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Akali Build Guide by Szylah

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Szylah

Akali Solo Top (Season 5 Build Guide)

Szylah Last updated on January 24, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Akali with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Hecarim Hecarim is a dream opponent as you deal more damage early game so if you play aggresive push him away towards his turret he can't get farm. You will always be a step ahead so go full out aggresive at level 6.
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Note this is an edit of an Akali build made originally by Akio Nomura but some things I didn't agree on from personal experience and so far the new build has worked every time, I have never lost a game with this build so hopefully you find it as useful as me, but bare in mind this is not a guide for beginners using Akali as you'll need to know the mechanics of Akali.

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Pros / Cons

- No Mana
- Can easily on shot
- Easy to learn
- Rely on Ult
- Very Squishy
- Not as easy as people think
- Pink + Sweeping Lens

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Easy Champ?

Before i begin to explain everything about Akali, i would like to open a parenthesis about this topic. There's probably no need to, but i think that you should be free to play her without being mocked by the enemy team for using an easy champ.
First of all, Akali is not that easy as people think. It's surely easy to learn, and all of her skills are target ones.. easy to land. But your huge gape closer could make you end up in a really bad position. The map must be warded well. And in teamfights you're easy shotted. A good team will surely place a Vision Ward in your Twilight Shroud or use the Oracle's Lens, denying your possibility to ult, hide and repeat the combo.
I once used Garen against Akali top in ranked, completely owned her and being called "noob champ" by her. My team replied with: "You're using Akali and you call the others noob?". Well, trust me, Garen is much easier than her. And as a Wukong main, i can assure you that even the monkey it's easier that Akali. You like her? Just play, and don't get mad by some random strangers that surely does not know how to play her.

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Hi Ninjas, this is my Top Lane Akali build. It's not one of my favourite champ, but she's pretty cool to play, nice to see in game after the texture update, and got an awesome splash art now. So, why not? I noticed that there's not a well made build of her in the top lane and wanted to try to make one.

Akali is an awesome champ if you want to raise your elo from bronze to gold. With her combo you can kill almost everybody. Just do a Mark of the Assassin on them, Shadow Dance and Crescent Slash. Always use your Twilight Shroud to cover yourself and be careful for Vision Ward and Oracle's Lens!

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- Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: Those quintessence are probably the best on Akali. You need the magic damage to pull of most of your skills, and that +15 AP is really a bliss.

- Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration: Since Akali does hybrid damage, those runes scales pretty well with her. But you can also play with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, if you think you'll not need the armor pen.

- Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Not that this surprise you, right? You need the flat magic resist glyphs to survive in early with the AP laners (Or from a gank). Also, take in account the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist if you aim to the late game, or the Greater Glyph of Ability Power if you want to go full damage. (I won't suggest it thought.)

- Greater Seal of Armor: You need this most of the time, since a lot of laners are AD based. After a recent patch, even the Greater Seal of Health are good, but you should really use the armor one if you want to survive in lane.

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Early Game

Your early game as Akali it's almost the same every single time. You just need to farm, farm and farm. Just remember that farming is one of the most important thing of the whole game. But, God, you're Akali, you can also farm champion if you want. [Insert a stupid laugh here.]
Be sure to last hit every single minion, and don't get zoned by the enemies. Try to reach level two faster than your opponent, so you can zone him by using Mark of the Assassin. He'll probably back from you to avoid your Crescent Slash. But don't spam too much or you'll run out of energy. Sometimes just trigger your mark with an auto attack instead of your E. IMPORTANT! Warding Totem on the bush at 3:10 or a little before when they got a fast jungling clear jungler. Like Vi, for example.

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Mid Game

When you are in the mid game, it's probably the best for you to Teleport bot lane or mid, if you're not forced to use it defensively. You need to roam as much as you can, to put your team in a way that they can win their own lane (The true definition of carrying). Like i said before, bot lane it's probably the lane that need more help, because if they lose, you'll play the game 3vs5, since both the support and the AD carry, will be useless. And even if you get fed, it's almost impossible to win if they get unmotivated to play. Even mid will need help, if you ain't got Teleport just push your wave, wait for your opponent to recall and then use your feet to gank it. Do not forget your farm, and always take a Stealth Ward or a Vision Ward (if you can) every time you go back.

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Late Game

As an assassin, your primary role will be to one shot the enemy AD carry or AP carry. You need to play both solo and as a team. The team work is the most important thing, but we already know that most of the assassin must have a solo vision of the fight. You'll be on the side waiting for an opportunity to assassinate the enemy. If you can peel someone, like your AD carry, feel free too. The more you are the better. As a top laner you can also split push a lot in your own lane, or on the others with Teleport. But that doesn't mean you should ignore the team calls. Always be aware of your surrounding. As Akali, never leave a kill. It's really worth it on you, if you get fed you can snowball hard and go solo versus five (Ok maybe it's not a good idea, don't do it). Don't forget to remember every single cc's of the enemy team. You wouldn't like to be perma stunned after your first R, right? And always engage with your little friend Zhonya's Hourglass up.