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Shaco Build Guide by Trocaior

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trocaior

AD Pimp Shaco

Trocaior Last updated on December 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction: AD Pimp Shaco here to kill everyone!

Hi, my Name is iOR, and this my Shaco Guide for you, First off, i wanna tell you that you wont be able to Pentakill and own everyone if your not good whit this champ, this is just the build i like the most, decent mobility but insane burst along whit 100% crit meaning you will PIMP SLAP EVERYONE!

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Team Work!

Sure, Teamwork... NOT A CHANCE if you ask me! they will most of the time just Steal your kills and then just repeat it, Altough, if you are playing Premade whit someone, Go ahead and gank whoever you want whit your two pimp slapping champions.

Altough, sometimes teamwork is neccessery for getting the kills you need to build your PIMP SLAPPING build, but remember one thing... ALL THE KILLS ARE YOURS! and if your team complains about you killstealing them, remember that you are an Assassin! you were created to Steal all the kills and buffs!

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Creeping / Jungling

If you are jungling, you can pick smite if you want, not really my choice of spell since he can jungle excellent whitout it thanks to his lovely boxes, and if you are jungling, Start whit the butcher and build Razors, after that, just continue like you would otherwise(following this guide)

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For Last hitting, try to be behind them so you deal more dmg, same when you are fighting someone, ALWAYS try to be behind them so your passive can nuke them down quicker, and remember, your Q is your best escape ability, dont be afraid to use it often to harrass

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What makes Shaco the Pimp

Okey first off, you got a Great Q witch is better then flash, and whit alot lower CD
Your W can help you survive Dives and help you escape if you are being chased, if you are being chases, just put it out infront of you, and if they are diving you, put it near you and just pop Q and Pimp Slapp them!

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Okey, So here is a summary (sort of)
1. Try to quickly as possible to master your Q and R, it may/will take some time, but in the end its worth it.
2.Always try to stand behind the enemy, Always (and no, you are not supposed to run around like rogues did back in 60 to "avoid" attacks... just try to pop out behind them and they should be dead quickly enough).
3. You are NOT to back down, You are MADE to Steal everything! Baron,Kills,Dragon,Buffs and ofcourse minions.
4. Whit this guide, you can solo baron when you got 2xDancers-2xEdges and 1/2x thirsters, The thing you have to do is to Use your R at the beginning, have him tank baron, while you Q behind him and just bursts him down, and if you get aggro on baron, just back away a few stepps and your copy will continue to tank him.
5. You can Pentakill easily whit this guide, as long as you dont get focused very quickly( often my problem when trying to go for the penta whit shaco, Also, try to avoid all stuns and CC abilitys.

Well this should probably be the guide, Now i know this is not the best quide, but its the first one i made, and i made it becuase lots of plp i´ve played whit wanted to know the complete build for him, And yes, i know i have made som grammatic errors and spelling misstakes, Do not whine about it, my english is not perfect