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Fizz Build Guide by xDISRUPTx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xDISRUPTx

AD Fizz

xDISRUPTx Last updated on July 25, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hey guys! I am a LoL player that spends at least as much time theorycrafting weird builds as I do actually playing League. As a result, I've stumbled upon a few builds that are virtually unheard of, but INCREDIBLY strong. This is by far the best of them. As for my credentials, I play almost exclusively Twisted Treeline, and my normals elo there is that of high gold/platinum. I haven't played that much ranked, but a few teams I've made in the past have been gold.

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  • Early Game Domination!
  • Snowballs Easily
  • Mobile/Slippery
  • Outplay people with your E
  • Tanky DPS
  • Hybrid DPS
  • Huge Catch Potential
  • Healing Reduction
  • No one has ever played against AD Fizz

  • Kinda Squishy
  • Average Late Game
  • Somewhat reliant on early kills

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Quintessences: Flat AD
Mark: Hybrid Penetration > Flat AD
Seals: Armor
Glyphs: Magic Resistance

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21-9-0 is the most optimal setup. As in the runes, you want both Armor and Magic Penetration in the offensive tree for your hybrid damage, and then finish off on the AD side. The 9 in defense are because that extra armor and hp will help you come out on top of every trade early game. Take 30-0-0 only if you have balls of steel and DGAF.

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Skill Sequence

Max R->W->E->Q.

R is self explanatory, W because the extra damage on every AA along with the healing reduction will allow you to trade well with almost every champion in the game early game. You'll want your W level 1 for the ability to start winning AA trades with your enemy from the very beginning. Take Q at level 2 so you can all in your opponent early if they are low from your level 1 AA's. It works as an AA reset so it will maximize your damage in an all-in, as well as serving as a gap-closer if they are running away. After maxing W, honestly it is up to you what you prefer of Q or E, but I generally go E for the CDR.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite: No debate. You need ignite. For the laning power and high early kill potential, this spell is really non-negotiable. Plus after you use it the 5 AD and AP are both useful since you will be doing Hybrid Damage.

Exhaust: My preferred 2nd summoner spell. It reduces their armor and mr, and gives you the extreme early level dueling power. Even the most difficult lane opponent will die in an all-in vs. ignite and exhaust at the same time. Plus you can use it for ganks if you need it.

Flash: Definitely viable, especially if you aren't that confident yet, or aren't an extremely aggressive player. This will bail you out if you screw up early, or save you from that early gank, but honestly as AD Fizz, you shouldn't ever be using your E as a damage spell, so it should always be up. It travels just as far as Flash does on a much shorter CD, plus it makes you untargetable for a bit; so honestly Flash is really not essential.

Barrier: Same idea as Exhaust here, but I tend to prefer exhaust just because of the added utility late game. Plus if you use barrier, your opponent may decide to flash away because they realize they are going to die. If you had exhaust instead, they can still flash but you can easily catch back up.

Teleport: Worthless on TT, but if you are playing on Summoner's Rift this can be a good addition to Ignite if you don't think you will be able to kill your opponent early on. Tell your support to pink the bot lane brush and you can tele in whenever for easy kills with your 2 gapclosers, and 2-4 slows depending on what items you have.

Heal: A worse version of exhaust/barrier, but if you really like it, it certainly isn't terrible.

Smite: This is really a guide for lane AD Fizz, but AD jungle Fizz is very viable and works extremely well on 3v3. Basically follow this guide the same way expect start Spirit of the Lizard Elder and then go into bork/frozen mallet. Make plays early, gank when you can. Invade their jungler if your laners are able to assist. AD Fizz is one of the strongest early game champions there is, so take advantage of the fact that in a 1v1 you should win vs. basically anyone (care for Tiger Udyr - if you don't have double summoner spells he can sometimes duel you. Same goes for level 2/3 Kha'Zix.)

Ghost/Cleanse/Revive/Clairvoyance/Clarity are all outclassed. Don't pick them.

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On Twisted Treeline, start longsword, cloth armor, 3 hp potions. There is no better start for dueling. If, by some miracle, you know for certain every single enemy champion is a free kill in lane, you can start double longsword. It is a bit risky, but if you know you can get a kill level 1 or 2, it is worth it. On SR start cloth 5 hp potions most of the time, longsword 2 hp potions is good vs. easy lanes. Redpot start is decent, but usually not necessary to get early kills, and thus, a waste.

For your first buy, pick up Blade of the Ruined King. It is such a strong items on Fizz, from the actual stats, to it's passive and especially it's active, there is really no reason to not buy this first on AD Fizz every game.

After this, evaluate your opponents and yourself. If you are facerolling your opponent, buy sheen and go right into TriForce for maximum damage. If you are just doing OK, and your opponents have a decent amount of armor, I like Iceborn Gauntlet next. If your opponent are mostly AP, Maw of Malmortius or Wit's End are both excellent items. Frozen Mallet is good in all situations, but amazing if you need to peel for a teammate. Randuins, Sunfire Cape are good vs. AD enemies, and Spirit visage vs. AP enemies. Pick up Bulwark if your team needs one still and you can afford it, or just go Overlord's Bloodmail (TT)/Warmogs (SR) if the damage you are taking is pretty balanced between AP and AD.

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Alright so by this point you are probably thinking, OK AD Fizz, sounds good in theory but how the heck is this actually going to work!? Well I'll divide by points in the game and tell ya.

So you just walked into lane. You leveled up W. Now what. If you are against a ranged opponent, PUSH!! Get to level 2 as fast as possible, otherwise your opponent might harass you off of the creeps and zone you from level 1-3. This is the most important moment of the game, so you really want to try to hit level 2 before your opponent, or at the same time is fine. Once you have W and Q, feel free to W->Q onto them and AA them a few times. If they stay and fight, ignite and kill them. If they run and you can't kill them, just walk back and zone them. Once you hit level 3, you can try to E->Q->W for the kill if they stand too close, or just continue to zone them and smash them in cs.

If you are against a melee opponent, your job is even easier. From level 1 you should immediately be activating W and poking your enemy. You will win the trades. Your passive reduces damage from AA and minions, plus your healing reduction and bonus damage will allow you to do more damage than your opponent. Add to this the fact the Fizz's Auto Attack range is actually 175 (because he has a trident! :D), as opposed to the 125 of most melee champions, you can usually poke in an extra AA without your opponent being able to retaliate. Once you hit level 2, take Q and try to immediately Q->W onto your enemy and kill them. Ignite, exhaust if you need to, AA. If they don't flash, they will die. Guaranteed. If they flash, zone them and wait till level 3 or 4 to attempt to E->Q->W to kill them, or just keep zoning them with your huge gap-closing distance at the ready.

So now you are level 6-12ish. At this point if you don't already have a kill, you can probably walk right into lane and get one. You should have finished at least your Bilgewater Cutlass at this point, if not your Blade of the Ruined King. In other words, you can shark your opponent, closer the gap with E/Q or both, and AA away. Once the slow from the shark is over, if your opponent still isn't dead, cutlass to catch back up and AA some more. You should get the kill. If you don't it's either because you burned their flash, or their jungler came and you had to back off.

If you know that you can't get a kill, don't feel like you have to. Against opponent like Shen, Renekton, Singed, Udyr, it might just not be possible. However you should still be able to duel them at this point. So what you want to do is just walk into lane, and all-in them if they stay, or if they back off, just push the wave and roam. As previously stated, Fizz's roaming potential is 2nd to none. With 2 gapclosers and at least 3 slows, you can gank anyone and keep up with them easily. Take free kills where you can, counterjungle if your opponents are playing safe, or force objectives if your team is able to assist. For 3v3 this means forcing the enemy's altar, for 5v5 this can mean Challenging a turret, dragon, or red/blue buff depending on how much time you have/how your team is positioning.

If you make it to late game, probably either you screwed up early, or your teammates did. But not to worry. You can still be a very relevant member of your team, albeit not as strong as you were early game. In this situation, there are many things you can do. If you are fed, feel free to stick with your team and try to dive the enemy carry/most important member of the enemy team. With your insane Gapclosing/Slows/CC, there is very little your opponents can do to peel you off of their allies, especially on Twisted Treeline.

However, most of the time if you are getting to late game, you probably aren't fed. The game most likely would have ended if you were. If this is indeed the case, try to pick up a frozen mallet to peel off enemies from your own carries, and kill whoever enters the fight first as quickly as possible. Alternately, if your team members are tanky enough, it can be a viable to go in after your teammates to try to clean up kills. Do this only if you have confidence in your team not to all die immediately.

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You win basically every matchup from level 1-5. Abuse this. The few to watch out for are Tiger Udyr, Kha'zix, and Renekton. You can beat all of these, but be careful because unlike most matchups, these 3 are not free wins. However, if you are running Ignite/Exhaust, you can still EASILY bait them into a fight and pop exhaust when they are about 1/3 hp and it'll be too late for them to back out, and they won't be able to kill you either.

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This build is not for the feint of heart. If you like to sit back, farm up, and get some items before really fighting, DO NOT PLAY AD FIZZ. To be an effective AD Fizz player, you want to be as aggressive as possible. Calculated aggression, of course, but aggressive. Do not doubt yourself. After a few games of getting familiar with AD Fizz's potential damage output, ABUSE IT. Don't go all-in on someone and chicken out halfway through. Trust yourself. Go ALL IN. Your W works as an execute, remember that. You will get the kill, you will snowball. Don't doubt it. In addition to being aggressive in lane, be aggressive on the map! You are much like an early game Lee Sin, in that, from levels 1-9 at the very least, you are the most powerful force on the map. Counterjungle. Gank. Take objectives. Invade. If someone dares to think they can duel you, kill them. You will come out ahead, and you will snowball your team to a quick victory. And most importantly, HAVE FUN! :)

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Rush Blade of the Ruined King, max W, play hyper aggressively early and snowball your team to victory. All-in your opponent and you auto-win every matchup bar Tiger Udyr, Kha'Zix, and Renekton. Gank and force objectives. Late game chase down enemies or peel with Frozen Mallet. Have fun good luck!