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Akali Build Guide by Incage

Akali - The Assailant Approach

Akali - The Assailant Approach

Updated on July 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Incage Build Guide By Incage 1,957 Views 1 Comments
1,957 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Incage Akali Build Guide By Incage Updated on July 27, 2011
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Introduction & Updates

Akali is a great burst damage character that when built correctly can take down most opponents in a simple combo. I will show you how to easily kill enemies with this build while still having survivability. Akali may be a weak tower pusher early on but is a great champion that is easy to master with practice.


- Fun to play
- Burst AP damage
- Tower Diving
- Can mid or solo
- Jungle capability
- Good chaser or juker


- Squishy early
- Focused/CC/Oracle's hurt
- Must be good at making quick decisions
- I have experienced several cases of leveling slow if not getting enough kills


(7/27/2011) - Guide Created
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Twin Disciplines:
Makes Akali deal more magic damage in this case with the ability power over haul, but also allows you to build hybrid to gain spell vamp which is very helpful.

Mark of the Assassin:
You most important damage dealing skill and early harassment tool. This is Akali's only ranged skill making it very useful to harass opponents in early levels, and if you can get a regular attack off, deal good damage early. Also helpful for last hitting minions if needed. If possible always get an auto attack off on the target, and helps if used to kill a minion to gain 40 energy.
Max First!!!!!

Twilight Shroud:
This skill has many uses to control the battle. The obvious running away and hiding in to annoy your enemies. It can be used to slightly slow running enemies as well as hide yourself while chasing. Also is good to hide in while last hitting minions. My favorite is using it to jump into a bush an enemy is in without them knowing. I get this skill at level 2 but level last because it is important to have but the extra points in it aren't as helpful as your other skills.
Max Last

Crescent Slash:
Good AoE damage to enemy minions and champions. Good for a burst of damage while chasing, but short range makes it hard to hit on fast enemies sometimes. Use to farm minions mostly.

Shadow Dance:
What makes Akali scary to run away from. I use this skill to initiate from a fairly long range for a melee character. This also closes the gap from running enemies gaining you a kill mostly likely every time. Be aware of how many stacks you have always. Also can be used to run away from enemy champions chasing you by jumping to a minion or creep.
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Combination Attack

My rotation is pretty standard for Akali and deals great burst damage.

Image View:
> > Auto Attack > > Auto Attack > > (Finish off or chase, and repeat.)

R > Q > Auto Attack > Q > Auto Attack > E > R
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Summoner Spells

First Pick

: Use to finish off enemies running away or to hasten the death of an enemy.
: Can use to chase or turret dive. Akali is great at turret diving and Flash just makes it that much easier. Also flash through walls to escape and shroud if needed.


: Use to chase or escape.
: Support allies or turrets in need of assistance, also gank in some cases.
: Great for chasing again.
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It is really easy and helpful to solo as Akali. It helps to get your ultimate early with the solo experience so you can gank low health enemies in other lanes. The main idea is to use your Mark of the Assassin to harass the enemy or last hit minions while staying untouched in your Twilight Shroud. Most of the knowledge of playing as Akali is hard to explain and is better taught by practice. If you don't like to solo make sure to lane with a good range champion or stun/snare champion.
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: If you are fed early game please please grab this to gain the extra ability power.


: Good ability power and the NEEDED spell vamp is essential to your skills for good burst damage.

The other items in my build are what I normally build, I feel it works well but can always be altered.
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I hope to add images or videos of techniques of using Twilight Shroud and chasing enemies.
Also will show images with results using this build.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Incage
Incage Akali Guide
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Akali - The Assailant Approach

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