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Akali Build Guide by ThingxOne

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThingxOne

Akali, solo mid (quick guide)

ThingxOne Last updated on February 9, 2012
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This is ThingxOne's guide to AP/AD Akali mid lane. This will cover do's don'ts and my reason why Akali is one of the best mid lane champions in the game. I hope you enjoy and get some useful information from this guide!

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Rune build is pretty obvious. One flat AP rune to get the ball rolling level 1-5 per-level ap runes for good late game. I'm not going to go into to much detail. I will say that this rune build will proc her passives.

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I'm not going to get into it too much here because if you read the items it's pretty obvious.
But, one thing I do like, is Sheen early game and Lich Bane late game. Take a second and look at the passive. You will understand. Now, Hextech Gunblade One nice item. I recommend you put it into an easy to reach item slot that is key bound or that you make your key bind for item slot one easy and fast to hit for the active on this. Throw it in something like this (refer to skill sequence for the detailed version of the basic skills) then on to your q again and then use your Hextech Gunblade to slow the target to the the hit for even more burst, it's real powerful mid game. It's up to you if you want to rush Sheen before gunblade.

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Ganking from mid.

After you reach about level 7 you should try to gank a lane. For example you have bottom lane that is weak and they are pushed to your turret. Take advantage of your Boots of Mobility and go help them! Akali can easily 1v2 around this point of the game. Only gank lanes if you are pushed in your own land and are ahead in kills.

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Skill Sequence

Jumping right into this section. I choose this skill sequence because her Q being max'd first is good for early game. You only want to get last hits with your Q till level 6. once you get level 6 push your lane to the enemy turret and go B. buy your next item and either run or tele port back and try to kill your enemy using this skill rotation. Q till the cd is at 1 sec left ult over the regular hit him/her then q again use your ult then your E. use your W only to escape or to make your self hidden till q,e,r are off cd and you can score a kill.

1 sec left on cd then use the use your then your E Rinse, repeat, and throw your in when you need to wait for cd's or you need to juke/get away. Also, a cool thing about is that it will slow your enemy. Use that to your advantage.

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Do's and Don'ts.

-Farm last hits with your q till level 6
-Go for kills when you have your ulti.
-Do your best to snowball, if you are buy an ap snowball item.
-Always use your q first.
-Be smart, use Akali's ult and w to your advantage.
-Kill ****.

Do not do this
-Do not get anything but your q first
-Don't go for kills before level 6 unless you are 146% sure you can get them!
-Don't build AD>AP when in mid.
-do not DO NOT NEVER EVER use your ulti before your Q champ vs champ.
-Don't die.

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Pros / Cons

-Snow balls HARD!.
-When in mid she can gank top or bot for even more snow ball.
-Will **** on any AP mage in mid past level 6.
-Tons of burst and scary to lane against
-Really cool skins.
Cons :/
-Gets called broken :/
-If you die too much and can not snowball its game for you.
-You can always have mid (greedy/selfish summoners).

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To wrap this up. If you have not played akali in a duo lane, DO NOT PLAY AKALI IN MID! My motto is "kill ****, don't die" and that's exactly what you need to do with Akali. Over all she is a fun champ to play, she has so much utility and its easy to think outside the box with her. Akali is one of my fav champions and the most fun to solo mid with. I know it was short and simple but there are so many guides that are like 4 pages long when all you wanna know is her build or runes or mysteries and some brief info. That it for this guide. Good luck and have fun!