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Taric Build Guide by This is not TrIQy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author This is not TrIQy

AD/Hybrid Top Lane Taric: Solo Baron

This is not TrIQy Last updated on March 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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TL;DR Version:

You build attack speed because it reduces the cooldown of your heal, which is why he has so much 1v1 capability. His AP scaling is such that you'll do more damage if you build damage rather than AP with the attack speed. You end up healing about the same with lifesteal and the extra damage than just AP and attack speed, while doing significantly more damage.

This build snowballs faster than any other build out there. You won't realize it at first. You'll be skeptical, but just keep farming. You'll be rolling down a kiddy slope, just get gold. Get levels. Get into the build. There is a point where everything falls into place. And if the enemy team lets you get there, you will destroy them. At 90% build, you can 1v1 an enemy ADC with a full build.

Final mana: 2663
That's 320 bonus melee damage when you activate Muramana

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Background info

This is a very late game build. If you don't charge your manamune, you have a huge crutch. If you don't have enough gold to buy your CDR items, you have a huge crutch. You don't have movement speed until you get a zephyr, so play safe. I recommend Teleport so you can grab items fast to stay in lane, to cross-map to get CS or join a team fight.

I DO NOT recommend this build in solo Q. It requires a jungle that knows what this build is capable of and knows what Taric is capable of when he ganks.

Since this is such a late-game build, you have no incentive to be aggressive unless you're ganking. Play it safe. Dying means you are 2-3 minutes behind your build. (Not to mention the other team has a kill...)

This build works well with late-game teams, against high AD teams, and with good late-game supports. It has all of the things we love about Taric support, but better.

In late-game, this build controls the map.

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What's so good about Taric top?

I assure you, he is truly, truly outrageous. The single most important thing is to get Tear of the Goddess ASAP. If I trust my jungle to hold my lane for a bit, I will even go so far as to start with a Sapphire Crystal, just so I can get it earlier. Whenever you have a break in lane, spam your 'Q' and 'W' to charge it faster.

It is very very hard to kill you in lane. You have ***loads of armor and a very scary stun. Play passive and focus on CS. The faster you can get into late-game, the faster you can start being the most terrifying pink man on the battlefield.

You can solo Baron after you get 4-5 core items, and you can solo dragon at 12.

Let's look at some numbers!
"You have 2% bonus AD from your mana right? So what?!"

Well that damage is doubled against champions. If you look at Muramana, it's going to give you anoter 8% when the active is up. That's 12% bonus damage from mana. This bonus gets very high very quickly.

The Taric shatter scales with both AP and armor, and since you have plenty of armor. With using your ult, stun, Shatter, and two melee swings, you can burst 600 at level 6. It's outrageous. So when your jungle comes in for a gank, they are dead. Because of the POOOWERRRR THAT ISS TARRICC!

At level 18 with Max CDR and the movement bonus from Zephyr, Taric can outrun anyone and chain-stun them, meaning at the very least you will get their flash. You can do this ALL day.

At Max cdr, his heal is on a 9.6 second cooldown, and it's reduced by 3 seconds every time he hits a champion. Once you get some of the attack speed, you are the 1v1 champion. Even Baron will fall to you.

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How we came up with this build

I played Taric as one of my first champions, and I got a lot of KS. After the new patch, I got even more KS. In full support masteries and a whole bunch of armor (about 400), I could 1v1 any AD on their team and survive, and (with the help of Thornmail), 1v1 their ADC.

We realized the incredible late-game potential of Taric, and threw him top lane so he could get there. There is no way you can lose this lane as Taric unless you get suicide ganked.

My friend (HaZardous47) and I theorycrafted this over the last few days and were in awe of how much control we had in all aspects of the game. If I was in the middle of a team fight, they were forced to back off. I could solo Baron and Dragon without the enemy team realizing that I was gone.