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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shatrah

Akali - Hybrid retaliation

shatrah Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 9

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This guide is made due to the "lack" of decent hybrid Akali guide. What makes the hybrid Akali better then the AP/AD Akali. Is that she has far better at killing champions that stack either high amount of MR or tanks with high amount of armor for instance.

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My rune page for Akali looks like this.

9x Greater Seal of Lucidity, scalling energy regen seals. At level 18 it is a total of 10 energy/5 seconds. (was unable to link this seal).
3x Greater Quintessence Meditation, scalling Quinttessence (couldnt link these either). At level 18 its about 5 energy5 seconds.
The Seals and Quinttessence combined will give an extra 15 energy/5 seconds at level 18.

For the last 2 red and blue socket, i pick flat damage runes.
1x , will be explained further below.
1x , will be explained further below.

My pick of Marks are kinda obvious. All of Akali's ability deal only of partial magic damage. That is why i pick these over Greater Mark of Desolation

For the blue runes i take .

For my Seals and Quinttessence i am using scalling energy regen. At first hand these might seem like a rather stupid choice. But its not!

Thats because that theres hardly any CD on Akali's primary damage abilitys and .
Its only has a small CD.
And because Akali is able to spam her abilitys rapidly during combat. She will run out of energy pretty fast. And will be close to useless while she regens energy.

So 10% faster energy regen [at level 18] from Seals lets Akali spam her abilitys 10% faster, dealing 10% more magic damage.
Keep in mind that you should only buy these energy regen Seals if you are sure that Akali is the right choice for you. They are close to useless before Akali get level 18. Since they wont be of any help before you get the extra 10%.

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Summoner Spells

What is there to add on this matter???

I always pick and .

Also dont pick !!!

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My masteries are nothing out of the ordinary. Its a pretty much standard 21/0/9 build.
Its really up to your own choice. Just keep in mind that you will need the 3/3 Brute Force for the initial spell vamp.

But my personally choice is the 10% crit dam from Lethality, and the 5% overall damage from Havoc.

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Just a brief desciption of each of Akali's, and how to get the better use of them.

Q) Main direct damage nuke, scalles with AP. Good to start out with before engaging other champions. Early game when you get it to rank 2. Its just simply amazing to last hit low minions with.

W) a short duration cloaking field for Akali. Got tons of ways to use this in almost every situation. Mainly i use it for escaping fights, precast it in bushes if you are unsure if someone is hiding inside it. Also good dropping on team fights for making Akali harder to focus on, besides it also buffs Akali's armor and magic res.

E) AoE ability, great for farming minions and ofcourse also for fights. Scalles both both AD (60%) and AP (30%).

R) Long range attack. Also got loads of way to use this ability. I mainly use it to rush into team fights after the others have engaged. Its also just as good for chasing down fleeing enemys. Another well known trick for it, is to escape from any situation that could end up killing you. Like when laning, use it on the enemys minions to quickly get out of combat.

IMPORTANT: Try to avoid using any Essence of Shadow. You will probably want all 3 of them for when engaging. You will be needing 2 charges for most fights, unless you start out with enemys that are low on HP.

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1) I always start out with and a .

Try not to get back to the shop before you are both level 6 and got anough gold for .
2) Buy your . If possible start building your starting with the .

3) Start building your , this will give a good increase of both passives.

4) Next i go for , that finally is build into . Next option for depends on the what need the most... Get if you are having trouble with survivabilty. The Movement speed is great! Else get the for the extra HP.
My favourite choice is 9/10 games.
Finally get the last pieces to complete the .

5) The last three item slots will all be reserved for 3 . This is all because that is the item with the most combines AP and AD. Only only downside is that the "active" is unique.
Thats not that big of an issue,since its not the "active" thats gonna be the real killer her.

Also a thing to mention about how you should build the . Only rush for a if you get feed early game. I almos always go for 2x before my first . That way you get some good cheap AP and Spell Vamp ugprades.

NB: After some thinking, but lack testing. Buying for the 6th item can be a better choice if the opposite team stacks up alot of magic res.

But since most games are over before i start building my 3rd [icon)Hextech Gunblade size=40]. I havent had the chance to test it further.

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DPS rotation

If Akali's abilities are executed probably. Akali can deal an insanly amount of burst damage to almost any champion.

Try and get used to always start fights with this:

Q --> R --> E .

Then just spam what ever of Q or E that is ready. Try and save your to when you have just used .

Always try and save . Just dont use it for "fun" when engaging an enemy that you are positive to kill.
I often use it right after i have charged in with my

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Team Work

Not much to add here besides common sence.

Dont do any mentally ******ed tower dives, that will end up killing you.
Wait for the tank or the more tough champions to start the fights.

A good way to work with your team is to in from behind and kill the weaker champions.

Like mentioned above. Not much to add here.

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Early-, mid-, late game

Early game:
Try not to be to offensive. Unless you are almost certain that its not gonna kill you to attack the enemy champion, DONT!

Use your to last hit as many minions as possible.

Try not to teleport back to the shop before you get to level 6 or your got enough gold for .

Mid game:
Dont take any obvious stupid chances like try and solo push 2nd tower with 4-5 creeps. You simply need more AD to take on towers by yourself.
Well, common sense. Ofc, kill a tower if it got like 50 HP left.

Late game:
Should manage to buy your 2nd or even start with your 3rd . Dont let a 1on1 against a tank scare you. It is actually possible to beat tough targets like Mordekaiser.

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Lizard and golem buff

The blue Golem buff ], is always reserved for champions that uses mana.
But i badly disagree. Because of Akali's short CD on her abilities. She will a deadly amount of burst damage, if she gets the blue buff.
But on the other hand. No reason to piss peaple off. what i do is that if someone asks for it. I will just let them have it. Notthing sucks more to lose because people get mad at eachother.

The red Lizard buff, you are a melee. Take it? :)

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Final words...

Sorry for the semi-****py english gramma. Not used to make posts or any other threads that is for everyone to see on the web :)

Feel free to correct me on some stuff im wrong. Just be polite :)

- Shatrah