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Amumu Build Guide by poisonedflames

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author poisonedflames

Amumu's Twisted Destruction

poisonedflames Last updated on January 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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By sacrificing your speed you get more ap damage. Simple and effective. People probably think "Oh! this build has no boots, it's not even worth trying" well i say to you, boots are not everything!. This build is for the new and hopefully won't be changed TT (obviously) map and is perfect for it, it used to be different before Riot replaced the items but i can make a build for that when they put TT back to normal (if). This build gives you a little tank edge when killing them so you don't die fast with your 350+ ap, if you want to try this build and are having trouble but want to get better at using Amumu or just at TT message me your ign or add me yourself so i can show you how it's done -_^ my ign is OliviaGrimheart. see you on the battlefield :D also this is my first build evar! so be nice when trolling ^_^ please?

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Summoner Spells Clarity

Clarity and Heal... i can hear them now... the wanna-be pros saying "those spells are for noobs! Uninstall" *sigh* if only they knew how to use them or 'when' to use them :D .This chapter focuses on Clarity also, this chapter is me teaching you "when" to use them in some cases if not healing your teammates or giving them mana. In a 1v1 in the top lane or when one bot goes to do a gank the clarity can be used as a, how do i say it? a "secret weapon" like when you have almost full hp if not all or if you and your enemy is at half *any lower and it's too dangerous* and your mana is almost empty but you still have your Clarity spell available and you know you will win a fight if you have mana. So you fight with no mana so the enemy will indeed 100% think they with win because you can do no damage with no mana and then that is the perfect time to strike, if you're under lvl 6 your Bandage Toss can stop them from running if over your Ult for me, this ensures a kill for others, i get no feedback :D

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Summoner Spells Heal

The infamous Heal, the reason everyone says "i would have killed you you noob" hahaha! good times. most people should know this already but i decided i will type this out anyway, NEVER use it at the beginning of a fight when your health is low enough for you to heal it all back, it also works well with the Clarity strategy or when you decide to only use Clarity thinking you will save enough health but don't and you are able to kill the enemy but a Ignite could kill you, saving your heal till the very last second can save your life, and ensure you a kill if it does.... unless you're running... which shouldn't happen... unless you're new... because.. you know, running away would suck... with no boots... which is why i planned this build perfectly :D for me at least.

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do i need to? okay mom! jeez, alot of ap damage... there you happy!?

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When to use your Ult/Team Work

for me, i NEVER use it at the very start of a team fight that's bad, you might see videos of pros doing it at the start but i wait until my whole team is there in the fight, this can turn the battle around if you're losing and doing it at the start will prevent that, and i use it alot on people trying to run away, which is how i fix the 'chasing' part people wonder about.
his or her hp should be low enough if they are trying to run away so using your ult when you know you wont catch up will either finish them off or slow them a lot allowing you to catch up and finish them off.

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if your 2 gold items aren't enough then push a little by killing all the minions and gain their gold but don't go past half, and when that is done take the 3 jungle areas and keep doing it (ask teammates if neccesary) until the lane minions are close enough to farm them

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i forgot to mention that you have to sell your Phil stone to get Rabadons, sorry about the confusion.