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Aatrox Build Guide by Farendryl

Top Aatrox- They will remember us.

Top Aatrox- They will remember us.

Updated on August 2, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Farendryl Build Guide By Farendryl 2,100 Views 0 Comments
2,100 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Farendryl Aatrox Build Guide By Farendryl Updated on August 2, 2013
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How to run and gun with a sword.

Hey everyone! This is my first time creating a guide of any shape, fashion, or form so constructive, I stress constructive, criticism is welcome! I was lurking around the Mobafire and saw that there wasn't really a build for the way I play Aatrox, so I decided to fix that with the help of my friend Ersatz Elegy. Credit goes to Ersatz for remaining more or less sane during the process. Now, on to the fun! This build is made for Aatrox to bring that attack speed to real use, combining that with his natural ability to duel with the benefit of chasing to create what I feel is a very solid top lane champion. As stated in the notes attached to the applicable fields, certain items and skills are essential to this build.
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Shopping time!

Ok, let's talk items. I felt giving the option of starting with Doran's Shield and a potion would leave things simple enough for people that are still stretching their wings on learning how to play Aatrox. Personally I skip the initial buy of Doran's Shield in favor of grabbing the Dagger. This means I have to move around a bit more and grind through more minions, but hey, that's just fun! The Dagger is great to start with because it puts you right on the path to build towards your first Attack Speed item, which is vital to staying alive as Aatrox. It's your choice which of the two you choose to build, but my advice is that you build one AS item and then build your Attack Damage item of choice.
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Killing with Style!

Ok, so we've got items, what's next? Abilities! Starting with Blood Thirst as your first choice is important so that you can farm those minions for more than just gold and xp. After the first three levels have passed and you've picked up one level in the three main abilities it's time to focus on Blood Thirst/Blood Price until your Ult becomes available and you have to choose something else at level eight. Blades of Torment is your next priority after Blood Thirst/Blood Price. Again, you should have one level in Dark Flight, Blood Thirst/Blood Price, and Blades of Torment by level three. Now, once you have those the fun can really begin. I use the method of keeping Blood Thirst on for the healing benefit during the entire game unless a special situation arises. With Blood Thirst on, slap the approaching enemy champion with Blades of Torment when they are within melee range and start chopping! Keep Dark Flight handy for two reasons. Reason one: If they survive long enough to try to escape and haven't been slowed enough for the kill, pop them up with Dark Flight. Reason two: If more enemies show up than you can handle, use Dark Flight for an escape maneuver either further down the lane away from them or over the wall to the jungle if possible. The rest will come with time and practice folks. I sincerely hope you've enjoyed this, my first guide, and look forward to the feedback! Happy hunting and I'll see you all on the Fields of Justice!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Farendryl
Farendryl Aatrox Guide
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Aatrox- They will remember us.

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