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Draven General Guide by Abstrusity

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abstrusity

ADC Early Build Sequence Suggestion - Featuring: The Draven

Abstrusity Last updated on February 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why the guide?

The early game build exemplified in this guide, is the crucial point I want to get across. Normally you will play against enemy carries who will try to rush a Bloodthirstier, Phantom Dancer or an Infinity Edge; this in my opinion is wrong, because the carry needs mainly four things in order to be effective: Damage - Attack Speed - Critical strike and Armor Penetration. I firmly believe that it is a better idea to get the Scepter, Brutalizer and Zeal before fully finishing an item; it gives synergy to your champ and you will feel the advantage.

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Build Notes

The thing to keep in mind when building your champion is macro-management through efficiency. This means using all the gold available to fill the slots with useful items. In the beginning, Boots can be replaced by a Doran's Blade if the opponent's lane does not offer any kind of hard CC. Brutalizer might be bought before Scepter IF the support offers adequate sustain and you are not being constantly harassed. Berseker's might be bought before Brutalizer if opponent is constantly slowing you. Mid-Late game, the Brutalizer or eventual Black Cleaver can be replaced by a Last Whisper for more effectiveness against extra tanky opponents. As last or before-last item choose a Guardian Angel or Mercurial Scimitar according to the enemy's crowd control and your effectiveness in team fights.

Infinity Edge is absolutely central in your build; as soon as finishing your Statikk Shyv, go for it.

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The Draven

Draven has proved to be specially killer with this build, here are some general comments on how to play him:

Step 1: Learn how to position yourself; this means two things mainly - Let nobody get closer to you than your own attack range(ALWAYS be at attack range or further away from the enemy champions) and secondly it means to be behind the tanky line on fights. (Never initiate on team-fights and always think of how ''secure'' your position is)(When possible try to initiate next to a wall so you can immediately flash and don't have to worry about escape routes)

Step 2: Focus on farming EVERYTHING with your Q. This way you will learn the mechanics of the spinning axe; will have your passive forever active, and will be ready for when they decide to make a play on you. Basically the Spinning Axe will ricochet wherever you command your champ to go in the time right between the throw and the Axe landing on the target. (It takes practice)

Step 2.1 Hit EVERYTHING with your Q; more often than not in early game, your damage will become sub-par if you are not constantly throwing and catching your Q while in engagement. Therefore it is important to learn to catch the Axes even when things are going wrong.

Step 3 Whenever in engagement, spam your Blood Rush. Your W will refresh every time you catch an Axe so it is your duty to spam it while engaging. If for any reason you can't catch the Axe while on a fight, don't compromise your position, just press Q and proceed with the ownage.

Step 4 Use your E wisely. Stand aside is an ability that will help you escape, help your friends escape, and help you neutralize prays. Think of it as a short stun. Don't use this ability to farm, harass, or taunt.

Step 5 Use your Ultimate with a purpose. Don't just cast it. Maybe you want to steal Dragon, maybe you want to clear a minion wave so the enemy can't push, maybe you want to use it for a team member to escape by slowing the chasers, maybe you want to finish a low health champ on the other side of the map, or maybe you just want to initiate against that ***** Varus that has made your life impossible untill that moment. Whatever it is; just use it with a purpose.

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Thank you for reading!

Please try it, and tell me what you think!


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