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Warwick Build Guide by seyfo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author seyfo

AD carry Warwick

seyfo Last updated on May 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys this is my first guide for league of legends but this is my build and it helps me a lot.
warwick is a great character in lol, he is easy to use and has a lot of life if you use this build. the reason i posted this build is because i could not find a build i needed so i built one. i have used this build many times in 3v3 and in 5v5 but not so much in dominion. this is very good in 3v3 and just as good in 5v5.

guys please dont rate this until you have tried it and if you have tried it and did not like it please leave a comment.

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Pros / Cons

so, why use warwick in league of legends well im going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of him:

    he has a lot of attack damage
    he has a lot of health
    he has a lot of speed for a tank
    offers support for team members with HUNTERS CALL and BLOOD SCENT
    he can go one on one with almost everyone due to the very high life steal

Vulnerable to CC while ulting
No CC other than his ult
Short range means you can sometimes get kited easily
Somewhat countered by healing reduction
No AOE for clearing large minion waves

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how to play warwick

Warwick for this build is meant for bottom if up against an adc such as ashe or ezreal make sure you get to push your lane with out them getting much xp and just harass them as much as possible. when up against a player such as mater yi or miss fortune you have to play smart and try to dodge there really quick cooldown moves.

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Greater Mark of Insight
Greater Seal of Resilience
Greater Glyph of Shielding
Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

The above setup gives a very nice mix of/mobility, early and late game durability, and damage.

Marks: You want mPen - no way around it. Your on-hit effects, Hungering Strike, and Infinite Duress are all magic damage, which is why the majority of your damage will be magic. The only other possible pick could be attack speed.

Seals: You can swap out flat armor for scaling armor or scaling health runes, but I find the early durability most useful.

Glyphs: The only viable choices are either flat or scaling mRes glyphs. We don't need more CDR, since our item build and masteries get us up to 39.4% - just barely short of maxed.
Quintessences: Take movespeed, mPen, or health for mobility, damage, or survivability, respectively.

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Masteries on this build are mainly attack and health because warwick is a good offence and defense champion.

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Summoner Spells

always always use flash in 3v3 or 5v5 but in dominion use ghost. flash is good in 3v3 or 5v5 because you can be teamed up on in about 2 seconds which is not enough time to get away.

Disrupts other sustain-based fighters, giving you an edge against them, but more importantly, casting this when you ult is a sizable damage increase to your "combo" (I talk about maximizing your burst combo at the bottom of the Skills section below).

Those two are both very strong on Warwick. Other viable alternatives, though:

Can be useful, since Warwick doesn't have any CC outside of his ult. However, as a rule, capture points are more important than kills, and if you can chase someone off of a point, it's usually more important to capture it then chase kills. Plus, in the occasion you do want to chase a kill, Blood Scent makes you excellent at it already. This could be a good pick if you don't like building Frozen Mallet, however.

Take this in addition to, but never instead of, flash. I cover why I take flash over ghost in the section below. Lets you be very mobile, and late game, can help you get to a point to disrupt a capture on the rare occasion your Blood Scent isn't active.
You take the role of a defender for the most part, pushing opponents off your points and taking advantage of your great mobility to be everywhere at once, so this can be viable. Make sure to spec this if you take it.

While Warwick hates getting CC'd out of his ult, this won't stop that from happening. Take this if the enemy team has very heavy CC, though (this advice only applies to Draft Mode, of course). Make sure to spec this if you take it.

With the recent Warwick changes (his passive rework and Q nerf), this can help make up for some of the lost sustain. Make sure to spec it.
As mentioned earlier, your top priority should be to defend points, but if you like to push a lot, you can take this to help with that.
Don't even think about taking these:

You're not Magewick, which means the AP is wasted as the % based damage on Hungering Strike is still going to be higher 99% of the time, and none of your other skills scale with AP. You already have an AS steriod, too. No reason to take this.

A 20 minute game means that you get, at most, three uses out of this. You're already very tanky, and with smart play, you shouldn't die often.
You have Blood Scent and it's a tiny map anyway. Don't bother.
There are health relics all over the map (which restore mana as well), and your mana pool is big enough by level 8 or so that you shouldn't be running out anyway. As well as boosted mana regen from the Crystal Scar's Aura, and the fact that you build Glacial Shroud.

What? No. There's no jungle here.

Ghost vs. Flash

i take flash over ghost for one reason flash can teleport you out of danger but flash just give you speed which can be caught up to by fast champions.

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Passive - Eternal Thirst
This passive is the reason Warwick scales extremely well with attack speed, and also makes building resists on Warwick powerful - essentially, armor/mRes make the effective health gained from your passive greater.
Q - Hungering Strike
This skill deals percent based damage; extremely powerful because Dominion is dominated (see what I did there?) by tanky champions. This skill is amazing for both harass and sustain. Max this first.
W - Hunters Call
Remember how I said Warwick scales well with attack speed? Well, this skill makes you extremely strong in 1v1 fights, and provides a very nice buff for teamfights. I max this last, because it only gives an additional 10% attack speed per level after the first one, and you get more benefit out of maxing your other skills.
E - Blood Scent
Not much to say here. You get a crazy awesome movespeed buff whenever nearby enemies are below 50% health, and they're revealed to your entire team. Max this second for the increased range, and you'll start smelling people practically halfway across the map because the Crystal Scar is such a small map. This skill gives Warwick great mobility and lets him chase extremely well when you need to.
R - Infinite Duress
This is Warwick's ult. Use it to completely change the tide of a 1v1 fight, use it to isolate a single enemy so your team can burst them down, use it to catch fleeing enemies (in combination with your Blood Scent); the possibilities are endless. This also procs on-hit effects five times. When using this in fights against more than one enemy, be smart. You need to take an inventory of which opponents have CC which can interrupt your ult (stun, silence, knock up, knockback). Make sure that they won't immediately knock you out of it and save their teammate; sometimes this means ulting their full health Janna rather than their low-health Graves in a 2v2 so your teammate can kill her with your assistance, and THEN you can turn to kill Graves.

When you use this skill, if your Q is off cooldown, make sure to hover your mouse over the person you're ulting and spam shift+Q (to smartcast Hungering Strike). Your Q will go off immediately after your ult finishes, even if the enemy flashes or blinks away, and often it's that extra damage you need to finish someone off. To maximize the damage from your 'combo' in a 1v1 situation, if possible, you want to Q, wait a few seconds, and THEN ult so that your Q will be up again when your ult ends (and don't forget to cast Ignite while ulting).

Take this skill whenever you can, duh. It's your ult.

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Thanks for reading! If you had success with this build, please upvote and let me know in the comments, and if you have criticism, let me know as well. I'm always looking to improve. :)