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Azir Build Guide by tovanellix

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tovanellix

A Pidgeon Walks Into A Bar [work in progress]

tovanellix Last updated on July 21, 2015
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About me

Hi everyone! My name's Alberto, i'm a 20-year-old italian Gold-Elo LoL player, who fell in love with this videogame about 2 years ago. My main role's Midlaner, and you can find me in game with my summoner's name tovanellix.
I wrote this build because i like Azir a lot and i wanted to give you my opinions about his build and gameplay, even though my elo is pretty low. This is my first mobafire guide, I hope it'll help you :)
I aplogise if my English is not perfect, and feedback is always appreciated!

About Azir

Azir is a medium range DPS mage, with a pretty high skillcap, amazing lategame scalings and a game changing ultimate, whose main role is staying safe using his range constantly dealing damage from the backline.

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Pros / Cons


    -Very fun to play
    -Huge DPS lategame
    -Awesome zoning potential
    -Game-changing ultimate
    -Destroys towers


    -Easy to play, very hard to master
    -A bad ultimate can lose a teamfight
    -If behind, it's hard to catch up
    -Obviously squishy

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Skill Sequence

You will be putting a point on Arise! at level 1's the only thing you can do. The you max Conquering Sands second to increase your damage output and lower the cooldown, letting you reposition your soldiers more often. Max Shifting Sands second to make your escape/all in (and shield) stronger. Finally, max Arise!. Obviously, Emperor's Divide has the priority over the others:


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In this section i'm going to analyze the best AP items for Azir, highlighting their strength and weaknesses, to help you build accordingly to your matchup.

You're ALWAYS going to build one of those:


At your first back, buy Fiendish Codex to start with an early game 10% CDR which increases your damage overall. Then Forbidden Idol for the CDR and the mana regen. This item has everything Azir needs : a bunch of AP, 20% CDR, some mana regen which will help you throughout the game a lot and grievous wounds, which is always good, especially against sustain-oriented champions. A downside is that it has no magic resistance, so you should build this item if you think you can handle the enemy magic damage, since we have no MR from runes. If they have an AP assassin which is punishing you a lot, get Athene's Unholy Grail instead.

Athene's Unholy Grail:

You will get Athene's when the enemy team has a lot of magic damage or you're up against an AP assassin and you really need the early MR. You will give up some damage (both because this item has 20 AP less than Morello and because it also costs more so you will finish it later), Morello's grievous wounds but will gain some MR and a LOT of mana sustain.

Viable AP items:

Rabadon's Deathcap:

120 AP + 35% of your total AP. Nothing much to say, you will build this item almost 10/10 of the times. You should get it after your first item (either Morellonomicon or Athene's Unholy Grail) only if you're even or ahead of your opponent: if you're very far behind, a Void Staff is a better choice.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

I absolutely love this item on Azir. It gives you 100 AP which increase your damage, 400 HP which makes your shield from Shifting Sands stronger (since it scales off your max health), and its passive is applied by your soldier autoattacks, letting you land 1 or 2 more before the enemy goes away, thus dealing more damage. Also it helps you kite and enhances you Q slow: if you land it with 2 soldiers on one or more enemy, they will be slowed for a whopping 90% for the first second of the slow's duration: this way, you can land 1~3 autos more dealing A LOT more damage than usual.

Liandry's Torment:

This item is VERY good against tanky comps with its flat MPen and the passive current health % damage: Azir's AoE nature makes you constantly reapply the DoT on multiple enemies, which increases the damage done by a lot. It also gives some HP; making you tankier and your shield stronger.
Even though Liandry's Torment and rylais crystal scepter seem to synergyze well wich each other, they do not on Azir. Their combo won't increase your damage significantly, and you're basically wasting a slot which can be used differently and more efficiently. So, don't buy both at the same time as Azir.

Luden's Echo:

This item has AP, movement speed and an amazing passive which will be triggered by your soldiers autos pretty often, dealing a lot of damage. You should buy this if you're focusing more on poke and short trades rather than extended fights.

Abyssal Scepter:

Its MR can really save your life if the enemy team has good magic damage. It gives you 70 AP (which is not huge but still pretty good), 50 MR and a passive aura that reduces the enemies MR by 20 if they're inside it (700 units). This item is good if you need the MR and you're not the only source of consistent magic damage in your team.

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Update log

You can keep track of the changes I make to this guide in this section.

21/07/2015: published! I'm still working on the matchups sections which I will update as time goes on. I plan on creating some more chapters (Summoners Spells, Combos, and so on) very soon. I know that Azir's likely to be nerfed with the next patch and I will change the guide accordingly.

Thank you for reading my guide! Hope this will help you become a better Azir player. As I said in the Introduction chapter, feedback is always appreciated!