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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stalkers

Ability Ezreal

Stalkers Last updated on July 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my build for Ezreal. This build focuses on strengthening your abilities and giving you the mana to use them as often as you want. I didn't come up with this entire build on my own; a good portion of it came from the Real E-Z Stacking [Hybrid] guide created by FiveDigits. You can find the original guide here:

When I saw this guide I thought it was really good but I felt it wasn't complete, especially for the really long games. I changed a few items to better fit my own play style and added on to it to get the most damage possible.
This build focuses on Mana and AP, as well as ways to add raw power to your only non-AP scaling ability. First you have to learn the abilities to truly make them powerful.


Mystic Shot: This ability is a single blast of pure power. It scales with Attack Damage and applies on-hit effects. It also reduces cooldowns on all of your abilities if it makes contact with an enemy. It has low mana cost, long range, and it will be the most single damaging ability you have.

Essence Flux: This is a wave of energy that pierces through all minions and champions, but only does damage to the champions. It also reduces the attack speed of your enemy champions as well as increases the attack speed of your allies. This ability will do a fair amount of damage in team fights because it can pass through your allies and enemies hitting multiple targets and giving great stacks to your innate.

Arcane Shift: Flash + Attack=Essence Flux. The attack isn't targetable however, it out locks on to the closest target in range. This is a great ability for lining up your other abilities, dodging attacks, chasing, or even running if things go sour.

Trueshot Barrage: Global attack that deals damage to champions and minions alike. It's a great ability for helping your allies from across the map, or getting long range assassinations. The only problem is every target it passes through the damage output drops by an outrageous 8%. Luckily it doesn't drop below 30% of its damage.


Ezreal is one hell of a harasser. And that is the best way to play him in the beginning. The first items to get is a Sapphire Crystal and as many health potions you can afford (2). Take your lane; middle is best if you can get it, if not try to lane with a tank or someone with good Crowd Control. Your first ability should be Mystic Shot because it hits hard with very little mana cost. Keep harassing the enemy champion(s) and killing the minions. If they get careless you can try to push a kill. The Magic Penetration from your runes will give Arcane Shift and Essence Flux a nice boost to damage. When you can afford it, buy Tears of the Goddess and a Boots of Speed. As soon as you get Tear of the Goddess, use your abilities a little more often to get the most out of its passive, while keeping an eye on your mana, so as to not run out when you need it. Mystic Shot is the best for this cause it's low cost and it gives eight extra mana instead of the usual four extra mana (for some reason).

The next item to get is Haunting Guise. It gives a good boost to AP, Health and gives extra Magic Penetration. Afterwards buy Sheen. This will give more power to Mystic Shot, which has been neglected by items up to this point. From there buy Sorcerer's Shoes, which gives EVEN MORE Magic Penetration. At this point you have nothing but advanced items and no legendary items. You should have a large amount of extra mana from Tear of the Goddess, so now it's time to make good use of it. Buy Archangel's Staff when you can and watch your AP jump through the roof.

From here you should start building your late game items. Start building Hextech Gunblade, starting with the cutlass for the increase in power to Mystic Shot. Afterwards, start turning Sheen into Lich Bane, the best thing to do is to sell Haunting Guise to get a great gold push for it. Once you get Lich Bane your AP will take another sky rocket, not only from the AP itself but also the extra mana. Start building Guinsoo's Rageblade, which will stack well with your innate and it'll give you extra damage to all of your abilities. The final item to get is Zhonya's Ring. The sheer amount of AP you get from it will make your enemies run in fear just by looking at you. The best part is the more AP you get, the stronger Mystic Shot gets because of Lich Bane's passive, which Mystic Shot not only activates it but also uses it.

In the end game your abilities will be doing terrible amounts of damage. After doing some math i figured out what each ability does. Theses numbers do not include the damage reduction from Armor and Magic Resist.

Mystic Shot: 950 damage

Essence Flux: 635 damage

Arcane Shift: 731 damage

Trueshot Barrage: 1070 damage (30%= 321 damage)