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Fizz General Guide by akaveljko



Updated on June 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author akaveljko Build Guide By akaveljko 1,266 Views 3 Comments
1,266 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author akaveljko Fizz Build Guide By akaveljko Updated on June 22, 2013
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About ad fizz

I was playing fizz mid (ap) in s2 and s3 .Then 1 game i was playing with my freinds we were having ap top and ap jungler so i decide to go ad ( i was having ad runes,,******,, ) i see if works really well .U will just watch how they die . When u got ur BOTRK it gg u win ur lane .If u start bad ( i was having some bad start ( 0/2/0 ) u will easy came back u will always have more cs than ur enemy ( he will be scary of your WQ and then E combo winning every trade and dont sell flask when u are lanning because it gives u mana so u can: Use your combo WQ and E twice and 3rd time ulty WQ ignite if that is needed and thats it easy kill). And he is funny and op as hell
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In early game u should just farm farm farm and get kills if that is possible.
If u are winning a lane then in mid game u should start roaming- if u hit someone with your ulty and he dont have flash that is almost free kill plus if ur mid or bot have stun,or silence that will be easy to kill.
In late game u just need to target with ur ulty mid or adc or just to go for them. if u catch adc with ur ulty that is auto win team fight or mid .
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I dont know what to say.I was playing against ZED and it was easy peasy . I dive hi mall the time and when he actives ulty on my u just go in ur E .DIFF 1/5
TEEMO try to bait him to blind u before u use ur combo and u will easy win trades .DIFF 2/5
Jayce just care from his GATE+Q in range form and thats it.U WONT EASILY WIN TRADES VS GOOD JAYCE HE WILL INSTA GO IN ML. FORM AND U WILL BE ABOUT O. tip when he go in ml. form attack him and u will win trades.DIFF 3/5
CHO GATH if u face him that will be kinda easy lane.He just have sustain u can dodge his abb.DIFF 2/5
Elise as u know that is hard lane u need to say ur jungler to shut down her early .Be passive and farm try to freeze the lane and it will be ok .DIFF 5/5
Akali - try to shut-down her pre 6 .Diff 4/5
Kha- is eazy lane, same as cho he just have sustain .If u are playing fizz u will easily dodge his abb.DIFF 3/5
Kayle - i didnt play fizz vs him .I think he is annoying if u try to win trade he will heal himself slow u and go in range form so he will definitely win all of the trades 5/5
IF u need more champs ( just say me and i will update )
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Thats it for now .Send me pictures on email or add me in game NA sever DEATH KING IRON .And if u have something against of this build just comment (this is my 1st guide)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author akaveljko
akaveljko Fizz Guide
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