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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Speedlly

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Speedlly

AD Twisted Fate: Anti-everything

Speedlly Last updated on June 14, 2011
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I made this build because I haven't found anything like it yet on mobafire.
Twisted Fate is one of the best assassin's in the game. The only problem that I have when playing him is being really squishy and not being able to do enough damage at the start of the game.

When I started playing TF I followed AD builds with normal AD items:
Problem: I only started to do damage when I had phantom dancer] and [[B. F. Sword = lvl 10+ (since I couldn't get feeded)
So I searched items that could get my damage up early game, that's when I came across Malady
Malady gave me enough attack speed to be strong about lvl 6: The perfect time to teleport to a enemy champ; stun him and slaughter him and get feeded
Malady is an on-hit effect item: Each hit lowers MR and deals some extra magic damage.
After adding that to the build I thought of using more on-hit effect items: Thats how Madred's Bloodrazor and The Black Cleaver were added to the build.
For some extra damage and lifesteal I also put a The Bloodthirster in the build.

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Pros and Cons

First of all: pro's and con's
+ High damage output
+ A lot of cc
+ Teleport can get him everywhere (fast)

- Gets focused
- Low damage at start
- Squishy
- Slow
- Loses pick a card(PAC) randomly because TF auto-attacks in-range minions

- Gets focused: Stay behind or in the bushes, wait for the team fights to start, come in with a gold card and pentakill
- Low damage at start: Follow this build, towerhug until you have Malady and there is no problem anymore
- Squishy: kill the enemy's before they hit you (try to create 1v1's with your teleport)
- Slow: ghost and teleport can solve this
- Loses PAC: try to not to run near minion's with a picked card, spam your RMB on your target while teleporting to have a 2/3 chance to hit the right target

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Core items:

From the moment you have those; you can take on any normal champ.

Full item build:

If you have this: you should kill squishy's in about 2sec; off-tanks in 3sec and tanks in 4sec.

Last slot item:

Like you wish: mostly I buy so they don't have a chance to ghost and/or flash away from you if you haven't got a gold card ready.

The order of how to buy the items: check the cheat sheet...

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Summoner Spells

I always use Ghost and Ignite

Ghost for running after targets when they try to flee
Ignite for the extra damage

Flash isn't really useful because TF Always seem to auto-attack after a flash so he wastes his PAC again...

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Also check cheat sheet.

I think my mastery build is pretty good:
Some damage, attack speed, ap; make ghost and ignite stronger; ...

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I got as much Armor Penetration(marks and quints) as possible, some CDR(glyps) and some mana regen(seals).

I heard people say that Armor Penetration is best for extra damage...
I got CDR to use PAC more often
I got mana regen because it could be useful and because I need it for other champs ^^

Feel free to change this as you want; I played TF with a tank rune build for a while(only runes I had) and that worked too.

Why mana regen and CDR /level?
mana regen: 0.065x7 = 0.455 (mana regen /lvl gets better then flat mana regen at lvl 7)
CDR: 0.05*13 = 0.65 (CDR /lvl at lvl 13 is the same as flat CDR)

So: mana regen / lvl gets better pretty fast and I mostly need the CDR in big fights end game: CDR /lvl is better too

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Skill and Skill Sequence

: make the whole team happy = strong psychological advance begin game

: this only gets useful when you get it to lvl 3 and still the other skills are better; it also costs a lot of mana, so I only buy it end game. It's very usefull to deplete banshee's veil just before you trow a gold card.

Gold card: only against champs, use as much as possible in a fight
Blue card: only against turrets and minions: for extra damage and for mana regen
Red card: only against minion: kills a large group of minions fast

: get it to lvl 5 as fast as possible: more damage and attack speed. Try to use the 4th card on champs: It does 1/5 of the health of squishy's begin game

: Pick a gold card, use Destiny, teleport to a lonely enemy champ, kill him, repeat, get feeded, buy item's, tell every1 it was luck (always funny and makes enemy's less scared of you), win the game (hard)

Skill sequence: start with gold card, wild cards, basic attacks until cooldowns are over and repeat.

Buying Sequence: Also check cheat sheet...

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How to play Twisted Fate

Early game:

Try to get mid: if you get mid, you will be lvl 6 faster = destiny (= important to get feeded).
lvl 1-6:
Towerhug, you will probably be against a ranged DPS, he will probably be able to kill you like it's nothing. Still try to throw your stacked deck in combination with a gold card and run away fast.
Try to get the enemy in mid below 50% health before you get lvl 6.
lvl 6-12:
Teleport about 2m behind your enemy in mid with a gold card ready, stun and kill him.
If your enemy is above 70% health, don't try this, you will probably die. Instead check the other lanes for easy targets and do the same, don't forget to ping your target, help is always welcome.
Keep pushing mid lane, ganking,... until team fights start
lvl 12+:
While everyone is teamfighting check bot and top lane for a lost soul that want to push the lane, teleport, kill him and get back to mid and help your team.
Teamfights: stay back or hide in bushes until a teamfight is started, stun the biggest DPS champ and finish him off.
If there is a katarina or a nunu in the other team, wait for them to start their ult and stun them then.

If you are getting a lot of kills, leave some for your team. If more people of your team get fed, you will have a better chance to win.

If you have to lane: get in lane with a dps or a tank, stay a little behind and try to avoid getting focused. You will have a harder time getting fed unless you lane with someone like xin zhao.

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Pick A Card

How to easily pick the right card:

- first of all: don't have lag, lag makes it a lot harder to pick the right card
- I think its best to look above your head to see what card you are picking

- Sequence: Red - Gold - Blue - Red - Gold - Blue - Red - Gold - Blue - ...
- Watch out: the first card it picks is totally random

- Gold card: press Q, wait until you see red card, wait 0.5sec and press Q again
- Blue card: press Q, wait until you see gold card, wait 0.5sec and press Q again
- Red card: press Q, wait until you see blue card, wait 0.5sec and press Q again

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Enemy: Veigar

teleport; stun; 3 or 4 cards and he is dead

Enemy: Xin

teleport; stun; 5 or 6 card and he is dead

Enemy: Warwick

teleport; stun; 5 or 6 card, he heals as fast as you deal damage; 2nd stun card; 3 or 4 cards and he is dead

Enemy: Rammus

teleport stun; 5 cards; he taunts you, puts shield up and activates tremors; he is dead anyway: you penetrate a part of his armor and MR; you lose health bye tremors and the shield (and maybe thornmail) and heal it back with the bloodthirster

If you can't teleport to you target, you don't have the element of suprise and they will be able to use a spell before you stun them so you will lose more health then when you do teleport to your target.

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Video examples

I'm working on it.

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AD Twisted Fate is one of the best AD champs in the game, he can kill everyone and barely gets hits thanks to the gold card, not much people play him and he is often played AP.
I tested him AP but that just gets his damage output down and gives him some burst damage. The only use I found for AP Twisted Fate is kill stealing and feeding the other team which i think is not a good thing (could also be just because of my play style ^^).
There also is Hybrid Twisted fate which still has lowered damage and a little of burst damage, but why do you need that if you kill all enemy's in under 5sec?