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Varus General Guide by nunepe

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nunepe

ADC Varus Dominating the Lane =D

nunepe Last updated on February 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! My name in-game is Nunepe and i play in the EUW Server of League of Legends.
This is my first guide on MOBA FIRE and I will talk about how i play Varus in the bot lane, once he is my favorite champion and (in my oppinion) the best ADC of League Of Legends XD.

In this guide, i will do my best to make clear how to play him, but dont expect that in your first game with him you are going to FB, PQ and Win the Game by yourself, to play atack demage carry its need a lot of practice and control of the champion your are playing to become realy good.

Expect you like my guide! Rate it! ^^

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Early Game

Varus is one of the bests (if not THE BEST) early AD Carry, thanks to his awesome demage with his Q and the Burst he already have in the basic atacks thanks to the the runes and the power of Dorans Blade in the Early Battles.

In the early game you need to try to do the FB (First Blood, not Facebook). It`s not a NEED, and NEVER CRAIZLY TOWERDIVE TO DO IT, but if you have success, you will have a realy good advantage for the entire game, just dont die in the process or your plan will be ruined.

NOTE: You can see my recomended early game Build in the TOP of the Guide.

TIP1: A good way to have advantage in the fight for First Blood is having a support with CCs (like stuns, slows, pulls, etc...), like Blitzcrank, Alistar, Leona, etc.

TIP2: If you have no way to survive during the first blood, try to die for the support (because he doenst gain so much advantage as you do if he kills someone, once the supports builds normaly are just wards and AURA effects, without the demage that normaly screw you) or be executed insted of being killed for the enemy ADC.

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Your Support

When Playing as Atack Demage Carry (ADC for Short), you need someone to help you kicking the **** of the enemies in the bot lane, that guy is your support.

The Support basicaly helps you with everything you need, if the player that is supporting you is good normaly that help you a lot during all the game.

You will need to know some things about that guy, that is:
- There are some types of supports, a lot of support champions and TONS AND TONS of ways to play them all. The best supports of the game dominate the gameplay of all of them and can save you when you tought you was already dead (in the case of Zelian, before the death). What I mean is: there are TANK SUPPORT (that guy dont do a **** during the game (to help you), he basicaly ward and tank the towers for you. This type of support is one of the most used of all, because it helps a lot in team fights. Other Support Style is the HEALER (ex: Soraka). That support just keeps healing you and giving you mana, speed, shield, etc. Sounds nice? Cool, because my 6 year old brother can play it to help me in my Varus games, so you can see how easy it is to play this. Cons: Sucks in the late game and its HP is tiny like Justin Biber`s c*ck. Finaly, we have the CCs like hell (ex: Alistar). That guy is the king giving you free kills, if you are playing with one of this ones and you are using Varus the FB is almost granted.

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I Recomend using the runes I bought for me, because in my Varus Games they work realy nice, and most of times I can First Blood thanks to the bonus they give me in the beggining, they actualy dont make any difference in late game but its one of the most important things to have Early Game, so if you dont have the runes to play AD Carry i recomend (if you are lvl 20 or highter) to buy them before buy tons of champions that you will never use.


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