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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mento

AD Ezreal: Kill them with Lazers

Mento Last updated on September 1, 2010
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This is a guide to playing AD (Attack Damage) Ezreal.

Ezreal is an amazing ranged carry (probably the best right now), and is capable of pumping out massive amounts of damage with due to the excellent synergy of his passive and the scaling of his Mystic Shot. The vast majority of your damage will come from auto attacks and Mystic Shot.

I have tried a number of different Ezreal builds, including multiple AD Ezreals and AP Ezreals, and after refining my strategy I have settled on this build. It gives Ezreal enough mana and mana regen to not require the blue buff or have to blue pill constantly, and allows you to burst a lot of damage. The Banshee's Veil is an overall exceptional item to save yourself from nasty Blitzcrank grabs or Morgana roots, among other CC's.

AD Ezreal is extremely strong from level 1 to 18. The rune setup I use (Armor pen quints) and the Doran's Blade, rather than shield, is geared towards a more aggressive playstyle that I enjoy using with Ezreal. He can get first blood easily, as his burst ability at low levels with Arcane Shift + Mystic shot is extremely deceptive. Even late game, AD Ezreal still does enormous amounts of damage, and he has the advantage of being a skill shot hero, allowing you to kill people even after they go over a wall or through the fog of war. However, this also comes with a penalty, as you have to manually aim your shots and have a clear path to the target, so being able to use your Q and E effectively will take some time and practice.

Ezreal Pros:
1. Extremely powerful from early to mid game.
2. Capable of dealing huge damage.
3. Great escape/catching ability (Arcane Shift)
4. Great team fight initiation with Trueshot Barrage

Ezreal Cons:
1. Very squishy (low HP/Armor/MR)
2. Requires manual aiming and clear path to target

With all of that said, let's dive straight into the build.

Skill Breakdown:

Rising Spell Force:

Ezreal's passive is partly why AD Ezreal is so effective. 75% attack speed in a team fight is EXTREMELY good and adds a lot of damage to your formidable auto attacks. Ezreal is like a lazer machine gun, blasting peoples' faces with his glowy glove, so he stacks this up very quickly. Also, Trueshot Barrage adds a stack for each unit that it hits.

Mystic Shot (Q) :

Your YOU DIE NOW skill. It scales with 100% (this was just changed in the Urgot Patch, it used to be 110%) of your attack damage, making it do beastly damage once you are geared and completely rape the face of anyone with your massive armor penetration, sheen, and attack damage. It is a very fast moving, long range skill shot (1000 range), and it does *not* go through creeps (this is important to remember); It hits the first thing in its path.

Sheen will directly increase the damage of this ability, as the Sheen buff procs when Mystic Shot is cast, and then the mystic shot you just fired off will gain the bonus damage from the Sheen buff.

Keep in mind, that Mystic shot is physical, not magic, damage, so your armor penetration will increase its damage. Attack damage directly increase the damage that Mystic Shot does. Banshee's Veil does block it however.

Essence Flux (W):

This is your least important skill. It does, however, provide a substantial 25% attack speed buff/debuff to any allies or enemies it hits, and does a small little burst of damage if Mystic Shot is on cooldown. It can be useful to use this to break Banshee's veil so that your hard hitting spells are not eaten by it. It also has a much shorter range (600) than Mystic Shot. This spell does magic damage, and pretty much blows besides the little buff and breaking veils.

Arcane Shift (E):

Pretty much makes Ezreal a godly, unkillable carry. Free flash with a ranged nuke attacked? Yes plz. However, with this much power comes much responsibility my young grasshoppers. If you initiate or chase with this, you have removed your ability to escape easily if you get ganked or the tables turn somehow. You must be careful to know what you're getting yourself into when you use Arcane Shift offensively. This ability does magic damage, and the little nuke hits the *nearest* target, so you have to make sure the person you want to hit is the nearest thing to you. Also, although the range is 600, the missile goes out like 600 or 700 more range, so you can hit things that are very far away.

Trueshot Barrage (R):

Ezreal's ultimate is actually not uber powerful when you build him AD. Honestly, the damage from this is very close to Mystic Shot when you get a Trinity Force and fully fed Bloodthirster. However, early game its damage is significant and its EXTREMELY useful in those situations when you pwn some hero and they get away with a TINY bit of HP. They think they are safe next to their turret...but then they see you whip out your laser bow and BLAST THEIR FACE with your lazers and they die :DD

Note that when judging whether to trueshot barrage someone, remember that the damage is reduced when it hits any minions or other heroes, and that it does magic damage, so their MR will reduce the damage. So, if they have 650 HP, and Trueshot says it does 650 damage, they aren't going to die and you will be sad that you wasted your ulti and a bunch of mana :(

Although barrage is very nice to snipe runners, its most useful application is to initiate teamfights. If you can line it up right, it can potentially hit the entire other team, giving your team a large hp advantage off the bat, and giving you 5 stacks of Rising Spell Force. Pretty much amazing.

Summoner Spells

In my opinion, these are by far the best summoner spells for Ezreal. Even after the nerf, Cleanse is extremely helpful for getting out of ganks or counteracting CC's to stop you from chasing. Overall, it's an amazing ability and very helpful for a squishy hero like Ezreal.

Ghost and Flash are a toss up, but I have settled on Ghost. You already have a flash with Arcane Shift, and although having double flash is nice, I prefer the large run speed bonus of Ghost to run away from ganks quickly or to chase down runners. Flash is still viable if you really enjoy the double flash.

Ignite and Exhaust are not really necessary for Ezreal. If you get the Lizard Buff, you will easily be able to slow enemies to catch them or stop them from catching you, and Trueshot Barrage is all you need to catch people who run away with 100 hp, making Ignite very lackluster. The rest of the summoner spells are not even worth considering.

Rune Setup:

The runes I use are designed to maximize the damage of your Q ability and auto attacks, while giving you some mana regen to not go oom often.

Marks: Definitely go with Armor Penetration. Although you could possibly go Crit damage, there isn't enough crit % in this build to warrant that in my opinion.

Seals: I prefer Clarity (mana regen per level). It is extremely helpful in the laning phase, allowing me (along with the small lifesteal from Doran's Blade) to stay in the lane for a very long time. It also helps late game, keeping me less reliant on blue buff and saving me from "OH SH-- IM OUT OF MANA" moments when you need to arcane shift away or last hit a runner with mystic shot.

Glyphs: Cooldown Reduction is my favorite. Ezreal is limited by cooldowns, so with these glyphs + mystic shot cooldown reduction, you can melt more faces in less time! Not really any better options here in my opinion. Magic Resist is popular, and is honestly good for any hero, but I find cooldown reduction to be more suited to Ezreal and my playstyle with him.

Quintessences: This one's a toss up. I find either flat HP or Armor Penetration to be the best, by far. For newer Ezreal players who are not good at landing Mystic Shot, or are not comfortable playing aggressively, flat HP quints can be very effective for keeping yourself alive. I prefer Armor Pen to shred whoever you are laning with.


Here is the item build (in order)

You can start with either a Doran's Blade or a Doran's Shield. This situation is similar to the Quints; the Blade is for a more aggressive playstyle, while the shield will allow you to regen health faster and be a bit more durable. The blade is helpful for landing first bloods. Get a health potion with your Doran's to help you lane.

Next up, you will want to get boots. Boots of Swiftness are definitely the best. Some people get Zerkers, but the attack speed is not as good as the increased movement speed. You need to move fast to run out of other heroes' abilities, to position yourself to arcane shift + mystic shot, and to chase/escape. Mercury Treads can be helpful if you find the enemy is locking you down constantly, but ideally you want the Swiftness.

After the boots, you should get Sheen and Brutalizer. I typically get Sheen first, but it doesn't really matter. Sheen increases your mystic shot damage by a lot and the added mana is helpful to not go OOM quickly. Brutalizer has perfect stats for Ezreal: cooldown reduction, armor penetration, and attack damage are all the best stats for AD Ezreal.

Next time you go back, you have an option. You need to build a Bloodthirster, so you can either get a Vampiric Scepter or a BF sword. If you have enough for BF sword, grab that. If you just have enough for a Scepter, grab that and go. Usually I get Sheen/Boots on my first trip back, and then Brutalizer/Scepter on my second.
Note: Madred's Bloodrazor can be a good DPS item if you are facing a very high HP team.

You can easily solo golem once you have Boots, Sheen, Brut, and the Vampiric Scepter.

After the Bloodthirster is complete, start to farm creeps to fill the buff out (40 creep kills). Your next item is going to be Banshee's Veil, which drastically increases your survivability, stopping deadly stuns, grabs, or nukes that may have sealed your demise.

Usually I don't get past a Banshee's. If you do, however, you can sell your Doran's Blade/Shield and get a Zeal, then build a Trinity Force out of it. If your game is INSANELY long you can get a Youmou's Ghostblade.

How to Play Ezreal (Early to Mid Game)

Early Game

If you can, try to grab mid. Ezreal is an excellent mid champion and can easily hold his own. If your opponent is melee, make sure you harass him constantly. You are very capable of zoning and denying him last hits by always threatening your deadly Arcane Shift / Mystic Shot combo. If you are against a ranged player, it will be much more difficult or impossible to zone and/or deny last hits, but pelt them with mystic shots and auto attacks to dominate the lane. Remember that you are squishy, and you can't overstep your bounds or you will be quickly killed. Try to find openings in the creep lane where you can shoot a mystic shot at your opponent whenever possible. Do not spam your Q too much trying to last hit creeps, as you will very quickly go oom. Just wait until they are low and auto attack them.

As long as you have Cleanse, Ghost, and Arcane Shift up, it is VERY difficult to actually gank or kill Ezreal. If all three of these skills are up, you can play pretty aggressively and push quite far. If you do get ganked, wait until you are stunned or rooted to pop cleanse, and then Arcane shift out and Ghost away. Alternatively, you can use all three of these abilities to save a team mate or gank the enemy team very quickly.

You should have enough money now to go back to base and grab your Boots of Swiftness and Sheen, and possibly a Long Sword or two.

Mid Game

The laning phase is now drawing to a close, and hopefully you have a few kills under your belt. If it's a slow game, no problem, just continue to last hit creeps. You should keep an eye out on the other lanes to see potential ganks or snipe runners with your ultimate. You should try to get the blue buff whenever possible (unless someone on your team desperately needs it); with the mana regen you can spam Q endlessly.

Now your teams are going to start clumping together and team fights are going to erupt. Before both teams actually engage, and they are just hovering near each other, make sure you constantly throw Mystic Shots into the other team to whittle down their health. Once both teams engage, open with Trueshot Barrage and choose a target to DPS down. Use E to get into position and shoot some lazers into their face. Ezreal can very quickly kill squishy champions with Q + auto attacks.

Ezreal is also an excellent chaser, with his extremely long rage Mystic Shot and the Arcane Shift nuke. If the other team retreats, and you have enough health, chase them down and pepper them with Mystic Shots.

Now you should have at least a vampiric scepter, possibly a Bloodthirster.

Late Game

You are now a ranged carry god! With your bloodthirster, your damage is insane and you can easily gank/chase stupid enemies who overextend. Don't go running out on your own, however, as Ezreal is actually very vulnerable to ganks if he is surrounded and cleanse or ghost are on cooldown. You are going to want to shield yourself behind your team in team fights, picking out the squishies and nuking them down. Once you have your Banshee's Veil you will be very difficult to catch with your Arcane Shift.

Ezreal Trivia

1. Essence Flux can be used to break Banshee's Veil to open the target up for E and Q.
2. Arcane Shift hits the *nearest* target. Remember to shift close to the intended target.
3. Mystic Shot hits through walls and fog of war. Use it to snipe fleeing enemies.
4. Ezreal's most important stats are: Attack Damage, Armor Pen, and Cooldown Reduction.
5. Mystic Shot does physical, not magical, damage and applies on-hit effects (lizard buff or trinity force, for example)

This concludes the guide. Thanks for reading it, and if you have any constructive criticisms or comments, please tell me in the comment section.