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Nidalee Build Guide by peedronegri

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League of Legends Build Guide Author peedronegri

AD Nidalee. Best of solo top

peedronegri Last updated on January 15, 2013
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Fun champion and terror of top lanners!

If you are looking for fun and a champion with a lot of potential, you thought.
A champion with a great potential, but many underestimate very strong and fun.
Scroll down the page for more informations xD

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Mark of attack damage: provides greater ease for last hits and good damage on your enemies with basic attacks.

Mark of armor penetration: provides greater damage to champions, ignoring part of his armor

Seals of armor: provides better performance against AD's

Glyphs of magic resist: provides better performance against AP's top

Quint of attack damage: provides greater ease for last hits and good damage on your enemies with basic atacks

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Trinity force: say that an item is "outdated" for certain champions, but still works pretty good on Nidalee but not as anto the glove

Warmog's armor: iten very good, very cheap, great life, great life regen, but bad for the split push Nidalee's even more good in it

Frozen mallet: an item on Nidalee widely used in season two, however now in season 3 has items that can help you better do your paper

Blade of ruined king: good item when the top lane has a lot of life and other members of the team also

The bloodthirster: an item that can be done when the game is too easy and you really misses the life steal

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Teleport: good for Nidalee because it can give the push split and appear in team fights.

Because you use ignite on Nidalee? to kill very easily by your "Q" in cougar form, is based on the amount of hp the enemy.

Flash is mandatory on Nidalee? Yes for can be used to escape ganks and start fights or something
Would be good to use teleport and ignite on Nidalee? not because Nidalee relies heavily on flash and he is irreplaceable.

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Pros / Cons


.Very strong in lane
.Good split push
.Strong basic attacks on early game
.Be very hard to gank after level 6
.Great damage in early game


.Easy to gank before level 6
.Little performance in team fights
.Their performance falls late game

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Strong against the following champions:

.darius (very easy to counter Nidalee xD)

Weak against the following champions:

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How to split push Nidalee?

split push pull means your lane alone while your team goes together, you walk alone, pulling his lane. Normally, the champion does it eu is the champion who can arrive quickly in team fights (shen, twisted fate) or those who are devalued in team fight (Nidalee)
These split pushers who normally are devalued in team fights usually are strong in lanes and are difficult to gank.
So Nidalee is perfect for this, it is very hard to play when you be gankado of Nidalee.
Your team needs to know how to play with a split pusher in time: or your team has a hard CC and ultimates in area or on your team simply avoids team fights, escaping engage the enemy. If your team is composed of pokes, will be much easier for you to split push because your team will not make team fights.