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Shaco Build Guide by Robertx44

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Robertx44

AD Shaco domination

Robertx44 Last updated on January 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi this is my first guide on Mobafire and I shall be teaching you how to play Shaco . He is one of the strongest champions out there in my opinion. This guide will cover the basic techniques on how to play Shaco and also a bit of jungling.Before you read on please note that this build is for LANING.

I apologize in advance if you find any spelling mistakes.

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Fun to play
high damage output
built in blink
can jungle
easy to gank with

low damage output early game
small mana pool
hard to farm with

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Greater mark of desolation
This rune gives you armor penetration. Great for early game when you want that rewarding FIRST BLOOD

Greater Seal of Armor
This gives you that early game armor you deserve so much.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
This gives you magic resist since the build does not include mr (magic resist)

Greater quintessence of desolation
For even more damage output. Will the pain ever go away?

I use flat runes to get that early game damage and survivability Shaco needs.

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Summoner spells

Ignite is a really USEFUL spell. It does true damage over time and decreasing healing gained on this champion.Making it easier to turret dive champions on low hp.

Flash lets you blink a distance away. This can happen through walls or just over distance. Shaco already has a built in flash so this might not be as valuable as on another champion.

Other Useful summoner spells:

Ghost lets you move super fast for a period of time. This spell can be replace flash as Shaco already has a flash. I prefer Flash over Ghost because Flash can make it easier to gank an enemy and finnish off an enemy.

This summoner spell is ok on Shaco. Most people consider Heal a 'noob' spell. I don't know why people think this but they just do. Heal can save your life and what's so bad about that? Late game heal is kind of useless because of lifesteal.

Clarity can be a good summoner spell because he has a small mana pool early game. But this spell is a bit useless late game.

If you are jungling then yes bring Smite.

I find other summoner spells not as good as these ones but if it works for you then bring it.

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Infinity Edge
This item gives you more damage and critical damage.
Infinity Edge helps a lot in your ganks and fights. Shaco doesn't have a lot of early game damage so this item will help a lot.

Berserk's greaves
More attack speed and movement speed
This item is for that movement speed and attack speed. Good for chasing up to people and getting that tiny bit more damage in (not in our case).

The Bloodthirster
More damage and lifesteal
This item will gives us more damage and lifesteal. This is great for survive ability. This item goes well with the Infinity Edge

Phantom Dancer
More movement speed and attack speed
Phantom Dancer is a great item to have on Shaco. More movement speed and attack speed. This helps you chase up to the enemies that think they can get away.

The Black Cleaver
Ignore some of the enemies armor, more damage and attack speed.
This is a great item. This item gives you damage that goes well with the bloodthirster. This item also goes well with your runes. It decreases the targets armor.

Trinity Force
Boosts pretty much everything.
This is your most expensive item. This item still gives you the damage you need but adding some health because of your low hp.

wriggle's lantern
This item is OP. A free ward every couple minutes, lifesteal and armor. I think their gonna nerf this one soon.
These items are not set in stone. You can change them if this does not suite your play style or if the situation calls for it.

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Shaco's abilities:
I will explain tactics and how to use the abilities in another chapter. Right now this chapter is for you to understand his abilities.

(passive) Backstab deals bonus damage if the enemy is facing away from you.
This passive is why i play AD Shaco. Because it deal around 20% bonus damage which is kind of a lot.

Blinks to a target location within a range and turns you invisible for a period of time. Your next attack while stealthed will be a critical strike with bonus damage.
This spell allows you to escape sticky situations, helps you gank and take down enemies faster (can also be used to solo dragon).

Jack In The Box
Places a Jack in the box on the ground. After 1 second it becomes stealthed. When an enemy approaches the jack in the box unstealths and fears the enemy. It then attacks the enemy. This spell is great for jungling , farming and killing.

Two-Shiv Poison
(Passive) minions have a chance to miss. Slows enemy on auto attack. Throws a dagger dealing damage and slowing the enemy. Good for chasing and kiting.

This is Shaco's Ult. It summons a clone of Shaco and can be controlled by Shaco. The Clone does damage and can be sent as an easy turret dive technique.

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Early Game

your lane has been pushed
If this happens and the enemy is turret hugging then there is a good chance that the enemy is not getting the minions because the turret is stealing it all. Wait for their creep wave to be killed the go farm a bit more. You could also gank some other lanes depending on how they are doing. If that lane is pushed it is obvious to gank that one. Try to get turrets down but don't over extend. You may be Shaco but you aren't God

Your lane is being pushed
Sometimes this happens but it's not the end of the world. try not to let the turret steal those minions. go round the back and gank if you can. Just try not to let them kill you and hope they over extend. A good tactic is when you are low on health and they turret dive put a Jack In The Box behind them, Two-Shiv Poison them and Deceive away. This might kill them or make them go b.

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Mid Game

Your lanes are pushed
This part of the game is when you get your core items. You should be taking dragon when it spawns and ganking. Push the least pushed lanes.

Your lanes are being pushed
Your probably under fed at this point. If you are or their teams type of items then good. Pick of the people that roam around with ought a team mate. Gank as much as you can. Try not to let any more turrets fall. If you get in a team fight and win with all their team dead or going b. Get a dragon or baron.

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Late Game

You are attacking them
Be careful. A stupid ace for them could mean the end of your game. Push but dont over extend. I know it sounds weird but i have seen so many Shaco's thinking they can take on three people at once resulting on 500 extra gold for them. If you finish your built then let the others get the money. Try to attack at the same time. The turrets apart from the spawn spartan laser should be no problem for your tanks to tank. Just hope to get that triple kill, quadra kill or penta kill to finish the game.

You are defending
Everyone has those bad games where you or your teammates fed them. Don't let turrets fall and forget about the tank. Focus on their squishies and of course their carries. Don't let them get a triple. If you can get an ace because they overextended then you can push back. If you get that ace don't waste time. Push, push and push.

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This part of the guide is to teach you how to farm in lane.

Most Shaco players play him as a jungler because his farming is not great. But it is not impossible. Level 1 you should get JITB ( Jack In The Box). Put the jitb in the middle of the melee minions. Always REMEMBER to only last hit minions. Do not hit them till low HP but hit them for the kill. While doing this do not just stand in one place. Walk randomly around in circles. This will make it harder for the enemy to hit you. As Shaco the early game farming matters a lot. Killing champions helps a lot but don't over extend.

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This part i can't really tell you about because i suck as jungle Shaco. So i have decided to bring you to a JUNGLING GUIDE. This jungling guide is also on Mobafire and maybe will inspire you to jungle.

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ganking/skill useage

Shaco's skills are all useful.

Deceive is a very easy skill to use. Simply do it over a wall to escape BUT If you do not deceive over a wall and are running, never run the same way you where originally. Put space between you and the attacker by running in the direction he/she isn't

Jack In The Box is a spammable ability. It can be used for a variety of things from warding to kill stealing (just don't kill steal your team mates because they will probably get mad). Jack In The Box can be used as wards. Simply place one anywhere and when you see an enemy walk by you have a small amount of time to react. Just make the right decision and don't ignore it. Tell your team mate if you are not close enough to react.

Two-Shiv Poison This ability is a finisher ability. Save this ability to when they are running away. It will let you or your team mates to catch up. Do NOT use this ability to farm as it will lead to a depletion of mana which sucks. This ability can also be used to kill enemies. Throw it at one with low hp and TADA if their hp bar was low enough then You have slain an enemy, if not then go there and Backstab him/her

Hallucinate This ability is your epic ability. You can use it to turret dive and fool the enemy while running away. One of the other things that it can do is juke ultimates. There was one time where i was in a game and Brand was being a meanie and shot his ult at me. I panicked (yes even I panick sometimes) and accidentally pressed R. His ult dissapeared so as a thank you for his ult i threw a dagger to his face :).

This is where i explain how to pile on an enemy and kill him YAY.

Ping the target champion so your team mate knows he has to focus him. decieve in and make sure to Backstab him. This will make his escape harder as he has less health now. toss a Jack In The Box onto the ground and finnish him off. When you think he is going to flash or blink Two-Shiv Poison him. This will cause your poison to travel farther. During this time your special friend should be hammering him with abilities and what not. Here is a video to demonstrate how to gank:

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Shaco is a great champion to play but takes some practice to be good at him. Advice on what to add to this guide would be appreciated. Thanks for reading and hope this guide encouraged you to play Shaco.