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Miss Fortune Build Guide by king boo311

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League of Legends Build Guide Author king boo311

AD Carry Miss Fortune (OP in the right usage)

king boo311 Last updated on December 29, 2012
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Greetings fellow summoners,and welcome to my second guide. My last guide (My first) can be found here:

In this guide,we'll be talking about Miss Fortune,her play style,and how to play her for maximum efficienty.

~king boo311

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Great Harass
+ Ult can kill enemies under their turrent
+ W gives heal reduction bonus to her auto attacks
+ Passive is good for getting back to lane
+ Strong throughout the game
+ E makes (some) people panic

- Squishy like most or all AD carries
- E and Passive can be pretty useless,Strut is removed from any damage,including minons -70 movement speed. E scales on AP
- Ult is stationary. (Not nessacarily a negative,it just leaves her very vulnerable.)
- Horrible if can't farm
- Easily killed by CC
- Failure for Q to prioritize champions with bounce :c

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I updated these runes to be acceptable for Miss Fortune,my last one was absolutely horrible and the comments helped me change it accordingly. I took AD marks and quints for that extra damage early on,flat armor seals are what I was told to get always,and scaling magic resist to help late game.

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It's really boring to make this guide,because everything should explain itself,it's an AD carry. But,as I was told (Thanks alot guys you really helped,this was a rushed guide and I'm horrible with runes.) I should go in depth for everything,despite it being obvious,so for all you new or unexperienced AD carries out there,I'll explain.
I take the somewhat standard AD masteries,mostly because,well;you're an AD carry not an AP carry. I like taking Sunder because at mid-late game it really and I mean really helps with your 55% critical strike chance. The rest are just basic armor penetration and attack damage masteries,except for Executioner which assists in taking down that apparent lucky 6 hp escaping champion. The defense masteries make Miss Fortune less squishy and helps her sustain in lane for atleast a bit longer.

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Items/Item Sequence

Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions are way better than getting Doran's Blade. Reason why I get The Brutalizer, Vampiric Scepter,and Zeal first? Because I like getting the core of the big items first so I don't have to focus buying one thing,and it's somewhat cost efficient if you aren't getting fed super hard. Beserker's Greaves are standard. The Black Cleaver shreds tanks apart, The Bloodthirster gives a bunch of sustain,and Phantom Dancer gives alot of crit damage output;it's passive also helps chase. Infinite Edge and Last Whisper are for late game,but if you want Infinite Edge first,go ahead. They're optional,as you can always switch around items for defense.
An optional build for a Miss Fortune who likes to spam skills is to get Manamune after Beserker's Greaves (Boots + 3 HP pots > Beserk Greaves > Manamune). It is considered bad to get a Manamune on an AD carry,but I found it working quite neatly. It surprises many who can't take alot of my skills repeatedly. AGAIN this is optional,you don't have to use it,only those who feel it would be a neat little niche to spam all their abilities.

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Skill Sequence

Q- Double Up
W- Impure Shots
E- Make it Rain
R- Bullet Time

Maxing Order
> > >

You may be wondering "Why get Impure Shots first?" Well,if you get Q first,it's not a bad choice,but it uses 20 extra mana from your W and it has weak output early game unless it's the bounce hit. Your E is useless as it's only there for a slow. So W is the best,why? Because it deals passive magic damage which helps with that First blood,and the active is awesome. Besides you should just be auto attacking as an AD Carry most of the time. But besides level 1,you max your Q for max harass damage,W second because of that AS (Attack speed) and dat passive,R third because R is always 3rd if it's an ult,and E last.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Flash (Ignite and flash because I like having flash be my "f" key.) are probably the most standard spells for any champion,ignite on Miss Fortune is only for finishers,as your W's active already applies the heal reduction by auto attacking. You could get Ghost over flash or ignite,I don't reccomend it however. You could also get Exhaust so your horrible Strut doesn't stop you.

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Skill Explanations

Strut (Passive) - Miss Fortune ramps up speed after 5 seconds of not being hit. Gaining 25 speed when it activates,and starts ramping up for up to 70 extra movement speed. It helps if you do get Doran's Blade first,it gives you more than boots,but + boots = YAY YOU CAN'T Rocket Grab MEEEEE~ Other than that,it's useless,minions break it,and it's awkward to lose 70 movement speed due to a tiny spark of magic that deals physical damage or a tiny dagger slap.

Double Up (Q) - Miss Fortune shoots a big bullet at target monster,enemy champion or minion. It then bounces to a foe behind or alligned with it for 120% damage. It's a wonderful harass,but it's mechanics are a little fuzzy.

Impure Shots (W) - Gives Miss Fortune up to 50% extra attack speed,and applies grievous wound (heal reduction) on auto attack,it's passive grants extra magic damage on her auto attacks. Use on turrents to take them down faster,only if you have a decent amount of minons though,or else you'll use it and then you have to use the rest on last hitting... Well,that's still good isn't it? :3

Make it Rain (E) - Miss Fortune fires hundreds of bullets into the air making it rain on target location dealing Magic Damage. Why is it useless? Because the 0.5 cast time (I think) intefers with chasing and escaping,and WHY does it scale with Magic Damage,that's not a niche that's a crutch,is it magic because the bullets land where she wants it to? But it does have an unintentional use,it makes people panic and gtfo the circle of bullets,some people are smart and know it won't hurt them to stay in,unless they're running of course. But others run because they think it does so much (At level 5 it does deal 255 magic damage + % of your ap,but... They should know your AD build doesn't signify a 500 damage rain of bullets?) and reposition themselves. It also works with her ult well.

Bullet Time (R) - STOP,BULLET TIME! Miss Fortune channels waves of bullets in a cone in front of her dealing physical damage (+ % of AD)(+ % of AP). This ult is great for teamfights,but it contradicts your reason of:Mobility and repositioning. But you use your passive to reposition to use your ult. Yes it's stationary but you can move whenever you want,it'll just cancel your ult. A good combo once you hit 6 is to E + R to maybe kill their support or carry if you harassed enough.

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Play Style

Miss Fortune has a rather unique play style compared to other AD Carries,2/5 of her skillset are useless ( Strut & Make it Rain) She can harass and bully a lane easily with her Q. Her W helps fend off healing supports ( Soraka has been slain.) and take objectives down quickly. She's a quick paced champion,as her passive does speed up the slow pace of getting back to lane. Her ult scales on AD and AP now,and it's a skillshot nuke. Early game,Miss Fortune needs to harass the enemies and last hit,don't push until mid game. Mid game is as mentioned literally just before,push,dominate the other laners,lol at their failure to live more than 8 autos (jk.) Late game,push more,get into teamfight,position correctly,use E to make people panic,Ult to eat teamfights.

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Laning Phase

During your laning phase,harass as much as you want and or can with Double Up,auto attack if they get too cheeky (all up in your face,) Make it Rain if you want to zone them with their own mindset that your E will kill them, Bullet Time for kill securing that out of range champion,massive damage,or combo with E + R. Last hit whenever you can,try not to get zoned out or else MF is pointless. Encourage your support (assuming you have one,) to help out,don't let them cower under turrent unless your lane is really getting owned hard.

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Miss Fortune isn't the best teamfighter out there,but her Bullet Time and Make it Rain help a little. POSITION YOURSELF CORRECTLY,you wouldn't believe how many times I saw an AD carry out of place and die instantly. Stay behind your team's tank or most defensive teammate,and auto attack whatever is closest,yes don't focus the tank,but if they're the only one engaging it won't hurt,unlock (stop attacking) the tank when their team comes in,and start attacking whatever you can,E to slow. Use your Ultimate (R) in a position where it'll hit most of them,it causes scattering sometimes. Q is useful for double hitting their team,and W to hit their team and stop supports and tanks from healing.

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Miss Fortune
Harass the **** out of the enemies
Auto Attack
E is useless
Passive is useless
Ult contradicts champion
Get 55% Crit chance for dat 615 damage

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Combos to make them worship Shock and Awe

(Heal Up Wound) W + Q (Press your W then get Q to bounce or just use Q on them directly if your unconfident in landing the bounce shot.)

(Double Rain Time) E + Q + R (Make it rain initiate,Q for damage,R while they're slow for massive damage.)

(Make it Bullet Time) E + R (Slow and waves of massive damage.)