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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dGGb

Akali the Hybrid

dGGb Last updated on March 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is about akali with attack damage. Akali's spells already have enough Damage by themselves like mark of the assassin does 150 damage on hit and 150 damage after hitting the tagets thats been hit with the mark adding your attack damage at 18 is around 500 to 600 damage.

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Summoners spells

I choose all the time for its Extra 10 ability power witch can help you alot, I use sometimes to catch my enimies but i use now because akali has enough speed to start with. So either ghost or exhaust. can be used to pop out of your smoke but exhaust allows you so slow the enemy for a pretty long amount of time. everything else is garbage unless you find a use for it then good :)

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Pros / Cons

Fun to play
Not to squishy in early game
Not to hard to play
Not as strong early game but once you get your combo you are good

Focused a lot in team battles
Not a lot of armor

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Burst order

Once you hit in game level 18 you will be doin amazing amount of damage out put, So if you dont know the burst damage rotation, my favorite is: --> --> Auto attack--> --> Repeat; Once you get the last cresent slash if they still have health left over repeat the process. Simplified for Q, W, E, and R: Q--> R--> auto attack--> E--> repeat.

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Team battle 3v3

In a three v three (3v3) like in 5v5's you want to be stealthed. So in 3v3 you have the bush in middle of lane at bottom you'll get there first, Hide in that bush and let your Tankiest person go first, then hit on the squishy auto attack then go back if your target focuses you right away.

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Team battles 5v5

In 5v5's you want to be suprising the enemy dont just run out there and attack, What you do is Stay behind your team! Let the tank go first once your team engages the fight Throw your Q Shadow dance it Auto attack and Hit Eand run out this should be done fast and not to mention on the SQUISHY. Squishy first then Focus tank with the rest of the team.

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How to use Akali

First you want to Know how to use her. Your "W" ( )spell will come in use A LOT in 5v5's you may use it to throw down go into it then flash a different direction or throw it close to a bush makeing your enemy think you're in the bush or in the smoke but you'll be some where else.
Your Q ( ) spell does the most burst damage it does 150 on hit then auto attacking the target will consume the mark and Do another 150 damage equaling to 300 damage plus auto attack after that is aroud 200-300 depending on enemy's armor with is total of 500, 600, and maybe even 700 if you get full build. I know the build is expensive thats why i put the actual Build to the main items. Now your can be used very effctivly if used right, If you over extend and you use shadow dance on a enemy minion it could save your life or you could kill steal like a boss through a wall. Your "E" ( ) is the finising touch, Your "E" will Do that last amount of 200-300 damage on that enem you want to kill.

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Simply Use your Q , hit target with auto attack then E . Try to see if there is a bunch of minions with low health so pop in hit E then get +20g on each one up to 100 gold if you get the whole wave. Faceing a Big minion (not a super minion) you want to focus it with the mark of the assasin and the E spell and then it should be half way repeat one more time and you have sucessful killed the whole wave.

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I chose Berserkers Greaves for only one reason, The Attack speed will help a lot You'd be suprised.

Blood Thirster is all out a good Item for akali, Life steal will help you through hard times.

Rulai's Scepter is for the health and ability power giving akali that last bit of "AP" She needs to get her second mark unless you have the Potency Glyphs and what not.

Tri-Force gives you a little bit of everything to help akali out.

Frozen mallet gives you health and a great passive :P and some other good stuff.

Infinity Edge for the Attack damage and Crit chance! :)

Item order! Sell the Dorans blade for ininity edge you will no longer be needing it. The rest is simple :) need any help PM me. Thanks for looking at my guide hope it helped Cya later