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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Fizz Build Guide by MaIevoIent

AP Offtank A Shark In The River (In-depth Jungle Fizz)

AP Offtank A Shark In The River (In-depth Jungle Fizz)

Updated on August 30, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaIevoIent Build Guide By MaIevoIent 14,029 Views 0 Comments
14,029 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MaIevoIent Fizz Build Guide By MaIevoIent Updated on August 30, 2015
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A flexible jungler in season five.

Why pick Fizz jungle?

Fizz has very strong ganks both before and after level six. He has an E ability that can be used as either a gap closer or an escaping ability. It can be used as an AoE nuke and slow. When he lands his ult it is an guaranteed kill most of the time. The ult not only knocks up the target but also slows them and knocks everyone else back.

Fizz also has excellent sustain in the jungle, and with this guide you will be able to get even better sustain.

Fizz is a versatile fighter. He can be played as a either a bruiser or an assassin.

Be sure to read the notes for every section.
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What kind of build is this?

This is an Ability Power Bruiser build for Jungle Fizz. This build has been thoroughly tweeked to balance out survivability with damage. Fizz does not need to be played full assasin unless your team already has two tanks.

The runes and masteries are optimized for maximum jungle sustain to reduce the time you'll spend at the fountain and keep you safer from counter jungling.
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Who I am

No, I'm not actually malevolent, I'm MaIevoIent.
I'm a Season 3 veteran who frequently visits and posts on the General Discussion of Riot's official Boards. You can also find me online in the General Discussion ingame chatroom.
I have over 1300 normal wins and a lot of game knowledge after playing for three seasons, owning most of the champions, and having spent countless hours of researching the LoL Wiki, Leaguecraft101, SummonerSchool and other guides here.
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Clearing the Jungle

Where to start?
On Fizz, You should start generally start at the side of the jungle that is closest to bottom lane. That way you get a better leash and better protection from invades.
So, if you are on the blue side of the map, you are going to start Krugs (stoner bros), and if you are on the red side of the map, then you will start with the Gromp.

Alternatively, you could always start Gromp regardless of the side of the map you're on, but only under a few conditions. Do not have your laners leash if you are starting Gromp at the top side of the map, or you will set them behind in XP.

With the biscuits you can farm the entire jungle without a leash and without any need to recall.

You should only start top if the enemy team is a weak early game composition or has a jungler that is unlikely to invade early.

Clearing with Efficiency

In order to clear the jungle efficiently, you need to Playful(E) on top of the creeps BEFORE you start autoattacking them. You can do AoE damage to the entire camp with this ability.
The reason why you have to do the Playful(E) before is because your E makes you become briefly untargetable. This will cause the creeps to temporarily drop aggro and their health will rapidly begin to restore for the brief time that your E is on.

You also shouldn't use your E more than once during a single camp.

After you land back down, activate your Seastone Trident (W) on the creeps so that you can increase your DPS and clear faster.

Do not use your Q to clear camps because you won't clear much faster, you would mostly just be wasting mana.
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The Optimal Paths

For your first and second clear, you should always smite the Gromp (toad thing) for it's thornmail-like passive, for that will hep you clear faster. You should also always smite red last so you can be well prepared to gank and with full health.

The images below will reveal the routes you should take for the three different situations.
Stoner bros (smite em), chickens, wolves, toad (smite it), blue buff, then red buff (smite it), then gank.

For red side, Toad (smite it), blue buff, wolves (smite em), chickens, stoner bros, red buff (smite it).

If you choose blueside top, then...
Toad (smite it), blue buff, wolves (smite), chickens, stoner bros, red buff (smite).
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About that pink ward I mentioned earlier

In the figure below you will see the optimal areas of the enemy jungle that you should drop a pink at.
Pink wards are expensive and the areas high lighted are areas where the enemy will be unlikely to notice them as they travel through their jungle. If you are lucky they might remain there for the majority of the game. Place the pink ward as early as possible.
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Improve Your Ganks

You should go in for a gank when the enemy laner or your laner becomes very aggressive and commits for a kill. For example, if the enemy Grave's uses his E to gapclose toward your Jinx, then that's the time to jump on him.

You should use your Q to gap close on them initially, then use your E to get back on them after they flash.

Save your Seastone Trident (W) for when you are already on them and auto-attacking them. Don't activate it too early.

As Fizz, you should be looking to gank lanes that are already snowballing because you are a very strong tower diver, especially after level 6. Do not try to babysit losing lanes. Usually you should only give a losing lane one gank when it is convenient for you, just to keep them from rage-quitting.

Be aggressive in your ganks because you can outscale the enemy even if you die a lot.

To land your ult more often, get as close as you can to your enemy before you ult them. You shouldn't try to ult them from maximum range.

Lastly, always gank as Fizz if you have redbuff.
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Team Fights

After your smite item and your blue buff, you want to finish your Zhonyas quickly.
You will need this in team fights. At this point of the game you are still squishy and you will rely on your Playful/Trickter (E) and your Zhonyas Hourglass for your survivability. You should mainly focus the ADC of the enemy team.

If you get your other defensive items or choose the tanky options that I posted in this build then you will be very effective at blowing the enemies cool downs. You still aren't a full tank, but you will be able to survive pretty decently.
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