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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EnjoiDank

Anivia- That Legendary Bird

EnjoiDank Last updated on October 16, 2010
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First off this is my first build but i hope u still enjoy it and i am aware that is not very colorful or neat lol. I made an anivia one because i build him a bit differently than all the other anivia build out on moba right now. To me she is a support dps hero, and he doesnt even need kills to do well in a match.
I made my guide a little flexible so people can make certain decision depending on their preference. And tbh you can't only do the exact same build in every match there maybe better choices, each game is a different game =D.

Setting up:

First off runes. These are just the runes i get from the ip that i spend they are quite expensive so i will only buy primary runes and the runes that raise your stats as u lvl up because they are cheaper, but thats just me. Another choice would be quents that give magic penetration instead of ap. As for talents thats basically how i would set it up. If u are getting teleport u may want spatial accuracy instead of good hands.
Another one is utility mastery if u like getting the golem buff, you could replace greed, awareness, or blink of an eye. Although i usually let someone else on my team get the buff because anivia really doesnt need it to do exceptional in a match. Lk i said before she is a support hero to me and with me i never run into mana problem and ill be casting spells with her frequently. The thing that golem buff really helps anivia with is just increasing her farm rate,so ull be able to constantly cast ur **** all the time and probably be able to hold that ultimate of urs more than enough to clear waves of monsters but again its not necessary.
For anivia's second spell there is a few that could work: cleanse, ignite, teleport, or maybe clarity if u decide to start with the mana crystal instead of dorans ring, or if ur just a noob at the game u can get heal cuz i no i would always get that spell back in the day.


Start with either dorans ring or sapphire crystal and a health potion(s)
Basically the point of this is to make it so u get ur rod of ages as fast as possible because that will be ur first item. You should be able to get ur rod of ages around 12-20 minutes depending if u get kills or not and ur farm. Next get your sorcerors boots. Then Tear of the goddes to Archangels Staff. Then Zonyas. Some may think to get tear of the goddess before rod of ages but i dont think its as good because the damage you get from rod will help alot more after leaving the laning phase then having extra mana.
After those core items i'd look into things lk Frozen Heart(lots of armor,lower cd, chill effect goes with frostbite), Guardian Angel(really good item with this hero should actually go with core but im too lazy), void staff (if u feel lk defense isnt needed as must get this itll give u 88 ap with zonyas and boost ur magic penetration to 49% not bad), Frozen mallet( more health good survival, chill effect works with frostbite) Also that ap calculater is messed up it says u get 313 ap with anivia when its more lk 443 (without void staff btw)
Summary of items:
Dorans or crystal




usually beginning to 15-20 mins
Use flash frost to harass and get gold from creeps
Let me just say u get so much gold at the beginning from using this i usually leave my lane for the first time with 3400 gold (rod of ages and boots)
Basically if u get the chance frost bite them while they are chilled, for potential kills. One thing different from my build then the other ones ive looked at on moba is that they get ultimate at lvl 6. Reason i dont do this is the mana upkeep is too large to make the damage efficient, meaning u will be able to do more damage in the long run with ur two shots than that because it cost less mana also farming is more cost efficient that way.
MID GAME: So ur lvl 7 this is when u may start ganking and really getting those kills with ur rod of ages( or most of it) so start getting ur crystallize spell to help u gank
Once ur ten get ur ult this is when it becomes really usefull because ull be able to keep up with ur now good mana pool u should have tear of goddess by now at least.

Now continue ganking or team fighting always stay with team mates an anivia alone isnt good she isnt good at taking damage. the more u stay with the team the more success ull have with winning. Not only that but ull be getting tons of assists/kills which will for more items and further success late game u should be one hard hitter and ur slow and wall will cause so much chaos in fights if done well u should win.


One helpful tip i forgot to add about anivia is a really good escape technique. This works in closed spaces best. Basically when ur running away from someone pop ur wall in front of u (preferably to where it completely blocks the path) and then flash over it, which makes it so the guy behind who hopefully doesnt have flash to lose his kill.:D