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Teemo Build Guide by Dialga009

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dialga009

A Noob's Guide to Teemo (AP Mid)

Dialga009 Last updated on April 12, 2015
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AP Mid Teemo

Teemo Build

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This guide is for people new to League, and want to learn how to play Teemo. Therefore, I have not assigned Masteries and Runes for him, as new people won't have many. For you experienced players, simply take AP, CDR, and Magic Pen.

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Here I'll be explaining each item.

I usually rush Zhonya's Hourglass ASAP, as it gives you good armor and AP. Also very useful is the active, as your Poison continues to damage them while your immune. Very useful in team fights, especially when everyone focuses on the poor fuzzy guy.

Next, I usually get Rylai'S, because it gives you much needed extra HP, a nice slow to catch your victims, and a good 100 AP.

My big AP booster is Rabadon's. A big 120 AP and the passive synchs nicely with the AP build.

Sorcerers Shoes give you Magic Pen and extra speed, very useful when you need to escape.

If you do a lot of lane wandering, get Ludens Echo next, as the passive lets you do extra magic damage. Also has a 120 AP bonus.

I find a Hextech Gunblade helps a lot with sustain, as the 20% Spell Vamp works nicely with his blinding dart, as well as an active that can help take down escaping enemies while your abilities are on cooldown.

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Ability Usage/Combos

For my standard attacking, I use a combo: Auto+Q+Auto, allowing me to do a huge burst of damage. When fighting melees, I find it very useful to put a shroom underneath them. If you find your in a very close range situation alone against many enemies, your best chance of getting a kill is using the combo, then plopping a shroom, then activate Zhonya's.

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Summoner Spells

I take Exhaust and Ignite for my summoner spells, as they're very useful, especially in the 1 on 1 battles. Exhaust HUGELY debuffs the enemy, and Ignite DoT stacks with your Poison.

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Upgrading Spells

I usually start with a point in Toxic Shot, as it lets me harass easily. I then take a point in Blinding Dart, allowing me to use the combo I talked about earlier. Next, I get a point for Move Quick, allowing me to hunt people down and escape. I alternate between Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot for the upgrading. By lv10, i usually have 1 point in Noxious Trap, 4 in Blinding Dart, 3 in Toxic Shot, and 2 in Move Quick.

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So far, I'm still sorta new to the game, so this may not be too useful up in those ranked games. But I can say for 1 thing, I main Teemo, and I have done quite well with him. Don't believe me? Go on and search Dialga009. I'm not too bad....