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Anivia Build Guide by prolite5

Middle Anivia Control Guide

By prolite5 | Updated on December 26, 2018

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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+8 Magic Resist
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Flash Heal
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Middle Lane
Ranked #19 in
Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Ability Order Skill Order

Champion Build Guide

Anivia Control Guide

By prolite5
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Abilities Back to Top
Passive - Anivia turns into an egg after dying. The egg has health equivalent to the max health of her bird form. Enemies can deal damage to the egg, and the egg respawns her back into bird form after a few seconds, with health equal to the amount of health the egg had before changing. You can make tons of big freakin' plays with this. It's super helpful.

Q - Anivia's Q is a slow moving ball of ice that deals a bit of damage in a line. It has insane range for a stun, but that comes at the cost that it's easy to dodge long range. Upon reaching the end of it's path or from a recast of Q, the ball of ice explodes dealing a bit more damage and stunning enemies in a small radius. Anivia's entire kit basically revolves around landing this skillshot. It is useful when in teamfights, as there is no limit to the number of champions you can stun. You can use this ability over walls as a surprise for the enemy team and stun them so you can follow up with your other abilities. Unless they have a Yasuo who knows how to Windwall. Then you're screwed.

W - Anivia's W is a wall of ice that blocks people from moving across. This ability is arguably the best ability in the game, but is also one of the hardest to master. You can use this ability to initiate a fight by placing it behind the enemy, blocking off their escape. In a team fight, you can place it between you and the enemy so you can run to safety without them chasing you. Upon placement, this wall will redraw tower aggro, so you can use it to attack if you're getting tower dived. It also slightly displaces champions you place it on, so you can use it to push enemies into your Q, or move it closer to the center of your R. When using this ability, you must be very careful because if you accidentally block your ADC off into the enemy team, they will flame the heck out of you and you'll probably feel really bad about yourself. Also, try not to troll with it by blocking people off in the nexus. It's super funny but don't do it because it's not nice.

E - Throws out a shard of ice that deals critical damage if the enemy was recently hit by Q or by a tick of R. Easy ability. Does damage.

R - place a circle somewhere that does a tick of damage every half second and slows champions in the circle. Upon recast, this ability does one final tick of damage and ends. This ability drains a ton of mana, so use it wisely. Recommended to only use it in teamfights when you have them CC'd or walled off. You can also delete minion waves really easily. One of the special things about this ability is that it's cooldown is only six seconds.
Mombo Combo Back to Top
Q-(Q)-E-AA-(AA)-RunAway -
This is the most simple combo on Anivia. The Q is used to stun them, and then E to do damage. I would recommend turning on "show mana costs" in settings so you can manage your mana well. This combo is used as early game poke. During Laning Phase, before running up and doing this, or basically anything involved with your Q, make sure that the jungler and support are both far away, or that you are closer to your tower than the opponent is so the jungler doesn't just come into your lane and kapow you do death.

This is the main damage dealing combo for Anivia that requires all her spells. It also requires a lot of mana and the mana goes to waste if you don't land your Q. Place your R on them, and then Wall behind them at a slight angle to make them run in a predictable direction, where you aim Q. Stun them while inside your R to get damage value off of R. Add dashes of Auto attacks, and you have successfully just exchanged your mana for gold.

This combo also uses a lot of mana and all your cooldowns, but in this combo you throw out Q first to make sure u have the stun, and then follow up with the rest of your abilities. This is usually capable of deleting one person, but if you land the Q in a group of people with a maxed out wall, it is capable of deleting a couple people.
Making Da Big Boi Plays and some Random Details Back to Top
Some of the greatest things about Anivia is the W synergy with other champions. If you play with a Vayne or Poppy or someone who's ability relies on walls, you can make some beautiful plays. Use your W somewhere close to the enemy without blocking yourself off, and tell your teammate to hit them into a wall.

With Vayne, start by placing the wall behind the enemy. Vayne will hit the enemy into the wall, stunning the enemy for a brief time. In this window of time, throw out Q and stun them again, while the vayne is auto attacking. Once stunned, follow up with E to crit, finishing off the enemy.

You can also use your Q, W, and R to save people. When people are running from a team fight, wall between them and the enemy, and then ult right in front of it after the wall falls. You can also throw in a Q, but without following up.

Anivia also has one of the longest auto attack ranges in the game, with the exception of Kindred, Annie, and some ADC's. This means kiting is easier. A general game tip: go into ESC>Settings>Game>Player Movement rebind your keys. Since space bar really isn't used that much, I would recommend setting "Attack move click" to space bar. You can use this by placing your mouse NEAR something you want to auto attack and press space bar. What the "attack move click" will do is auto attack the closest thing to your cursor in that moment. No left clicking or conformation is needed. This function is great for Anivia because you can kite better. I don't recommend using the default auto attack of "A" or by right clicking the target because "A" requires left click conformation and right clicking is risky because if you don't click directly on the enemy, you could end up walking closer to the enemy instead, which could get you killed. Get used to using attack movie click. It's good for your gameplay.

Anivia's passive can be used to prevent tower diving. I don't recommend purposely activating egg for the HP because it is risky, but in some cases you can purposely die in a safe location in order to respawn back at full health. You can also TP somewhere before Egging to respawn in a safe location and make your enemies get extremely tilted at how good you are at the game.

Fun Fact: Anivia ironically has THE hottest splash art in the game. Just look at this.Disclaimer: I'm not a furry-She doesn't have feathers.
League of Legends Build Guide Author prolite5
prolite5 Anivia Guide

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Anivia Control Guide