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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Malzahar Build Guide by MetaAwesome

AD Carry ADV Malzahar (Attack Damage Voidling)

AD Carry ADV Malzahar (Attack Damage Voidling)

Updated on February 7, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MetaAwesome Build Guide By MetaAwesome 23,097 Views 0 Comments
23,097 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MetaAwesome Malzahar Build Guide By MetaAwesome Updated on February 7, 2015
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Hello There Soon-To-Be Followers of the Void

Hey there, my name is MetaAwesome, I am currently unranked because ranked matches spook me and are more toxic than Singed and Cassiopeia's strange poisonous love child.

Anyways, if you're not familiar with AD Malzahar, it's simply because Malzahar's AD bonuses are applied to his voidlings. Imagine Heimerdinger with turrets that follow people around, yup, imagine that...Yorick...

This build is usable Bot and Top, possibly mid if you've got the grapes. Let's just go over some information.

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Does this really work?

The loss is because of an abnormal amount of lag. seriously.

1st Win (On day of lag):
1st Loss (LAG):


2nd Win (Attempting on the same day of lag):
3rd Win:
4th Win:
5th Win:
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Full AD runes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Take this if split pushing is your thing...or if you die too often and lack farm

An ADC's best friend, especially one who have no form of escape </3 (Also for securing the kill)

Voidlings follow your enemies into the fog of war while on fire. First Blood

Support didn't take Exhaust and doesn't have any form of GOOD cc?
Your mom just called you while you're playing an online game and people are running away from your minions and you're complaining you can't slow them because you don't have a Frozen Mallet at level 5 AND STILL HAVE NO FORM OF ESCAPE? (And the dog pooped on the carpet again because you didn't walk him like mother told you to)
Then take me.

Ayyy lmao, I'm an ADC.

I mainly take Heal and Flash due to Malzahar easily getting poked down most of the time by other ADCs and Supports. Ignite, Exhaust, and Teleport also work.
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The main reason why AD Malzahar is a thing.
Voidlings will benefit from Malzahar's armor penetration.
The Voidlings' attacks will apply The Black Cleaver stacks.

Can be controlled by use of abilities :
  • The target of Nether Grasp
  • The nearest champion affected by Malefic Visions.png Malefic Visions
  • The nearest non-champion affected by Malefic Visions
  • The current target of Malzahar's basic attacks
  • The nearest enemy unit.


I'm out of wards and I might as well use this.
Don't mind me, just wasting abilities to get Voidlings.
  • Ayyy lmao, Malzahar's first form of CC.
  • Silences enemies for 3 seconds at max rank.


Can't you see I'm trying to farm here? No, I don't care if you're playing Lee Sin.
I'm STILL just wasting abilities to summon voidlings.
  • Enemies in the circle lose a percentage of their maximum health...that's it.


Heeeeyyyy, why'd you max this out first?
Basic voidling control. (Also it has the cheapest mana consumptin at level 1)
  • Gain control over your pikmin voidlings.
  • If a unit with Malefic Visions dies, Malzahar gets a little bit of mana and the Malefic Visions continue jumping.
  • Last Hitting because you're an ADC.


The Sippy Straw of Destiny.
Lol, what a waste-OH GOD THOSE MINIONS, HELP.
  • The champion you target for suppression is the minion's target for killing.
  • 2.5 Second Stun, enough time for 3 minions to devour an entire champion.
  • Ayyyy hard CC
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Item Purposes

Being a Tear of a Goddess item, best to build this first in order to fully charge it ASAP. Gives mana for more spammage and AD for more damage. I wouldn't toggle it however, you need mana to spam abilities, not auto attacks.

A very nifty item for AD Malz, 10% CDR, 10% Lifesteal, a bunch of AD, and a unique passive granting you mana as if you were stealing it.

Health, AD, CDR, Armor Pen, and a unique passive that can be passed on to Voidlings.

A tanky Health bonus, some AD, and a slowing passive for auto-attacks.

Gonna need that CDR to have a full 40% CDR.

Trinity Force. Gives Malz a little bit of everything, usually built last.



The other 5% comes from Masteries
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Lil' Videos of AD Malzahar

Those are just two, there are a lot more than that mates
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Second Guide


As you can see from DiscoHeat's video, AD Malz isn't really considered a "good thing" to some people still. Prepare to expect some toxnicity in Solo Q and Ranked when you're not doing so swell.

May the Void consume all...just like Cho'Gath, consume it like Cho
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