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Teemo Build Guide by nights1234

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nights1234

an asian's first guide to a teemo

nights1234 Last updated on February 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey! I'm nights1234, here to talk about my very first guide. This is a guide for teemo. For all of my friends who a looking at this, I LOVE THE TEEMO BANDWAGON!!! I hope that you will enjoy the rest of my guide.

if you have any recommendations or any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, let me know.

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Pros / Cons

the way i play teemo, he is a very good laner, that is focused on constantly making trades while at the same time not taking too much damage himself. this is why i recommend taking teemo to top or mid lane. the downside is that teemo is an extremely squishy champion that can get easily poked, and bursted out of lane.

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Skill Sequence

for my skill sequence i would recommend maxing toxic shot, then blinding dart, then maxing move quick last. The only siuational change to this is maxing move quick before blinding dart, other than that you can't change it to anything else, because the toxic shot it a must at early levels. By doing this i can make the most efficient trades with toxic shot, while taking less damage because of a couple points in my blinding dart.

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For my masteries are a 21/9/0 set. this provides me with a lot of sustainability, so that i can constantly harass other champions with my basic attacks, while at the same time, staying alive myself. This build is going for the most AP damage you can get.

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Early game

i think that this is the hardest part of the game to get right but this is also one of the most important parts of teemo's game. if you are going mid, you should focus on intimidation. when you opponent steps up to get CS (minions) you should blinding dart them into a few auto attacks. when you are doing this remember to stay safe though, because since teemo is incredibly squishy, he can be harassed extremely hard. when you are going top, you can play a little bit more recklessly, depending on what champion you are laned against, if you are going against a melee champion, you should make sure he does not get any CS,therefore shutting him out of a lot of gold. i you are laning against a ranged champion or a champion who can harass apply the statements that i said about mid lane.

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Mid game

by now you should have your hurricane, and you should be at at least 60 CS. mid game starts for you as soon as you hit about 20 minutes, get your shrooms of death, and set them up everywhere. this includes baron, the brushes in baron, the area behind Baron, and you should start trying to take Baron! just kidding, you should set them up for the areas stated above, and also at the entrances to your lane through the jungle. during mid game, if you are not fed, you should play more passively, this means letting you opponent overextend. most people underestimate the damage output of teemo, and will engage when the teemo is at a decently low amount of health, this is what you are going for. With your blinding dart,you should be able to deal a significant amount of damage, and also be able to deal a quarter of their health within the duration of the blind, this forces people to give it all or nothing, this makes them overextend a lot, and this lets you get kills when they realize that you should not **** with a Teemo. at this point you main objective is to not push the lane and get kills when they overextend.

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Late Game

This is when Teemo shines, you should stay with your team, and you should try to deal as much damage as possible, with all of the shrooms that you put up, you should see when a champion is alone, and when there is the enemy wanting to fight, your role during a team fight is to deal as much damage to your enemy carries as possible, switching to a new target when their Hp gets low(don't do this when targeting a carry.), it takes time to know when to do this, but this greatly optimizes your efficiency in a team fight. Also Teemo should try to chase down low enemy champions when the enemy disengages, or both carries flee in terror of your awesomeness.

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Thank you

Thank you for reading my guide to Teemo. Overall Teemo is a really fun to use champion and you can have so much fun by making the enemy team rage. this is what the build that works for me, if you don't like this build check out some more of the builds and tell them that i sent you. this is my very first guide, and i had a lot of fun making this, and i hope that you have fun using my guide to play teemo.