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Tryndamere General Guide by Skill2Kill

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skill2Kill

All Hail the Crit King - 100% Crit - SEASON 5

Skill2Kill Last updated on November 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi my name is Skill2Kill and I have been playing League since the start of 2013.

I do not claim to be anywhere close to the best. However I have played hundreds of casual games as Tryndamere and also used him to climb from Bronze 5 to Silver 4... a reasonably impressive feat for someone in their first season I'd say.

This guide is aimed at the Bronze/Silver players who are looking to improve their Trynda'play... and who knows, perhaps some Golds will find this slightly useful too!

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So the runes are a little different to most Tryndamere guides I've read.

Basically I always aim to use my runes to my advantage when it comes to who I lane against; I don't see any point in having MR Glyphs vs a Riven for example.

For this reason I have decided to use 2 pages for my Tryndamere: 1 vs AD and 1 vs AP.

Tryndamere's main stat is Attack Speed (AS). The more AS you have the more basic attacks you can get onto the enemy. AS also happens to synergise well with Life Steal (LS). LS will be Tryndamere's defensive stat. The more he hits the more he heals... there for building incredibly offensive also happens to be pretty defensive too!

The crit runes are to gain the 100% crit at end game... it also doesn't hurt in the early game turning your passive from 35% crit chance to 40%.

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These just amplify Tryndamere's basic attacks. I have chosen all masteries that increase AS or AD in some way. The 9 points in defence are typical of a "fighter" as they allow him to take a bit more of a beating.

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I choose Ignite because it is offensive and so is Tryndamere. Tryndamere's job is to be a huge lane bully. If you can push people out of lane then you are winning... if you can manage to place a sneaky ignite on them then you may rocket ahead with a kill. An alternative for this is teleport vs a hard match up such as Nasus where you will want to go in hard and fast and then get out before he has chance to wither and catch up in damage. You can then base and come back for another fight and hopefully kill him. The other option is Exhaust which would be great vs other basic attack champions such as Jax or Xin.

Ghost is just best for Tryndamere. He already has his E to escape over walls and instant gap close. The beauty of ghost is it allows you to chase down your opponent whilst continuously smashing your sword into the back of their head ;)

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Play Style

Tryndamere is a Hyper Carry who scales incredibly well into the late game.

Early game he is a lane bully. The idea is that you want to build up your rage in lane vs creeps. Once you have full rage you want to abuse your opponent every time they go for a last hit. Do not let them go near the creeps without getting a face full of your sword!

The key to Tryndamere's early game is his rage. If you have full rage you will have a very good chance of winning a trade. What I see many Tryndamere's do far too often is use their rage to heal mid fight when they are half health... This is a huge mistake!! The only time you should be healing is if the next hit you take will kill you or you are disengaging from a fight. There are two very good reasons for this:

1) Tryndamere's rage increases crit chance by 35%! This is a huge steroid which can easily turn the tide in a fight with a single crit!!

2) Q (Blood Lust) In a nutshell: The lower Tryndamere's health the harder he will hit... why would you make yourself hit less on purpose??

Both of the above reasons can be used to get an early "cheese kill". 1v1 your opponent and you may seem to be losing at first but remember the above and you will find that the more you lose...the more you start to win!! All of a sudden you are hitting far harder than the enemy expected and they are running from you Ghosting behind them whilst bopping them on the head with your sword. Knowing how to use this correctly takes a lot of practice and separates the good Tryndamere's from the bad.

Mid game is where you will have picked up a few kills and pushed down the top lane outer tower. Do not just carry on further into top lane... you will be overextending and this will almost certainly lead to your demise. The best thing you can do once you have pushed your lane past the rubble of the outer tower is move down to mid and help push that tower too. Remember to go for drake when ever it is up. Having you down from top lane for drake is a massive advantage as not only is your team up by 1 player your team is up by 1 Tryndamere!! You deal huge damage to drake and can secure it before the enemy team have chance to react. If they do show up take it down to the wire and then safely E out the back wall of the drake pit.

End game you are an objective machine!! Push down towers on every lane - you can do this by split pushing or as a group. Many people talk about Tryndamere's split push potential but he is also an excellent team fighter. He deals such insane damage that the enemy must focus him... leaving the rest of your team to poop all over them. I generally try to play Tryndamere similar to an assassin. I dive into the back line (usually from the side or behind) and take the ADC out of the fight almost immediately. Move onto anybody else within range and just try to put out as much damage as possible.

One of the most infuriating things I see Tryndamere's doing in team fights is using their Ulti and E'ing out straight after. Let me say this now... your Ultimate is not meant primarily as an escape tool!! It is a means of dealing additional damage. This ultimate is there for the same reason an ADC buys Guardian Angel: You are such a massive threat to the enemy that they aim to blow you up as fast as possible!! The Guardian Angel gives an ADC a second chance at putting out some damage whilst they take another beating... your ultimate is a million times gives you the chance to deal damage whilst you take no damage whatsoever! Obviously you can be crowd controlled but the point is this is your best chance to deal damage... do not use it just to survive and escape.

There are times (it happens to us all)... where you are either eating a sandwich or picking your nose... or eating a sandwich whilst picking your nose and you accidentally run head on into the enemy team on your own and realise you have made a mistake... this is the time to use your ulti as a means to survive and escape.

What I am basically saying from all of this is that your ultimate is meant for dishing out extra damage when you should have died. You are always going to get focused by the enemy because YOU DEAL SO MUCH DAMAGE! If you can use your ultimate correctly and dish out even more damage before you die then your team should have no problem with mopping up and winning. Obviously if you can get away in the last second of your ultimate then that's great! But your main priority should be to deal as much damage as possible - die with honour rather than run like a noob!

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I think I have covered the main jobs of Tryndamere and how to use him correctly. This guide is my first and it is a work in progress. I would really appreciate any feedback (as long as it's constructive).


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