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Aatrox Build Guide by Synixer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Synixer

Aatrox. Justice to the toplane

Synixer Last updated on June 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros/Cons First! :D


-High sustain due to his W Blood Tirst

-good engage with his Q

-Dosent need mana

-Really broken at the moment


-uses hp when you use skills

-melee carries is not really recommended at the moment.

-easy to get focused

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Introduction. Who Am I?!

Hello guys ^.^ im Synixer a euwe player. welcome to my Aatrox guide.

alot of people will think. its first day, how can you even think of using this build. well its a work in progress. ill post updates and update the build as time goes.
ill personally try this build out. i alrdy have tough and i got e penta... under the nexus turrets xD

so there it is c: well lets countinue down below shall we?

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Start Dorans is what i prefer. it gives great sustain with Aatrox's W Blood Thirst. you can also start Boots and 3 pots or against heavy ad start Cloth and 5 pots.

rush Berserker graves and Blade of the ruined king. Berserker graves give you the attackspeed early game to utelize your best skill "W". Blade of the ruined king will give you the Lifesteal to use ur "W" in "Bloode Price" mode . i dont recommend using it at all before you get Blade or The Ruined king. it will just ruin your sustain.

after blade take spirit visage. you may want to take Warmog or Frozen mallet instead. but i recommend Spirit Visage cause of the 20% buff on ur "W" in Blood Thirst mode. which is Aatrox most borken ability at the moment. it will give you insane sustain and you will have so much more potential in teamfights

Mid-Late game take Blood Tirster for life steal. it will work great in teamfights end duels as it stacks rlly nice with Blade of the ruined king and ur "W" or Blood Price.

Next is Ravenous hydra. remember you use HP at attacks. some might want to build Aatrox tanky but with his "W" as broken as now its not needed and with the Life steal and "W" you will just rampage those fights.

last Zephyr. its a kinda underused item. but its a real great item for Aatrox cause he is vunerable to CC and The Extra attackspeed and Attackdmg is really nice with his Ultimate or just standard attacks.

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Start with ur Q as escape for early ganks or Engage. remember ur Q is a knock up. so if ur Jungler is coming in use it to settup plays.

Max ur W first. its the most broken skill Aatrox got. i recommend only using it in Blood Thirst mode untill your Blade Of The Ruined King is buildt else it will ruin your sustain early game. the dmg output late game with his W is insane in blood price mode. but you will need alot of lifesteal else it will be bad for you in teamfights.

ur E is the second skill to max. its ur main harass ability. it slows and the CD isnt to high. the dmg isnt really way to OP but just right for harass and Kill Secure. use it to settup plays with ur jungler.

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here we just go standard AD 21/9/0 cause he is a aggresive champ and i tough of going 9/21/0 but it will just ruin alot of his potential and early game dmg.

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well i think building Aatrox with standard AD runes is the right thing to do but im still trying out having 2 Life steal Quints and 1 AD instead of 3 AD ill post an update later on this week.

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Lane Phase

so early game Aatrox exceeds in sustain. so farm and get a good Lvl advantage. BUT you should harass ur enemy with E and engage with E+W+AA and Escape with ur Q then you can just get ur health back up using Blood Thirst while most other enemies will have to back to base.

Mid game you should focus on farm aswell but ur a strong duelist and should always be one of the first to engage in teamfigts. your role in teamfight is DPS. BUT you should save ur Q for a Katarina ult or something like it. like, Kata,Nunu,Galio etc as your Q is a knock up. Aatrox has alot of escape potential so mid-late game split push and backdoor is a oppertunity for him. remember not to over extend to much

Late game well.. im not to sure about lategame xD ive always won mid game as i only have 20 games playd with him so far. well ive been twice as i can remember late game. his dmg seem to fall of abit. but ur ult has a ok low cd so try to wait out ur ult before teamfight and focus on nuking down their adc or apc if they have no ults you can cancel with ur Q i suggest using it to jump on their adc or apc in teamfigts.

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Last Words

Well i know there is alot missing. but putting this together on the first day was my priority ill update it after 3 days or something close as i will try to play him alot more by then. please comment and rate. if you have any additions tell me! also i know there is some holes and i dont use alot of BB codes. but please dont downrate and hate baced on that...

well i hope this was of use for you!!!