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Akali Build Guide by Top69Concepts

Middle Akali GUIDE - M7

By Top69Concepts | Updated on August 6, 2020

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Runes: Main

1 2
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
Main Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #58 in
Middle Lane
Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

Akali GUIDE - M7

By Top69Concepts
How To Play Akali - Early Game
Akali is an amazing assassin and she can have great burst damage with electrocute against most mid laners, when she plays top it is best for her to take conquer as people there are much more tanky and electrocute won't do anything. When starting as Akali the best thing you are going to want to do farm while poking, you can hit minions with your q and then when your passive is proced hit them with an auto and it will do major damage. When you have learned your e you can look for an opportunity to hit the enemy with it then go in auto once passive procs and that should proc electrocute, you can also throw a q as you are leaving and it is just a little bit more damage on top. If they are really low from this combo you can continue on the attack and your w once used with restore 80 energy and give you extra decaying movement speed.
How To Play Akali - Mid Game Back to Top
When you reach mid game as akali and you have your ult plus gun-blade it is time to shine, to go in as akali in mid game there is many ways, if a person goes too close to you you can ult over them auto with passive use your q and make sure to keep autoing with your passive. You can use your e to either escape from battle or simply to just do more damage, try and proc your w when you are low energy but also use it if you have to survive some auto attacks or gain some speed. Don't be afraid to use your e backwards to propel yourself towards the enemy. Always make sure to try and hit people with your second ult active when they are low health to execute them but you can also use it to dash over walls or away from a fight and gun-blade people to slow or kill them, do whatever is needed.
How To Play Akali - Late Game Back to Top
When you are playing Akali late game it is still close to how you would play mid but most of the time will be team fights. You can ult through many people and also hit many people with your q. This helps to do the most damage possible to the team for your team to clean up if you get caught off or run out of energy. As an Akali you want to try and aim there biggest damage dealer and get into there back line so somebody like there ADC. You are going to want to ult over them q attack with passive and use your w to make sure they cannot auto attach you. Once you are sitting in your w you can e back onto the person you are attacking and q ult removing them from the game. If you already killed the person you were attacking try and ult back through the enemy team as you will do a lot of damage to a large group of people.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Top69Concepts
Top69Concepts Akali Guide

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Akali GUIDE - M7
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