's Greaves and go for a quick Zeke's Harbinger to build up some damage to accommodate your Blade of the Occult. The Berserker's Greaves increase MF's already high base movement speeds to astounding heights, and Youmuu's Ghostblade, while boasting a fair amount of AD, ArP, and CDR, has an active ability that increases run/attack speed. This can be used for both escape and offensive strikes.

I then begin working on a Phage that I then upgrade into Frozen Mallet. This increases your survivability and deadliness in a gank by a large margin by giving your auto attacks (and your Double Up) a significant slow effect. The extra health granted by the Mallet is also a nice addition to your survival.

Finally, I go the route most physical damage builds go and finish off with a Bloodthirster Blade. I use the blade when the enemy team has not stacked too much armor, but when they have, I like to build a Last Whisper instead for its 40% armor reduction.

When the enemy is stacking health, and merely killing their squishies then moving onto them isn't sufficing, (Usually the case with Amumu, Rammus, and a few other notable characters) I take a Madred's Bloodrazor instead of my Youmuu's Ghostblade and move on to create Phantom Dancer, (for its attack speed, which synergises well with the Bloodrazor) before building Frozen Mallet, and wrapping up with Last Whisper.

The basic build I use works in around 60% of games, but when facing off with the more pesky, annoying tanks, you need to go a different route. Other guides go into this further and in more depth, being focused primarily on bringing down tanks. This guide somewhat assumes you have someone else with heavy enough damage output that tanks aren't much of an issue.

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Skill Sequence

The first skill you want to have access to is Impure Shots. Many Miss Fortune guides suggest you take Double Up as your first skill, but I find it to be destructive to your own gameplay in the sense that it encourages mana wasting. Impure Shots is also more useful for killing champions, as it does an increasingly substantial amount of damage the more you shoot a target... And for no mana cost!

After that, put your secnod point in Double Up and your third point in Make it Rain. Following level three, alternate between putting points into Double Up and Make it Rain, while being sure to place a point in Bullet Time at level six and every five levels thereafter. Once you cannot put any more points into either Bullet Time or Double Up, you can finish maxing out Make it Rain.

When going for a kill, I like to blink right next to an enemy champion,(only when I know they'll try to run and not fight back well enough to kill me. Blinking next to Yi or Udyr is a bad idea.) use my Impure Shots' active, use Double Up on the champion, then place Make it Rain right in the path of escape. When done correctly, you will usually kill your target.

In team fights, your first priority should be lining up the perfect Bullet Time. Your goal with your ult is to hit as many champions as possible at the same time, at an angle and from a location they'll have a difficult time escaping from. The best time to pop your ult is when the enemy team is at half health and is beginning to consider retreat. After you pop your ult, pick off the squishiest targets first, then go for the tanks. If at all possible, keep your Flash and/or Ghost available for use should your attack plan go awry. Losing a third of your Sword of the Occult stacks is not fun, and certainly is not condusive to a clean victory.

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Summoner Spells

Excellent Summoner Spell Choices:
- Ghost: Ghost is an excellent choice for almost any character, especially carries like Miss Fortune. While I usually save my Ghost for escapes, in a pinch it can be used to chase an enemy down or close the distance between you and a brewing team fight. This ability synergizes very well with Miss Fortune's passive, Strut, so I always grab it.
- Flash: Flash... Oh, how I love you so. Flash, in my honest opinion, is the best counter to the fact that Miss Fortune lacks any real escape mechanism. Leading your enemies into a large dead end, waiting for them to close the distance toward you, then blinking to safety is definitely the funnest way to protect your Occult stacks.
- Exhaust: Exhaust is also an excellent choice for anyone playing Miss Fortune. When used properly, it can be an offensive tool, a defensive tool, a trick to make a melee carry overcommit in the midst of a team fight, or an escape mechanism. I personally prefer Flash between the two, but if you are a newer player or don't really enjoy Flash, I'd definitely replace it with Exhaust.

Decent Summoner Spell Choices:
- Ignite: Ignite is a Spell very commonly used among carries, mages, and bruisers alike. It can be used to finish off an enemy, whittle down their health during an assault, or keep their heals from saving their lives. I do not support the use of Ignite on Miss Fortune for two reasons: One, she has a healing reduction in the form of Impure Shots and two, she has no natural escape mechanism, and Ignite cannot be used to escape.
- Teleport: Teleport is a good choice if you're in a team with characters such as Shen, Twisted Fate, Nocturne, or Pantheon who can teleport nearly anywhere on the map at a moment's notice. Used in conjunction with their ultimates, your team can push a lane frighteningly quickly, sometimes even destroying two turrets instead of just one. You can also use teleport to return to wards your team has placed or to Teemo's mushrooms, making it very useful when used in conjunction with a coordinated team. In early game, Teleport can also be used to leave and return to your lane quickly should you get wounded early on.
- Clairvoyance: Proper use of Clairvoyance can win you a fight. Being able to see where the enemy is before they even start their assault is a massive advantage, and thus Clarity can be used for gank prevention, team fight positioning, and much more. I personally only take Clarity when I'm playing certain characters other than Miss Fortune, due to her needing all the escape mechanisms she can get.
- Clarity: Though I would never openly suggest it, Clarity can be a useful tool for people who are bad at mana conservation, or just like to play aggressively.

Bad Summoner Spell Choices:
- Heal: If this little bit of health was enough to save your life, you probably shouldn't have had to pop it anyway. Heal can be okay in the hands of someone who really enjoys it, but I wouldn't suggest it for Miss Fortune for anything.
- Everything else.

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I will be adding to this guide in the future. Until then, enjoy my insight on Miss Fortune. Please comment if you vote, and in your comment tell me what you like, what I could improve on, and any guides you'd like to see in the future. Thanks for your time!

Thanks to Phever for helping my guide by pointing out the fact that I was missing Attack Speed.