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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Huntsman

A way to build Jax

Huntsman Last updated on April 25, 2011
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I don't know why I like him, it could be because he can hit people with a lamp post or other assorted items. Whatever it is, I like playing him. This guide is my first so I apologise in advance for any degree of quality you may expect. Nonetheless, I will highlight the fact that this is a guide, and is by no means the way you should play Jax, and I am merely sharing one way to play Jax, however good or bad you may think.

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I find these runes help give you the edge of speed to run away after your leap + empower harass, and also allows you to chase a bit easier, with your ninja tabi. This quints can be replaced by HP quints, Atk Spd quints, and Magic Penetration quints.

These marks are often debated against atk speed and it comes down to personal preference, so in my opinion, magic penetration is far more useful than atk spd.

I'm not going to debate about these runes to everyone. I insist on these seals for Jax as the early dodge is crucial to getting a lot of damage down on players.

I've always been a fan of these, I can remember surviving Karth's requiems with next to no health because of these babies.

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9/21/0 is very solid, the added durability from the defense tree ensures you can take in some damage. I have tried other masteries like 21/0/9 or 21/9/0 but always found him far too squishy. Points in Evasion and Nimbleness are a no brainer, and Archaic Knowledge because we do more magic damage.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are highly debatable, Ignite is solid for early kills and stopping heals, Exhaust is good for slowing down opponents so Jax can hit them with his lamp post. Ghost and Flash work well too if you can't play w/o an escape mechanism, but usually Leap Striking somewhere does the trick.

Fun Tip
Go Smite/Revive just for the laughs if you feel like it. I've won with something as stupid as that, of course put points into Improved Smite and Preservation.

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Ok. Item builds are highly debated in every guide, so I'm just gonna say, this build has been solid for me in almost every game I've played. This is by no means the perfect build, but it is a build that has brought success to me in many games.

9/10 times I will get these boots, even if teams have a large amount of cc, because your Relentless Assault provides you with magic resist based on your dodge.

First damage item you get, it is a must have. The slow component + damage + stealing components are just beautiful on Jax. You'll find yourself staying longer in fights because you're stealing life so fast with your auto attacks. The slow will help you catch up to pretty much anyone, except that annoying Yi =_=

Get this ASAP after Gunblade. I used to get this before Gunblade, but always found I couldnt quite keep the stacks and sustain myself in fights. It is simply cost effective for the amount of atk spd + ability power you get when fully stacked and increases your damage output.

And with those 3 items, your core build is done. You will have incredible sustained damage and burst with Gunblade and Rageblade. Now to tank up Jax so he can actually put out the damage.

Grab these two at the same time if you have the money or grab what is needed depending on the team comp. These two items can turn into strong defensive items that will help you survive in fights. Generally team comps are balanced so having both can increase your effective help. I generally turn these two into Banshee's Veil or Randuins.

Last item is perfectly up to you. You want more survivability? Grab Guardian's Angel. You want damage? Grab what you want, damage items, ap items, atk spd. Whatever rocks your boat, do it.

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Skill Sequence

I've seen guides contest between these two. In my opinion, putting points in Empower will help both your farming ability and harass ability. You can use Empower to last hit minions or in combination with your Leap Strike harass for a fair bit of damage.

1 point early on is just fine, as the extra 10% dodge + ninja tabi and runes is about 30.75% if I calculated correctly.

Of course take this every chance you get, and you'll notice the amount of damage you put out in between points put into this skill. You will farm with this skill, you will destroy squishies with this skill, you will save yourself from Karth's requiem with this skill (for the most part anyway)

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How to play Jax

When laning with someone, focus trying to last hit until lv3. At lv3 you can dump on the squishiest by activating Empower and then Leap Strike onto them. This is how you will harass, and if you get a proc off counter strike, go ahead and use it to get more damage off. Of course use ignite + exhaust to score kills if you and your partner are confident in getting the kill.

Avoid 2v1 solo lane, because 1. it's tricky to farm, and Jax needs a bit of farm to get to his gunblade. 2. Very hard to harass effectively depending on the two players up at top.
If you are allowed take the 1v1 solo lane. Your Empower + Leap Strike combo will deal a fair bit of damage and unless the jungler comes up, you're going to keep harassing solo like that.

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Team Work

1. DO NOT INITIATE - you can Empower + Leap Strike people to poke, but unless you've tanked up, it's best to let your tank initiate.

2. Jump in, Jump out - Leap onto the carries, if you get focused by 1 or 2 ppl, keep fighting, I've won 2v1s because of Gunblade + Rageblade + Relentless Assault and always pop your Counter Strike if they're close by. If you get focused completely, jump out of the fight onto a teammate.

3. Push - Towers will get decimated if you have lv 2 relentless strike + rageblade.

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IT'S JUST A GUIDE. ONE OUT OF 1700 BUILDS ON MOBAFIRE. You don't have to follow everything to the book. I'm just sharing with LoL players just one way of playing Jax. Please provide constructive criticism and vote up or down. I thank you sincerely to you readers for putting up with my first guide.