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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amoramune

Anivia - The Cryophoenix

Amoramune Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

Item Build:

Normally, i start with the meki to give me some mana regen early game, and i also grab a health and mana potion. When i can afford a tear and boots i go back and get those. Depending on how the game is going, i get mejai's or sorcs shoes next. After that is complete, i get rod of ages for health and all the other nessessary bonuses that it gives. Later, i get Archangels staff for the extra ap and Zhonya's afterwards to top it off and for more survivability. Normally the game is close to being finished at this point, but if its not, i get lichbane for laughs. I like doing 1k normal attacks to buildings at the end... but it is your option for your last item buy, as long as it fits the situation you are currently in.

Some items are situational, and this item build is for you to get at your own time. If you choose to get Arch Angels first instead of RoA, then that is completely up to you. Late game, the extra mana does help keep out your ult and Anivia can reach that 1000 mana cap on that item fairly easy.

Summoner Skills:

This is up to you, although i advise Ghost or Flash to be one of them. Teleport is nice because of your egg. >>>*** You Can Teleport While In Egg ***<<< This will save you sometimes and is Very nice if you don't like dying.
Edit: ^This has been fixed recently i believe

These summoner spells are spells that i have used over my time with playing Anivia

Ghost- I used to use this one along with teleport. It might help the most becuase it gives you the ability to run away and/or to catch up to the enemy for that finishing blow

Flash- Gives you the ability to flash over walls. Helpful if you know you are going to die. You can wall off an area and then flash over your own wall! This spell buys you time in case you get put in egg and don't have teleport or it is on cooldown.

Ignite- Helpful to finish off the person you are nuking early game and net you First Blood or just a kill. Late game it loses its affect so it is only good early game, in my opinion.

Teleport- About time i said this right? I no longer use this spell while i play Anivia, but if you are just starting out playing her, i recommend this for you. As already stated ,if you chose to read it, this spell is castable right before you enter egg and it will still teleport you to your chosen location while in egg!


I think the runes stated in the build above work fairly well. The quints and reds for magic pen make anivia's nukes HURT more then they already do early game.

The Blues add a few extra AP, but you can switch those to your liking.

The Yellows add that much needed mana regen that anivia needs. **I advise you let your team know that Anivia needs the golem's blue buff the most**

How you use Anivia's skills:

1. First off, Flash frost... During this Anivia free week, (at time of posting) i have seen some pretty fail Anivias not know how to use this. It is a straight line skill shot that does damage and you can Detonate to cause more damage and Stun.

2. Frostbite. Short cooldown spell that you mostly use following a Flash Frost or your ult. Frostbite does double damage if the target is slowed.

3. Crystallize. Helpful for both your team and your enemies. Use this wisely. You can wall off enemy teammates for your team to pick apart and you can also use this to get away. It also sets up a choke point for your ult and everyone elses aoe ult.

4. Glacial Storm. Anivias awesome ult. This ult drains mana at a constant rate and slows any enemy inside of it. This is why Anivia needs the golem's blue buff the most. The longer Anivia can keep this out and pump out damage with frostbite, the more the other team suffers

5? Anivia's passive. This is probably the best passive in the game. (My opinion) You can also use the teleport summoner ability right before you go into egg and teleport away while you are in egg as long as no one stuns you! Its very helpful at getting away from fights you are losing.


These are subject to change. I am still looking at them and trying to find what is best for me. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I look into them. Instead of the two points in Meditate in the Utility tree, you could try one point in Greed if you keep finding yourself short on gold when you recall. This depends on your playing style.

In-game useage of Anivia:

I did not think i would have to add this, but recently, i have been proved wrong during this Anivia free week. (week of 12/20/10)

First off, laning. Laning is very important especially if Anivia is mid. She needs to stay mid as long as possible and hopefully get a few kills while in mid as well. She needs to live the laning phase of the game and farm minions for a while before she becomes that mid game carry that people love.

Second, the golem blue buff. When you are going to kill this golem, you need to be around lvl 8 to solo it. Don't waste your mana by having your ult down the whole time, that will do almost nothing. You need to use your Flash Frost and make sure it hits both times. Follow it with a Frostbite. Once Frostbite comes off of cooldown, use your ult and use Frostbite. Make sure that after you use your Frostbite to cancel your ult so you can keep nuking the golem and be mana efficient.

Third, mid game. As stated above, Anivia is a mid game carry. Make sure that you can get enough farmed to make mid game a breeze for your team. You need to help your late game carries as well. What i mean by this is letting them last hit or by helping them get away by using your wall.

Last, but not least, late game. The longer the game goes on, the weaker your attacks seem to get. At this point, your late game carries need to be fed enough to pick up your slack this time. You are still important late game with your ability to crowd control very well

If you have any suggestions, Tell me! I won't know how to improve my build or my guide without YOUR imput!