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League of Legends Build Guide Author GodLess

*A New Badass rammus*

GodLess Last updated on December 26, 2010
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A Baddass Rammus

This is my first time Build i have made so far ...
i have been playing with rammus for the last two weeks and it's a really baddass
well with no more discussion i'll show my build Description

Before You Play Rammus, Know What He Can Do!

The Awesome Skills of Rammus These skills are in order from where they appear in your ability bar

Q - Powerball - Rammus turns into a rolling ball of destruction with this skill. He slowly gains a movement speed bonus until the skill stops. The first enemies he runs into when in this spinning ball form receive a damage and a reduction in movement speed for a few seconds. You can utilize this skill to surprise enemies from the brush, chase down enemies, or help allied champions by snaring enemy champions.

W - Defensive Ball Curl - An amazing skill that has a similar effect to Thornmail, just with a duration attached to it. Rammus curls up into a ball, increasing his magic resistance and armor as while as returning damage to attacking champions. This skill in conjunction with taunt can force enemies into feeling the pain of getting their attacks returned against them.

E - Puncturing Taunt - This skill is a taunt skill, as the title says. When used, the chosen enemy is forced to attack Rammus for a certain duration of time. The enemies armor is also reduced for the duration of the taunt.

R - Tremors - Similar to the effect of Sunfire Cape, with a duration, Tremors deals magic damage to surrounding enemies and buildings (towers, inhibitors) per second for a set duration. In conjunction with one or multiple Sunfire Capes, Rammus gains a huge amount of DPS without even attacking!

Passive - Spiked Shell - This is one of the most powerful passive abilities in League of Legends. With this passive, 25% of the armor Rammus has is also attack power. This bonus even increases when Defensive Ball Curl is in effect!

Summoner Spells

Get The Right Spells To OWN your enemies !

Combo #1
- Flash and Ignite - A classic offensive combo, if you want to take Rammus and use him as an offensive champion, this spell combo will make you even more deadly than Rammus already is.

You Dont Need Exhaust Because rammus has a PowerBall That can snare opponents plus taunt that attracts the enemie to him so it's pretty hard to escape from rammus

You Dont Need Cleanse or Health Because you are a Tank with High HP and if you whant to escape you have flash plus PowerBall that gives you massive Speed

*Item Build*

- Buy Cloth Armor to start , you will need this to your Ninja Tabi.

- Grab a Mana and an Health potion to spend more time at the lane for farming

- Ok , i choosed this Ninja Tabi because Rammus is a tank this boots have defense and dodge
Dodge might be also good because it can save you sometimes.

- I choosed Warmog Armor because it gives you massive health and sooner you get it more Health you have because of his passive , and it's really good to have a Rammus with some health.

- SunFire Cape This is also a good item for Rammus because it has 40 damage per second wich is really good plus Rammus Ultimate , and it also gives you +430 Health

- ThornMail , a good item for rammus because it gives rammus +100 defense plus is passive that grant's you to return 30% damage done to rammus it's good because the passive of rammus (Passive - Spiked Shell - This is one of the most powerful passive abilities in League of Legends. With this passive, 25% of the armor Rammus has is also attack power. This bonus even increases when Defensive Ball Curl is in effect!)

- Atmas Impaler it grant's you 45 defense 2% of your health is added to your Damage that's really good because you at this have have at least 4000 Hp and 2% of 4000 It's 80

Guardian Angel will help you alot in team Fight's , Since you revive you can kill that who manage to kill you with 200 Hp Left A.K.A 'Luckers'

Skill Strategy

Early Game -
Get Powerball as your first skill. For the opportunity for a quick kill, wait in the bushes, use Powerball and wait until an enemy champion can get hit with it. Your enemy will be caught off guard.
With a slow, damage, and the help of your lane partner, a first blood kill is almost guaranteed.

As soon you get to level 3 be sure to get each of Rammus's skills to make your skill combo as soon as possible.

The ability combo for Rammus goes as follows. Activate Powerball and hit the enemy champion. Proceed to activate Defensive Ball Curl followed by Taunt. If you have your ultimate, activate that last because it has the most range of all of your abilities. This combo will do a massive amount of damage, and allow you to do your job and tank the brunt of your enemies damage, allowing your allies to dish out even more damage on them.

Another strategy with Rammus is when you get your Taunt skill.When enemy champions get too close to your tower, simply activate Taunt and force them back into the the tower, to your ally and into the towers fire. This will make short work of champions without much health or champions at the start of the game, but doesn't work against more powerful champions.

Late Game -
- You should tank tower's and champions by the time you can easily kill a champion near the tower

The Right Combo to do it Is

PowerBall -> Defensive Ball Curl + Tremors -> Taunt -> Ignite


*Hint* - To help you breaking down Turret's you should Activate Defensive Ball Curl + Tremors it will make your path less difficult :)

Well Hope This Build Help's you ^^ i will do a video of Rammus soon as I can and i will keep this post Updated

*Note* -

Please remenber all comments are welcome i whant to improve this Build if you have any other ideia just post it , rate it if you like it :)

Rammus The "Armordillo" A Pretty Baddass Champion Hard To kill him but easy to Slay Enemies :)