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Udyr Build Guide by Whitetigrex

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Whitetigrex

Ad jungle Udyr on Twisted Treeline

Whitetigrex Last updated on January 28, 2014
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Hello everyone, i am Whïtetïgrex (My profile :>), currently a 3v3 Challenger, and i main jungle ad Udyr. There are almost none 3v3 guides, so i thought i could make one for my main champ ;D

Udyr is actually one of the strongest junglers on TT, cause of his amazing early game pressure, and duelling power.

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Pros / Cons

Strong early
Awesome ganks
High utility
Great burst and sustain
Can easy solo bosses
Great splitpusher
Very fun to play
Theme skin :>

Easy to kite (if your flash is down, thats also the reason why we take flash)
No gap closer
If he gets behind, then it's kinda hard to come back

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Greater Seal of Armor: I just take normal armor runes, necessary in jungle. Just don't take others.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage: I prefer flat ad more than attackspeed or armor pen. They are also viable, but you will have the highest burst with flat ad.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: I go for a mix of flat and scaling mr runes, they scale good in early and late, and you don't need flat mr as jungler, so they are the best runes you can get.


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Same like marks, you can also take movementspeed quints, but i think you have already enough ms with your passive and your bear stance.

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I go for 21/9 without jungle masteries on Udyr. I go for that because i just want the early game pressure, and ad Udyr is all about damage. You don't need jungle masteries because ur q gives u enough jungle speed. They would just be a waste of masterie points.

And in the Def tree i go for hp/armor/mr, cause it's just the best benefit for Udyr ;) Better than hp reg, because he can lifesteal himself up.

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Skill Sequence

Passive: Monkey's Agility: Spamming skills will grant you attackspeed and movementspeed, very usefull in fights ;D
Tiger Stance: Tiger Stance is just your basic dmg skill, max it first, whenever you can.
Turtle Stance: Turtle Stance grants a little shield and some lifesteal, max this after Tiger Stance, but before u skill it, take a point in bear stance for an early gank.
Bear Stance: Bear Stance is your cc-tool. You will need it for your ganks, so skill it at level 2, but max it last.
Phoenix Stance: Since we are ad-Udyr we won't need this one, just don't skill it.

I start with 1 point in Tiger Stance, because it's your basic dmg skill as ad Udyr, and you will have fast cleartimes with it. At lvl 2 i take my Bear Stance, because i try everytime to gank with lvl 2, then i go again for Tiger Stance, just to max out my dmg. At lvl 4 i put my first point in the Turtle Stance.

Fighting as Udyr:

Remind yourself: You are NOT a tank, you build dps, so you can't tank 2/3 enemies, you are made to burst them in 1v1 or isolate them, you can also just run in a fight around in your Bear Stance and hit target 1, then target 2, then target 3, and again target 1... works prtty good ;) but in a normal fight u will go like this: You start with Tiger Stance / Bear Stance, depends on the engage (if you engage then with e, otherwise with Tiger Stance), then u rotate: Tiger Stance -> Bear Stance -> Tiger Stance -> Turtle Stance (cause the stun is on cd on the enemy, you can just stun him like every 6 seconds) -> Tiger Stance -> Turtle Stance -> Bear Stance.... until someone is dead, since ur ad Udyr it should be the other one ;)

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Start Items:

Doran's Blade: Great item for the start, grants health, hp/hit, and a nice amount of flat ad.
Boots of Speed: I take them at lvl 1 for my level 2 gank, it's so much harder for the enemy to escape of you while you have those, thats why i like those boots more than Hunter's Machete.
Health Potion: Pretty standart for a jungler - Take those heal pot to heal yourself in the jungle when you are low.

Core Equip:

Grez's Spectral Lantern: I build this as first item of the core equip most of the time, because it's cheap and grants pretty much almost everything you need, armor, damage, lifesteal and a passive effect which grants vision (no facechecking needed anymore ;D). You will almost never finish The Lightbringer because this item is not cost efficient ( Grez's Spectral Lantern is very very cost efficient!)
Sanguine Blade: Wow. This item is just awesome, grants you so much burst damage and survival potential with his lifesteal. I build this mostly as second or third core item, if i am very ahead even as first item, if we are behind as third, normally as second item. It helps you also to jungle very fast without loosing any health. Just get it!
Spirit of the Ancient Golem: This item.... So cost efficient! It's usually your second item, right after the Grez's Spectral Lantern. It will make you quite tanky, tanky enough to deal your damage ;) I build it third when i am ahead, never as first item! Cause you would lack damage if you build it first, but it's the perfect second item for you.
Boots of Swiftness: You will build this boots because: You have no gap closer, you need the anti slow and the movementspeed. You won't build the tenacity shoes, because you get already tenacity with Spirit of the Ancient Golem.

Situational Items:

Locket of the Iron Solari: You will build Locket of the Iron Solari when your team just dies before you can even deal damage, it will keep your team and yourself alive. Just don't forget to use it ;D
Randuin's Omen: The enemies are focusing you? Just build this one, and they can't kill you anymore, it's one of the situational items i use most of the time.
Spirit Visage: They have heavy magical dmg? No problem - Build spirit visage, it will grant you hp, mr, hp regen AND incerase all your heals, which scales awesome with your lifesteal!
Ravenous Hydra: You have not enough damage, you can't splitpush fast enough? Well, get the Ravenous Hydra to just instakill everyone ;D

Boot enchants:

Enchantment: Alacrity: It grants movementspeed. Thats all you need, you need to engage, since you don't have a gap closer you will need this one.

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I take Flash and Smite. But why do i need them?

Smite is just necessary in the jungle, you will be faster level 2 for a gank, you will get more boss control, more counterjungle potential etc.

Flash is unusual for udyr, why do i still take it over ghost?
- Udyr has no gap closer, he can't escape of things like the Jarvan ultimate (cage), with flash he can
- Flash bear stance hits on the focused target are great engages
- Ghost grants movement speed... come on Udyr has already his Bear Stance and his passive Monkey's Agility, he doesn't really need that much more movement speed.

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Creeping / Jungling

(Here the link to see it better :x)

When you come ingame, skill directly your tiger stance and use it the first time, because the dot dmg buff won't disapear after waiting, so you can get 2 Tiger Stance in like 2 seconds on the first jungle camp. You will start at wraiths, maybe with help of your botlane, after killing the wraiths with your Tiger Stance you go to the wolfes. You just use 1 time Tiger Stance on the big one and smite him, you don't kill the small ones. Then you directly skill your Bear Stance, and rush to the health relic. Now you are able to gank a lane or to invade the enemy jungle, since nobody jungles in early levels as fast as Udyr ;) If you gank, you will go usually with a bear stance on the bot lane, after hitting the bot laner 1 time for the stun of the Bear Stance, you will change in the Tiger Stance to burst him down. Now it should be time for him to flash, if he doesn't use his flash, you can just use another Tiger Stance or after 6 seconds another Bear Stance on him for the kill. If he flashed than you can invade the jungle, or flash after him with a stun if your botlaner helps you for first blood. After that you continue your normal jungleing. But keep in mind, it's important with Udyr to gank very often in the earlygame. When you reach minute 10 ingame, you should rush to Vilemaw, use a double Tiger Stance on him, and switch than: Tiger Stance -> Turtle Stance-> Tiger Stance -> Turtle Stance. When he uses his heavy attacks, try to dodge them with your bear stance (so you can avoid like 30-50% of his damage).

When you invade your enemy, than you usually go for the big minion and 1 of the small creeps, that they get just 1 small creep of the camp, which is like nothing compared to the whole camp.
Most likely is it, to steal of the wolf camp, because it's the nearest one of your side, and it's very very dangerous to counterjungle wraiths or golems.

Edit: Thanks to Nemanjâ, he made a short clip about the jungle start:

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So, this was my first Guide, be gentle with it :>

And here if you wanna support me :3

Feel free to give me feedback, and keep in mind, that this guide is a twisted treeline guide, and i can't say if he works on SR, so use another guide for 5v5. Thanks for your time.