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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frizer#1161

Akali - Hybrid Build

Frizer#1161 Last updated on May 12, 2010
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Welcome to my Akali build. This is a Hybrid build, mostly focused on ability power because most of akali's spells take advantage of that, but also uses some Attack damage to make Twin Disciplines do more damage.

Mastery Build: 21/0/9
I placed 21 into offense because Akali is an assassin type champion, no Defensive is because Akali has no use of 1-2% chance of Dodging. Therefore i put 9 into Utility to get the bonus for Ghost and the Exp bonus, "Greed" mastery may be switched out to bonus for Teleport.(so can "perseverence"). I dodge all crit masteries as because most of your damage output will come from your combo of skills.

Summoner Spells: Ghost, Teleport
Many others might have picked ignite or rally or cleanse, but i picked ghost because then not even Kennen would be able to run away. Teleport because i feel its a very useful spell to come around with.

Rune Build: AP per lvl Marks, Solid HP Seals, AP per lvl Glyphs, Solid HP Quintessences
The Solid Health will be replacement for the Health from buying a Doran's Blade. the AP per lvl is just to buff your abilities further, it WONT be enough to activate your Discipline of force(Innate ability), unless ofcourse you go a long way before buying anything.

Explaination of Skills:
Twin Disciplines(Innate):
Discipline of Might - Upon obtaining 20 ability power, Akali's hits deal 10% bonus magic damage, increasing by 1% for every 5 ability power gained thereafter.
Discipline of Force - Upon obtaining 10 attack damage, Akali gains 10% spell vamp, increasing by an additional 1% for every 20 attack damage gained thereafter.

This is what immediately makes akali more reliant on both AD and AP, this is simply why you can melee people for hard damage with a huge amount of AP. And this is what makes you able to dodge Life steal items.

Mark of the Assassin:
Akali deals magic damage and marks her target for 6 seconds.
If she hits a marked target, the mark triggers dealing the same magic damage and restoring energy.

This is the spell which you are gonna cause the highest amount of damage with. You use this as your first ability as you start a fight, it works for last hitting minions too if needed.

Twilight Shroud:
Akali throws down a cover of smoke for a few seconds, becoming stealthed while in the area. Enemies in the smoke have 40% reduced movement speed and reduced attack speed.

You can use this spell to make sure people cant run, they will be so slow you can close in on them and finish them off. Its your best way of escaping aswell, as used in jungle can confuse your chaser. In certain scenarios you will have use of the armor/magic resistance to survive a big hit, such as a nunu firing absolute zero and you attack them, the armor/resistance will make you take the hit better(if nunu actually survives long enough to charge fully).

Crescent Slash:
Akali flourishes her Kamas, hitting nearby units for physical damage plus 30% Ability Power + 60% Attack Damage.

This spell doesnt hit as hard as many of your others, but you should use it often, as it activates trinity force(which means you hit like a truck with your next attack), and you can farm EASILY with it.

Shadow Dance:
Akali moves through shadows to quickly strike her target, dealing damage and consuming an Essence of Shadow. Akali gains a new Essence of Shadow every number of seconds, up to 3 total.

This is what makes you one of the fastest champions in the game, 1 essence is the whole cost, about 1 second cooldown(at rank 3), AND damage, not to forget haves a longer range than Shunpo(used by katarina). you can even end up using this spell three times in one fight, because you can use it straight after Mark of the Assassin to close in and hit them for bonus damage, you might also just fire it to activate trinity force(not likely but maybe). You can also escape by using it in the jungle or on far away minions!

Item Build:
Straight off as the game begins you should buy Long Sword(this activates Twin disciplines Might Buff), and as many potions as you can get, and run to your lane.
First time you should port home should be either when you have low health(because youre squishy and shouldnt take too many chances), or when you can afford sorcerer's Boots, or when you can afford sorcerer's boots AND Mejai's soulstealer(This will activate Twin Disciplines Force Buff), this depends entirely on how well your game is going so far. Now youre equipped to gank, but you could also just stay in your lane and wait for your opponent to try and attack you and just burst them to death(or close to...).
Second time you should go home should be when you can afford Guinsoo's Rageblade, or single items from it(depending on the game again).
As you start making your Trinity Force you should buy Phage first because your long sword is a part of the recipe. Then you should buy Sheen, because thats one of the most important items for you, due to the bonus damage after casting.
When youve finished your Trinity Force people should fear you, because you can do thousands of damage with your burst. But dont go into a fight with too low health, you should have maybe 50% health ATLEAST if you start a fight, because it might be a gank, and the opponent might turn around and smack you with a surprising amount of damage. If you feel safe and know what you are doing, you can fight with less health.
When youve made your Zhonya's Ring you should have 498 Ability Power(counting Mejai's Soulstealer at 20 stacks).
Last you should start making your Black Cleaver, you should buy B.F. sword when you can afford it, and then finish the recipe. After finishing your Black Cleaver you should have 219 Attack Damage, and 498 Ability Power(again counting Mejai's Soulstealer at 20 stacks).
some Matches might not even make it to let you finish your Trinity Force, but you should stay at the build, because you need the other items more. Ofcourse you should NOT buy Mejai's Soulstealer if your team is getting owned, you should either go directly to guinsoo's, or buy something different in mejai's slot, but it SHOULD be including ability power, because you need 20 AP quickly(if you go directly to Guinsoo's Rageblade you should buy Blasting Wand First).

Note: Im a level 21 Summoner so the Mastery/Rune Page, is not sure, if youre Below level 30 you should max out the Offensive Masteries first.
I use many builds made mostly by DEWO and HeAt, you should check their builds, you might use those champions they use too!


Please leave a comment and/or Rate, Remember, this build is different from other Akali builds because its HYBRID! :P