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Build Guide by Vicious#33598

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vicious#33598

Akali - Double Stacked

Vicious#33598 Last updated on February 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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// GUIDE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! I published just so I can get more input from you guys! //

Welcome to my first guide! A guide to a more survivable Akali then the usual full AP Akali.

This build is designed for mid laning Akali, thus my explanation will be based on playing her mid lane.

If you have anything to comment please do so but don't hate please as it's my first :)


- Possibly one of the best nukers in the game.
- Very strong mid/end game capabilities.
- Very fun to play.
- Possible to carry your team even if there's a feeder/leaver.
- Not to dependant on team once you get your core item build.


- Very hard to learn how to properly play.
- ******edly squishy early game.
- Basically USELESS until level6.

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Ok so let's start with the guide.

The runes I picked for this setup are:

Marks of Insight - I picked this for the obvious reason that it gives all your abilities more actual damage through peoples Magic Resistance.
Seal of Fortitude - The Seals are always something I have many doubts about, but for Akali I like these because it gives me and advantage over early game mid play.
Glyph of Force - These give you a decent amount of AP which is nice seeing as that's your main source of additional damage.

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For my masteries I run a 11/19/0, putting in the points in Ignite and Exhaust to give you an advantage and mainly because I couldn't find any better spots to put them in.

The main reason for the defense tree is Ardor as this gives you a considerable amount of AP.

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Now we get the to part that isn't as standard as the rest.

For my items I focus big time on the Passive spell vamp Akali can obtain. I do this because it gives me a lot of survivability, all I have to do is a Crescent Slash and my hp goes flying up again.

The core contains off:

The Hextech Revolver is built into a Gunblade later on for more AP/AD and Spell Vamp.

After you have achieved your core item build and the game is running into End Game you can either build out with the following:

Build one of these if you feel you are really lacking damage. This can you give you that major boost to pull the game to a win.

A good alternative to the Deathcap, it gives you more movement speed which makes chasing enemies a bit easier! If you feel you're getting picked out by AP anti-carriers you can consider taking this for the Magic Resistance.

If your team is faring well and you are 20/20 stacks, this is the item that will provide most fun. You can outrun basically anyone due to your items and it also provides decent AP/AD.

This is the mirror item to Lich Bane/Trinity Force as it prevents your enemies from fleeing quickly. Gives good AP and a good amount of health. I personally don't like it because I feel the Lich Bane and Trinity Force give you more of a boost in the nuking sequence.

If the team is very AD heavy this item can be your saviour. The unique passive can also be a rescue in a bad situation, only for your team to catch up and help you turn the encounter around.

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Advanced gameplay.

So now that the basics are explained and the plan to build Akali has been set out I will now explain in the most detail I can how I play.

Early game.

I start out with a long sword, this gives me 10% spell vamp from my passive, along with this I buy a health potion.

When the minions arrive I stay behind the ranged minions and only ever hit a minion with my Mark of the Assassin to last hit it. If I get the chance to and my opponent isn't that clever I harrass with Mark of the Assassin.
Once I get to level2 and I have my Shroud it makes last hitting much easier. Drop the shroud so it covers the melee and ranged minions, Then I last hit with either melee attacks or my Mark, be carefull with last hitting using melee as it is quite buggy when you're in the shroud.

I try to scare my enemy laner off at around level5/6 so I can do a quick recall. I usually have enough money for a Sword of the Occult. When I return my Shadow Dance has 3 Essences stacked up and I can nuke my opponent.

Mid game.

Once mid game starts I am constantly looking out for any easy kills on my side lanes. If there aren't any quick kills I try to help out on the lane that is having most issues.

By now I have enough money for my Hextech Revolver and my Mejai's, once I get these 2 items and my mid turret is still up I take every opportunity to nuke my side lanes.

Late game.