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Aatrox Build Guide by Stepjr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stepjr

Aatrox - OP Life-stealing Initiator

Stepjr Last updated on September 11, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys!! My name is x BlitzVoltage x and this is my first build on MobaFire. I am in Silver V at the momemnt, making my way up (trying at least). I started playing...right when Vi actually came out (so I remember). My first champion was Shyvana because of the RP boost you get when you're level 3 I think at the time. I remembered she was a relatively easy champion for my beginner status. I got my name from a friend. He's name was xVoltage on Youtube, but I asked him if I could use it, and I came up with x BlitzVoltage x. I'm still learning about league even though I've been playing for 4+ years, so I hope I can get better!

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Pros / Cons


    Your W makes you a complete B.A.B on the Field
    Ganks can irritate the team
    The Reviving passive
    Fast jungling
    The Reviving passive
    Jungle with 60% health gone
    Cannot late-game

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Early Game
I start of with Doran's Blade and one Health Pot. I don't get a Hunter's Machete because Aatrox can actually sustain with a Doran's in the jungle. I quickly get Boots of Speed and then Bilgewater Cutlass.
Mid Game
After giving some light ganks, I get my first item: Blade of the Ruined King and Boot's of Mobility. By acquiring attack speed and additional lifesteal, I can gank and hold lanes if and when necessary. The boots can help me get to a lane quicker. I then get the Bloodthrister for the additional attack bonus and I start to build my health, armor, and magic resist.

I first get the Spirit Visage. The MR and CDR is very helpful, but it also builds you get your health up, which is building you up to be the initiator in upcoming teamfights. Another good teamfighting item would be Locket of Iron Solari. I get the Locket if we've been getting into multiple teamfights but I get Randuin's Omen if we're not. Both items give crucial health plus the added in bonus of MR, CDR, and armor too.

Other Possibilities
Maybe you don't like the build I put in place for you. Here are some substitutes that I use depending on the situation at hand:

    Ravenous Hydra
    Infinity Edge
    Trinity Force
    Guardian Angel

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Creeping / Jungling

When I jungle, I go to buff's depending on the side I'm on. FYI: I never go smiteless with Aatrox (even though it's possible)
Purple Side
If I'm on purple side, I go blue, then I make the choice whether or not to steal red and gank bot/mid lane first. I usually make the decision based on the jungler I'm going up against. If I don't gank, I smite blue, go to our red, and then gank top.
Blue Side
If I'm on the blue side, I go to red first. Usually, blue buff is taken from the beginning, so I don't think about stealing purple blue. I go to wraths and depending on the situation, I might gank mid. Usually, mid won't need a gank at this time, so I go straight to blue and gank top instead.
If I'm invading, the I actually take Dark Flight first instead of Blood Price/Blood Thirst. Dark Flight will get my Blood Well up by, I believe, 75%. Easy first blood for us. I then take wolves/wraths, depending on what buff I invaded, and I go back into my jungle for awhile.

However, jungling with Aatrox can put in at a great disadvantage. For Aatrox to be successful in the jungle, his health has to be below 60%. That's pretty low for a jungler. By swtiching between Blood Price/Blood Thirst, you can clear creeps and buffs quickly.

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Team Work

What is Aatrox supposed to be in a teamfight? I play him as the initiator and/or the clean-up crew. By using Dark Flight and Blood Price on a group of champs, you get the knock up effect and the additional damage. Now the team is going at it. When the first enemy champ is about to die, pop your ult and switch to Blood Thirst. Regaining health and acquiring attack speed and attack range will quickly get rid of the team you're fighting.
Now what happens if this doesn't work? Well, I don't initiate unless my Blood Well passive is up. Sometimes, the team doesn't know you're the initiator so they won't help you. Having that as a backup will be key to get out and not forfeit a kill.

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Early Game

Essential, Aatrox is supposed to farm up gold and be in the jungle/lane with under 60% health. You have to know when to switch from Blood Price and Blood Thirst. Blood Price, should always be on when ganking, you simply kill the champion faster and quicker. The only trick to Aatrox, is get gold as quickly as possible. Always initiate with Dark Flight and make sure your ally is helping you. Kills would be nice, but if you want to get your team fed, assists work just as well too.

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Mid Game

Mid game is a crucial part in Aatrox's game. Usually, this is where the teamfights start to happen. This can be do or die for your team if you guys are fed or underfed. If you ganked enough times, have at least a Blade of the Ruinned King and/or Spirit Visage, you should be fine. During this time, it's crucial to push the team back as much as you can. Aatrox does so much damage during this time. This is where you want to end the game, or put your team in a spot where you can end the game.

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Late Game

Oh no. You got into late game with Aatrox. Usually, you'd want to avoid getting to far into late game with Aatrox. The damage from the enemy, can well be over your damage and health. You might not be able to initiate fights and sustain in battle everytime. You're Blood Well ability isn't always you because we relied on it so much to start teamfights. I can't really give any advice on this section, but try to avoid late game aatrox as much as you can.

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Well guys, this is has been my build. Hopefully by following this build, not only can you be an OP initiator, but you can also dominate on the field as a jungler. This build was inspired by Pant's are Dragon's build on Aatrox so a majority of the credit goes to him. Thanks again for checking out the build. Maybe it'll be you, who's name will be on the screen screaming "PENTA KILL!".