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Ahri Build Guide by BananaBS

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BananaBS

Ahri: What a Foxy Lady

BananaBS Last updated on October 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, I am BananaBS and this is my first guide on Ahri, and honestly, my first guide ever!

Ahri is a ranged AP Caster, as well as an assassin. Though if extremely fed, Ahri is not meant to be in the middle of the fight, and is instead intended to stay at the back of the fire, and attack from a distance((Hence why she's a ranged champion)). In this guide, I will try to the best of my ability to make an easy to understand, yet efficient guide, which I hope will help you get many victories! :D

I would put a video here but I can't seem to figure out how to put it in correctly, sorry ^^'

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For runes, I like to use the following:

This rune gives +0.95 Magic Pen, which can cause some serious damage without MR

Giving you a small amount of mana regen per five seconds each level. And mana regen is good for any mana user in general.

With an increase of +o.17 AP per level, and like many mages, AP is a main ingredient for the recipe of a fed Ahri.

The final part of our runic build, these Quints provide +0.43 AP per level, giving you 7.74 AP at level 18, combining that with our other runes AND our build, Ahri will easily be an AP monster.

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Let's get down to one of the more detailed parts of this guide:


Mental Force: Mental Force gives you +1/2/3/4 AP. It's pretty self-explanatory as to why I'd put that as a Mastery.

Sorcery: Sorcery grants +1/2/3/4% Cooldown Reduction. Cooldown Reduction((CR)) is good on any champion, and with Ahri, if you have lots of Mana AND a Blue Buff, it's pretty easy to spam spells continuously. An Ahri that can spam is dangerous, and can and or will have the enemy team rushing to dodge and left and right >:D

: Arcane Knowledge gives +10% Magic Penetration((Magic Pen)). Having lots of AP, with Magic Pen, can really hurt your enemies, even if you're not fed. In short, everything in this guide, somehow loops back to AP XD

Havoc: Havoc gives you +0.5/1/1.5% Damage dealt, and we all like damage, because damage, equals kills.

Blast: Blast gives about +1 AP per level, which gives you 18 AP at level 18. More AP to wreck face with.

Archmage: Giving you +5% AP when maxed. As I've said, the more AP you have, the better off you are.

Executioner: Dealing 6% damage to enemies with health under 40% is good for any champ EXCEPT Support. Support is not meant to do damage, but instead to protect the other laner.


Summoner's Insight: When using Flash((Which will save your life multiple times each match)), Cooldown Reduction on Flash really helps out, because lower cooldown, means more escape time until level 6, or whenever is on cooldown.

Expanded Mind: Expanded Mind gives 12 Mana at level 18, or 10 Energy, depending on your character((I.E: Skarner, Ashe, Udyr or Kennen, Lee Sin and Akali, the first three being Mana users, and the last three being Energy users)). Since Ahri needs Mana early on, this Mastery helps a little, and when Blue Buff is gone, every little point of Mana is essential.

Swiftness: Swiftness gives Movement Speed. Though it would be alot better for a champ like Teemo, who's like a speeding bullet late game, a little Movement Speed never hurts.

Meditation: +5 Mana Regen is a VERY good Mastery for Ahri, as like I said, she is very mana-dependent, and Mana Regen helps keep you from being OOM.

Runic Affinity: An increased time with buffs means more time with Blue Buff. Just another way to destroy the other team XD

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Now, we get into items, I promise, you're almost done XD:

Starting Items:

Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion is what I start with. While others might start with Doran's Ring, since Ahri has really good movement, Boots of Speed helps me with avoiding incoming attacks, and combining that with the Health Potion, this ultimately helps you stay in lane a little longer.

Core Items:

Sorcerer's Shoes gives Magic Pen and Enhanced Movement. Since we have Magic Pen Masteries, adding more Magic Pen means if the other team doesn't build Magic Resist((MR)), they might be in some serious trouble come late game.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter Gives more AP, and who doesn't like AP? And with the neat ability to slow enemies with your attacks, when you get and this item, the enemy either needs to be a Teemo, or have Flash and or Ghost with them, even then, I can say they won't be dead before then XD

Rabadon's Deathcap The mother of all AP items. This baby gives you 140 AP AND increases your AP by 30%. One of the best AP items currently within the game, one size fits all AP champs with this item...well, all except for Veigar...

Late Game Items:

Athene's Unholy Grail I love this item. Absolutely love it. 90 AP, MR, CR, the list goes on. Definitely an item you wanna pick up.

Abyssal Mask Another great item. 70 AP and 57 MR, along with it's cool effect which lowers enemy MR by 20, which as I said earlier, if they don't buy MR, they could be in trouble. You could also use this item as a situational item, but I pick it up late game even if the enemy team isn't building MR because of the AP.

Rod of Ages 60 AP, plus a GAZILLION other positive effect, including a cap of 20 AP that's separate from the base amount, and more health and Mana. Good item, I take it alot.

Situational Items:

Quicksilver Sash Possibly the most underrated item in the whole game. This item is just wonderful, especially if the other team has lots of stuns, slows, etc.

Void Staff Enemy team building more MR? Take up a Void Staff. The Magic Pen on this item is ridiculous, and with AP, very good situational item.

Zhonya's Hourglass It's good if the AD carry is destroying you. Going into stasis for 2 seconds is 2 seconds where an ally could save your life, or simply prolong your death.

Banshee's Veil This is usually for people protecting themselves from AP carries, so if the other team's AP carry starts to really harass you, pick this up. You'll have the last laugh.

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Summoner Spells

Core Spells:

Flash I love this spell. It's saved my life more than I can count, and has helped me secure kills many many times. Even with the increased chance of escape with , Flash never hurts to take, especially with your ult on cooldown.

Ignite Alot of people take this. With the damage deal over time, you can just Ignite and enemy when their health is really low but their under a tower and you're too low on health or too lazy to chase, and they'll die 3.5/5 chances.

Alternative Spells:

Ghost If you don't have Flash, this spell is a good substitute. Though you can get to a certain area instantly, it can also save your life.

Teleport This helps you get to your lane faster if you ever have to recall. It also helps to go save a tower if it's at risk of being destroyed.

Exhaust I don't use this item alot, but it's still an option. When using it on champs like Teemo, this spell could save your life. Casting Exhaust and then means that Teemo won't be catching you that encounter :D

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Skill Sequence

This explains your abilities and what to do with them:

Soul Eater is your passive. Every 9 spells, your next spell gets 35% spell vamp, which is kinda neat.

This is your main damage tool. It deals 40/65/90/115/140 damage((33% AP)) when you shoot it out, and when it pulls back Here's a tip, your orb follows you when it returns to you, so if you're clever, you can get 2 or more champs with one shot.

Though this spell prioritizes champs, it can also be used for farming. Dealing almost the same amount of damage as , I like to use this with my ult, which can deal a TON of damage.

One of the spells that defines Ahri, there is no spell quite like it. It deals damage and causes the target to involuntarily follow Ahri for a very short amount of time. I sometimes use this to either pull out a squishy during a team fight, check bushes, or use it when I'm escaping to slow my chasers down a little.

Another iconic spell of Ahri, this ult is awesome. It deals massive damage, excluding the optional addition of , and it allows you to either chase enemies down, or have them biting your dust.

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Farming And Laning

For farming, there's not much to it:

For me, I simply try to use last hit as much as possible. Late game, I sometimes use to clear out a huge wave of minions, making Farming a breeze.

When I lane early game, I am extremely passive. The only time I engage the enemy is when they come after me. When I start getting levels, I sometimes shoot an at the other laner to punish them for trying to kill my minions. If a Jungler comes to gank you and you're not level 6 or your ult is on cooldown, either rush to the tower if Flash is on cooldown, or pop Flash and laugh at their failed attempt.

Mid game is when I start to get aggressive. After I start beating the other mid laner out of the lane, I'll go around and start ganking the other lanes if they need assistance. Since Ahri makes a pretty good assassin, ganking is no hard task for her. Team fights start breaking out around this time. Like I said earlier, Ahri is not meant to be in the heat of the battle, she needs to stay in the back and attack from there to do massive damage and help win teamfights. A smart Ahri is a dangerous Ahri.

Late game, if I'm fed, any enemy is game. Even if they have more health than me, I can pretty much burst them down, BUT, Ahri is squishy, no matter how fed you are. If there's more than two enemies with more health than you, don't engage. Wait for an ally or got back to your lane.

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So, from all that I've explained in this guide, I sum up that:

- AP is essential for Ahri to be good.

- Stay in the back when team fights break out.

- Even if you're fed, don't engage two or more enemies with high health.

- Stay cool my friends, stay cool.