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League of Legends Build Guide Author Visfarix

Anivia, Queen of the Lanes

Visfarix Last updated on December 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First, I'd like to say this is my first guide, and I'm still tweaking stuff as I go along. I worked very long and hard on this build so any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please do not down vote for no reason. Give me a post so I at least know what to fix. Thanks.

Last update: 7:00PM EST 12/11/2010
7:00PM EST 12/11/2010 update
-refined change log a bit.
-Figured out how to use more BBCode so the guide is easier to navigate.
-Some changes to item order
1:30AM EST 12/4/2010 update
-Added Spirit Visage to Item build (OMG this item is so amazing for this build! I can't believe I never realized it.)
-Tweaked masteries -2 to Harden Skin and +2 to Defensive Mastery (Harden skin at 3 ranks only blocks 1 more physical damage, whereas Defensive Mastery will always block 2 damage from all minions. This is especially important in early game/laning phase)
-Minor text changes to various parts of the build, mostly in Abilities section and Gameplay section.


1. Introduction
2. Abilities & Tips
3. Summoner Spells
4. Masteries & Runes
5. Items
6. Gamplay & Playing Tips

1. Introduction

Anivia is a powerful champion capable of tremendous burst damage and has one of the best AOE spells in the game. Minion waves fall before her Glacial Storm and enemy champions strive to avoid it, making her the Queen when it comes to pushing and defending lanes. My comprehensive guide will teach you how to play Anivia and give you a build that specializes in keeping her alive for a stronger game overall.

2. Abilities & Tips

Rebirth (Passive)
When Anivia "dies", she'll regain all her hp, turn into an egg (I think she gets reduced armor and magic resistance as an egg), and be revived after 6 seconds. This gives you tremendous survivability, and makes you the perfect bait when you're at low hp. Just make sure to keep an eye on your CD timer.

-Many enemy players will often "forget" that you have this ability, so when they overextend and suicide themselves just to fail to kill you, make sure you give a hearty laugh and taunt them for being young and naive.

Flash Frost (Q)
Flash Frost is a slow moving skill shot with a very long range. It's like a flying time bomb and it's a great skill for harassing opponents. It is vital you learn to aim and time it well because this skill deals high damage and its short stun is very useful as a disruption tactic.

-This spell and Tear of the Goddess work very well together. Every time you hit 'q', it counts as a spell activation, so you will get 8 maxMP from Tear of the Goddess every time you use this spell(remember to hit 'q' every time or you won't get the extra MP). So while in town, cast this spell to increase your mana reserve (and AP once you've got Archangel's Staff).
-Flash Frost stun is very short, but it's particularly useful for interrupting enemy skills that have long channel times (ie katarina, miss fortune, warwick, etc). Especially since you can launch it from far away without worry of being caught in the channeled spell.
-Flash Frost won't detonate by itself until it reaches just a little outside the range from where you cast the spell. To make it easier to aim, move yourself until your target is outside of the range of Flash Frost. Then aim Flash Frost at your target or slightly behind them if you expect them to run.

Crystallize (W)
This skill is fantastic. It summons an indestructible wall that lasts 5 seconds. The higher the skill level the bigger the wall gets. Use it to wall in enemies so they can't escape or block enemies so they can't get to you or your team. It also reveals a lot of fog-of-war so you can use it to scout bushes and other important areas for enemies.

-At level 1 Crystallize just barely blocks the jungle passages. At level 2 you can easily block jungle passages. At level 3-4 the wall gets big and starts to gain a lot of applications. At level 5 you can almost block an entire lane.
-If you land Crystallize on top of a champion, sometimes it will trap them inside the wall so they can't move. Otherwise it'll "push" the champ outwards from the center of the wall which will cause them to pause for a second. If they get trapped, it's hilarious and an easy kill. (This is no longer true. They fixed the glitch. But I'm leaving this up here to remind myself of the glory days of WALL PRISON)
-Practice this skill AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. There is very little room for error with this spell. Even just a tiny bit off can be the difference between walling in an enemy and saving your enemy from your own team. You don't want to be called a noob by everyone just cause you messed up a little.

Frostbite (E)
Frostbite is the first skill you max out because it's cheap, mana wise, and does the most damage the most quickly. Once you freeze your opponent with Flash Frost or Glacial Storm, hit them with Frostbite and you'll do MASSIVE damage. You'll be slaying a lot of champs with this skill.

-This skill is most effective when it hits a frosted enemy, but don't be afraid to shoot enemies that aren't frosted either. This skill has the shortest cooldown of all your skills so you'll be able to attack multiple times and even without double damage it can still kill low hp enemies.

Glacial Storm (R)
Anivia's ultimate and most useful skill. It has a short cooldown so you can spam it pretty often, but it drains mana crazy fast if left on too long. Placement and knowing when to activate and deactivate it is key. You'll be using it constantly to slow and kill enemies. It's also great for farming minions. Most minions won't be able to last for more than a few seconds, giving you superb farming ability after level6.

-This spell and Tear of the Goddess work very well together. Every time you hit 'r', it counts as a spell activation, so you get 8 maxMP from Tear of the Goddess every time you use this spell. So while in town, constantly cast this spell to increase your mana reserve (and AP once you've got Archangel's Staff).
-Deactivate this skill as soon as you know it's not going to hit anything important. Do not be afraid to cast this spell, and then turn it off after a second. Especially don't forget to turn it off or it could end up draining all of your mana reserve. A manaless Anivia is useless.
-Anivia won't stop to cast this spell; it literally takes no time to cast and when you leave a certain range from where you set the spell, it'll auto-deactivate.

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3. Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells
Cleanse - A really nice skill and personal favorite. Saves you from enemy CC and, in conjunction with flash, can get you out of a tight situation. Especially useful against stuns, silences, taunts, and fear as Cleanse will allow you to quickly turn things around when you would normally be trapped and unable to cast. Also, remember it's got a relatively short CD so don't be afraid to use it outside of emergency situations.

Flash - Is a must in 5v5 Summoner's Rift. Let's you jump through walls to chase down or escape from enemies. IT WILL SAVE YOUR *** MORE TIMES THAN YOU CAN COUNT.

Ghost - A nifty skill, it lasts for quite awhile and lets you move quickly to get places, chase down enemies, or escape from enemies since Anivia is a very slow champ. In 3v3 Twisted Treeline, it is just as useful, if not more so, than Flash.

I wouldn't recommend any spells beyond these 3

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4. Masteries & Runes

Your masteries are geared towards helping you survive the early game while runes are for helping you get through early-mid game. Once you hit late-mid game, your core items will begin to take effect, and by end game your items will make you unstoppable.

Anivia is a squishy champ, and her egg only gets squishier. Even when you get Rod of Ages and increase her HP to a respectable level, you're still pretty easy to kill. A 9-21-0 build means you'll be not-really-squishy and much more likely to survive enemy attempts to kill you. Especially in the early game when you need damage reduction and HP regen the most.

This section is not yet complete. I have not the IP or time to test out all the best Runebook builds for Anivia, so help would be greatly appreciated. However, I do know that runes will vary depending on your skill level and MP management skills.

Marks - Armor or Magic penetration marks here. For a stronger early game, use Armor penetration marks for a stronger auto-attack and greater harassing ability. Magic penetration marks will result in a stronger mid-late game.

Seals - Not really sure what's best here. You need some MP regen, but maybe AP runes are better overall, I am rather uncertain here.

Glyphs - Here it depends on your skill level.
  • Straight MP for beginners to give them room for more spells and learn MP management.
  • AP/level runes for players who are less aggressive or those who often solo lane. The steady increase in AP means you'll have a stronger mid game, and if you solo, you'll quickly get to level 6 and hit the crossover level anyway.
  • Straight AP runes for players who are very aggressive early game. This could very well get you the kills you need in early game to complete your core items ASAP. However I do recommend you get AP/level Seals if you go this route.

Quintessences - Straight AP here. If you are worried about health Straight HP quints can be used, but I prefer AP because the extra 15 AP can be the difference between a kill and not in the early game.

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5. Items

Some AP and a lot of MP will bring Anivia a long way. This section will show you what basic items you must acquire early on. However, after a certain point, which items and boots you get will depend on the game situation and player's preference.
Note: Aside from Tear of the Goddess/Archangel's Staff, DO NOT GET ANY MP REGEN ITEMS. They are all a waste of gold and they don't give you enough MP regen. You will be better off getting the blue golem buff or blue pill to replenish your MP.

Basic Items

These are your most basic items that Anivia MUST have and acquire first. Everything afterwords will depend on how the game plays out.

Item Order
1. First you'll get a Sapphire Crystal, HP pot, and MP pot.
2. Grab Tear of the Goddess for your next item(remember to cast Flash Frost & Glacial Storm every time you return to town to increase your maxMP) and boots if you can afford them. Buy health & mana potions and wards as you need them. They'll keep you on the field longer so you can earn more gold.
3. Next rush Rod of Ages, I prefer getting Blasting Wand before Catalyst so AP growth is more gradual.
4. From here on it gets a bit tricky. Grab a Glacial Shroud, Spirit Visage, and/or Negatron Cloak depending on your opponents; Glacial Shroud is better against teams with a lot of physical damage and Spirit Visage is better against teams with more magical damage. Building Glacial Shroud & Negatron Cloak together gives you high survivability and great utility and is less expensive than Glacial Shroud & Spirit Visage.

After this point, item acquisition order should be based on user preference and game situation, so choose accordingly. Knowing when to upgrade your survivability items, like Glacial Shroud into a Frozen Heart, is important. And if your Spirit Visage is not enough against magic heavy teams or you bought Negatron Cloak, get a Banshee's Veil or Abyssal Scepter.

Sample Item Build

Here is a sample of what a complete build looks like. Some of these items can be swapped out depending on what your team needs. What to take out is up to you. However you will rarely ever get a complete item build and most games will end with your item build looking more like this:

Below I've listed recommended items that you should consider getting.

*Recommended items*
Archangel's Staff: Your first Arachangel's is certainly a must. When to pick it up however is up to you. If you're stomping the opposing team picking this up early is not a bad idea at all. As the game progresses, a 2nd or 3rd Archangel's staff will significantly boost your AP, but then you won't be able to get some of the other items and their cool effects.
Frozen Heart: Gives you a large amount of CDR, decent amount of mana, a little AP, and a lot of armor. This will greatly improve your survivability and utility making it a key item to get(even if someone else on your team is already building or built one).
Spirit Visage: Holy Hell this item is GOOD. It's cheap and provides you the necessary CDR for MAX CDR! Not to mention it gives you HP, MR, and increased HP regeneration. At around 3600 MP your HP regen will be +15HP PER SECOND!!! Technically it's not as good as a Banshee's Veil, but most of the time you probably won't even need one.
Zhonya's Ring: Gives you a **** load of AP. Nuff said. Once you get this item you'll have a lot of AP. Stasis ability is a huge plus too.
Banshee's Veil: Anti-caster/CC item. MR, HP, MP, AP from MP, and a great passive. Getting hit with too many nukes or non-AOE, CC spells? Get this, it drastically improves survivability.
Abyssal Scepter: AP and magic resistance; plus reduces MR on the enemy team. Great item, but your team generally only needs 1.
Void Staff: An anti-tank weapon. If you're up against a tank team stacking tons of MR, you can sell one of your survivability items and get this because it's SUPER EFFECTIVE against tanks.

*Boots* (Upgrade your Boots of Speed when you need to)
Boots of Mobility: After reading hypershatter's Anivia guide, I find the logic for these boots to be impeccable. In general cases, getting into the fight more quickly is just more important than what any of your other boots can do and it comes at a cheaper price too.
Mercury's Treads: Since Anivia will often be one of the opposing team's first targets, reducing CC time and getting magic resistance is always a good idea.
Sorcerer's Shoes: Good for penetrating magic resist on those pesky tanks. Especially useful when the entire enemy team is stacking MR.

You'll often have spare gold after buying your priority items, so grabbing these to stay out on the field longer and improve your survivability makes them well worth their price.
Health Potion: Useful to grab one until you get a Ruby Crystal/Catalyst.
Mana Potion: Grab 2 or 3 of these every blue pill until you've gotten Rod of Ages. Once you've got Rod of Ages your MP reserves will be too vast for mana potions.
Sight WardSight Ward: Cheap item that will help your team greatly. Ward the bushes in the river as an early warning system against ganks and for general map awareness. Use these to always ward dragon and mid-late game you should ward baron.
Vision Ward: Get these instead of sight wards if you are up against Twitch or Eve. Shaco's stealth is short enough that you can get away with just sight wards to conserve gold.
Elixir of Brilliance: Around level 8 or so you should start picking these up. The CDR and extra AP are extremely useful.

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6. Gameplay & Playing Tips

Early game (level 1-8)
(Early game/Laning phase will typically end at around level 8 or earlier depending on how quickly you kill the enemy tower.)
You are at your weakest here. Take care not to overextend yourself or your partner and manage your MP well. To successfully harass your opponents, every Flash Frost should hit, and following up with Frostbite will do significant damage. This combo is useful throughout the game so beef up on your aiming skills. Also, remember that at this stage in the game, your auto-attack is just as good as your spells for harassing.
*Solo Lane*
If it's 1vs1, harass your opponent, push hard, and get some damage on their turret, but be careful of ganks(ie Shaco, Twitch, enemy jungler, etc). In 1vs2, hug your tower and lure your enemies in. Bait them into trying to kill you so that your turret can finish them off when you turn into an egg. Also, when soloing, don't recall until you get to level 6 and hit mid game.
*Lane with Partner*
If you are laning with someone top or bot, make good use of the bushes. Constantly move in bushes so as to avoid skill shots and make your own skill shot more unpredictable. Anivia is awesome at harassing and should be able to easily push enemies back to their tower. Almost any champion with a stun skill or a high damage output skill will be a good lane partner for Anivia. My personal favorites are Blitzcrank, Sona, and Pantheon.

Mid game (level 7-12)
If you are solo mid, level 7 is the perfect time to move in to the other lanes and gank people. If you are laning with a partner, kill the enemy tower in your lane, then grab the blue golem buff ASAP. Now, earning gold and pushing towers should be your top priority. Once all the outer towers are demolished, stick with the team and help push the inner towers. Grab the blue golem buff as often as you can, because it will allow you to spam spells and maintain glacial storm almost indefinitely.

End game (level 12-18)
You should have most of your core items and your enemies should be scared of you by now, or at least scared of your Glacial Storm. Anywhere you are, your team should be at an advantage. Aggressively push towers with your team and you will win quickly. Use Crystallize to divide/isolate enemies from the group and pick em off. Many games will be won before you even start on Zhonya's.

*More Tips*
-When surprise attacked, you can turn the tables by using; Cleanse(if you are under effects of CC)-> Flash Frost-> Glacial Storm-> Frostbite
-When initiating or going for a gank, using Glacial Storm-> Flash Frost-> Frostbite is very effective
-A skilled Anivia will be able to spam all 3 of her offensive spells in less than 2 seconds and have them all land for massive damage.
-Use Glacial Storm to cover retreats. Just plot your escape route and plant it a little behind you and enemies won't be able to keep up. If they are somehow able to catch up to you, use Flash Frost or Crystallize to stun them or block their path and continue using Glacial Storm to get away
-If you have a lot of mana or the blue golem buff you can use Glacial Storm to easily push/destroy a tower. Just drop your storm so that it surrounds the tower to keep defenders at bay and swing away at the tower.

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Thanks for reading my guide. If you have any questions or comments, leave a message. I check my guide regularly and will endeavor to get you an answer ASAP.